Devotion Nutrition – protein that doesn’t give a bloat feeling?

Since I started with fitness and later on bodybuilding, I saw a few brands passing by, and curious as I am, I want to try them all to see which one is the best.

This post is going about Devotion Nutrition, they claim that the protein they deliver to you, doesn’t give the bloat feeling, but is it true? Let’s get deeper into it.

What is the company about?

Devotion Nutrition is a company specialized into the protein market, and they are rising in it fast. They have a few products they made themselves, to make sure what they promise is true. They have a few products:

  • Angel Food Cake Original
  • Brownie Batter Original
  • Devotion Aqua Shaker

As you notice, they don’t have too many products, it mainly is because they want to offer quality, not quantity.

I will talk about the products they have and my opinion about them now.

Angel Food Cake Original

Devotion claims that this product gives you a satisfied feeling, no bloating, not having the feeling your stomach will explode, and yet it does exactly what it says, and it is better than other products. Why? I will explain what is inside of the product and I think you will understand what they mean.

The Best place to buy:

Serving size: 2 pound tub, and a 12 pack package, which is 28 grams each

Price: For the 2 pound tub: $54.99 ( €43 ), for the 12 packs ( 28 grams each): $29.99 ( €24 )

My rating : 8/10


Angel Food Cake Original is made of 80 percent isolated whey and 20 percent casein protein, which makes sure that you will receive a sustain amount of amino acids in your body ( which is perfect for the muscle growth).

They are created by a blended way with the richest and creamiest way, and I have to says, some tastes are divine.

They are also total zero in sugar, which makes it is also a very healthy product, and it is probably also one of the reason that you don’t get that bloated feeling, I guess you know what too much sugar does with your stomach.

It contains 6 digestive enzymes, and 1 gram of medium chain triglycerides.

And what is more important, by every scoop ( 20 grams), there is only 1.5 gram of fat in it!


How to take it

You can take it in different ways, you can drink it, but you can eat it in pancakes, ice cream and waffles!

They have the recipes on their website, and I have to says, it is delicious!

But, no matter how you prepare it, the serving size is always 1 spoon.

My opinion:

If you don’t try this one, you really missed one of the best protein products out there.

The reason I put 8/10 is because even it is so good, it is a but to the expensive side.

Now it is time for the second product they have:

Brownie Batter Original

Serving size: 2 pound tub and the 12 pack package

Price: for the pound tub: $59.99 ( €48 ) and for the 12 packs: $29.99 ( €24 )

My rating: 7.4/10

This is my wifes favorite one.. well she loves chocolate.. and guess what, it is full of chocolate and protein! What a combination!

However, you see my rating, it is because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate ( except the kinder surprises ). So personally I didn’t like it, that is why I gave it that rate, and it is the only taste they have.

I can hear you coming: why is it more expensive than the other one?

Well, the other product has 20 grams of protein, this one has 22!


It has the same composition as the other one, which means 80 percent of isolated whey and 20 percent casein protein ( they really know what quality is).

And the only other thing that is different is there is cocoa powder is added, but yet again, there is only 1.5 grams of fat added, which is a very good advantage!

And again, you can make pancakes, ice cream and waffles with it. How good does that sound, no?

My opinion:

Personally, I like this one more than the other one, it has more protein in it, which means it is an advantage when you want to workout and lifting weights that are heavier and heavier. It stimulates the muscle growth more than the previous one.

However, knowing me personally, I don’t like the taste, I think it is really because of me and my not liking chocolate attitude.

My wife loves it so I really think it is because of me.

Also, again, it is a but expensive, but actually, this product is worth every penny of it.

I would really recommend it to you.

Now it is time for the last product in their stores:

Brownie Batter Stevia 12 pack

Serving size: ONLY the 12 pack of 28 grams each

Price: $19.99 ( € 13.40)

This is almost the same as the product above, however, it has the Stevia ingredient in it.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a plant that has its origins in South-America, and it is seen as the replacement of sugar.

Also, it has not any kind of calories inside, which makes is perfect into the protein shake, or food, since you get pure lean mass because of that.

If you want to get muscle growth without fat or calories, Brownie Batter Stevia is it for you.

If you’re not convinced of Devotion Nutrition:

They give free samples!

They have 2 kinds of samples:

  • A rainbow package ( has every kind of flavor in it). It contains 30 packages.

– Price : $19.99 ( €13.40 )



  • They also have the dual sample package, with the Angel Food Package and the Brownie Batter Original

– Price : $4.95 ( €2.45 )


About the rainbow package: this is a special flavor package, which you can turn your smoothie or recipe into something very yummy!

The rainbow package contains:

  • Italian Cookie Flex flavor
  • Fruity Hoops Cereal Flex flavor
  • Bananas Foster Flex flavor
  • Birthday Cake Flex flavor
  • Blueberry Sky Flex flavor
  • Maple Bacon Flex flavor
  • Coconut Biscotti Flex flavor ( very, very popular)
  • Creme Brulee Flex flavor
  • Lemon Meringue Flex flavor ( very popular also, sold out many times)
  • Monkey Bread Flex flavor
  • Peach Cobbler Flex flavor
  • Strawberry Fields Flex favor ( this is my favorite, I’m so into strawberries)
  • There are several more, but you can find them at the site, all are looking delicious!

My opinion about Devotion Nutrition

I was kinda reluctant to it first, since they are new and I didn’t had too much information about them.

Yet, after my first try, in 2 weeks, I was convinced, this protein product they make is really good.

You can make shakes of it, but also, you can make super food because of it!

Only too bad I don’t like the chocolate.. but overall, I’m confident in them and I also recommend you to give it a try!

If you want really good protein, and not get bloated, you have to use this one.

If there are any questions or comments about this post, feel free to ask or put them below this post, and I’ll be more than happy to reply.


Kind regards, Emmanuel.






Testosterone booster reviews – why they are so good

Testosterone, every man has it, from when he is born, till he dies. Also, females can have it, but in a reduced rate, but they could produce more, in a later period of their lives, when they get 60+, or when they decide to take it for competitions ( illegal).

In this post I’m going to explain to you what it does, how it is made, and also I will talk about the fact why the natural boosters are really good ( one brand works better than the other, but in overall), so you don’t need to be worry about things.

Testosterone explained

It is the male sex hormone, and it is produced in the testicles. It produces around 4 to 7 mgs of it every day. It doesn’t seem much, but for your body it is enough to maintain everything.

Also, when you are young, you produce 20 percent more of it than above 27.

But I will explain more about that later in the post.

It is an androgen, which means it is actually a steroid ( that is why it’s so popular among bodybuilding ).

It mainly is for the sperm production, for the sex drive, and reproduction.

It is controlled by the hypothalamus, which decides the daily dose.

With that in mind we can go to the next chapter.

The effects of the hormone in puberty

As you know, when you get in the teenage years, you suddenly feel yourself changing a lot.

It is because the testosterone in the beginning of your life isn’t too much, it is only when you reach the age of 12 that the level starts to rise extremely.

It is responsible for:

  • Beard grow
  • The deepening of your voice
  • The production of more sperm cells
  • Increase in size and the penis
  • Body hair growth

These are some effects that occur when you come into the puberty and your hormone level rises a lot, which is perfectly normal.

As I said before, before 21, your body is actually a natural anabolic steroid, because of that, if you use boosters or other kind of things, it could go very, very bad, including lots of aggression problems, mental problems..

The benefits of it

Testosterone has a few very good benefits, which I will sum up here:

  • The sperm production
  • The sex drive
  • Fat distribution
  • It is also good for the red cell production
  • And the most obvious one, the maintenance and growth of your muscles

As you see, it has more than only a role of the sex drive or muscles, it is vital to keep it at a healthy level.

What if your level is too low?

If your hormone level is too low, the effects you will notice will vary from person to person.

I will sum up the most common one’s.

Symptoms of a low testosterone level are:

  • Increased breast size
  • Surpressed sex drive
  • You gain more fat, since the hormone stimulates your muscles, if it too low, muscles turn into fat
  • With that, you lose muscles, also, you can have a loss of hair
  • You can get depressed, be irritated very fast, and also aggressive because lf that
  • Your bones gets weakened, and you could have a fracture very easy
  • Problems with your blood pressure – it could be to high or too low – depending on from person to person
  • With the sex drive that decreased, you also have a big chance your sperm count is much less and also the quality of it plumits
  • You can actually get impotent
  • You get hot flashes, I can imagine it isn’t pretty at all

As you see, there are lots and lots of symptoms, and it is very easy to notice if you are too low of level, so keep it balanced in a healthy way.

Like I mentioned, the testosterone drops after the age of 27, not very fast in the beginning, but in the 30s your level is dropping significant, which can cause one or more of the symptoms that I’ve mentioned above.

Can you prevent it?

Luckily, you can prevent your level to drop dramatically, you can even halt it, by a natural way, if you don’t like supplements ( however, with supplements you will notice your level is even more stable, ans it could potential rise above your ages average).

What you can do to prevent it plummets:

  • This one sounds pretty obvious, but exercising, such as power lifting, or body build in general ( just lifting weights) already helps a lot to rise your testosterone level
  • Eat proteins, also carbs and fat helps, however, as I mentioned before, be very careful not to exceed the highest limit of the daily dose you can take, your health still comes at number one!
  • Avoid stress, I know, in the day of today, everything is stress. But you need to know, whenever you’re stressing, it is very bad for your hormones and also it is very harmful for your body, just think about your blood pressure, your fat level also increases, and thus you’ll have a lot of health problems, so try to avoid them, or at least.. the best you can, for your own sake.
  • Go into the sun, or take vitamin D ( like in the winter months). Vitamin D can actually rise your level by somewhere from 20 to 25 percent, so if I was in your place, I really would consider that!
  • Together with the stress factor, get enough rest and sleep. I think it isn’t a surprise that if you can’t rest or sleep good enough, your level goes down in a hard way, I understand that if you work in shifts it is very hard, because your bio ritme ( I do shifts so I know the struggle), however, I try to sleep soon enough then, even when it is hard, just to make sure my body will produce what it needs and has enough rest.
  • Be careful with alcohol and cigarettes. I think this don’t need a too wide explanation, everybody knows that it is very bad for your body. You can drink now and then, but not more than 2. When you drink more, you produce 15 percent less testosterone! Same goes with smoking, you could actually get 20 percent less producing of your hormones, so it is worth considering if you should smoke in general.
  • Be happy. It sounds funny but it actually helps, laughing, making fun, it boosts your level in a very good way, it can raise around 15 percent because of it.
  • And of course, the testosterone boosters. They are very good in raising your level, no matter what you do, these elevate it around 25 percent or more, depending on which one you will use.

Testosterone boosters: the explanation

Like I said, the boosters can raise your level by at least 25 percent, so you won’t have to worry about low levels.

But what I already saw, and what is very common, it is very much used into the bodybuilding world, as you know.. Testosterone increases muscle mass and growth, and the lean side attached to it.

You have a several kinds of boosters:

  • Boosters with L-Arginine
  • Boosters with Magnesium, vitamin D6
  • Boosters with Zinc, and herbal ingredients
  • Boosters with D-Aspartic Acid

These are just a few of them, the range of testosterone boosters is wide.

You also have the difference between the natural one’s and the synthetic one’s. Remember my post about legal steroids, synthetic boosters are a part of those.

Bodybuilding/fitness and the use of boosters

As I’ve already said, if you want to grow decently and you want it in a considerable speed, the usage of testosterone boosts is very useful, but be wary, to use the legal one’s, the legal one’s don’t have any kind of side effects or whatsoever.

If you want to do the anabolic counterpart, be my guest, but have in mind that you will have lots of side effects to bear, and yes, the effect will be much faster and you will look like the champions, but is it worth to damage your body for that, for a lifetime?

I prefer to use the boost, they really give me a good feeling, however, don’t exceed the daily portion, too much testosterone can cause also problems, like depression, but mostly, aggression.


So, in my opinion boosters helps to grow your muscles faster and in a lean way.

So far the theory, time for my personal review

I’m using testosterone boosts already since 3 years ago, of course with a break of 1 month after every 6 weeks ( it is the healthiest and it avoids that your body is getting used to it).

I tried the natural and the synthetic one’s, and honestly, for me personally I didn’t fell the difference too much.

For me, both are equally compared of what they tend to do, I didn’t feel a better effect in natural or synthetic, however, some didn’t work as good as others, because it depends on from body to body. I tried a few and I have 3 that I say, for me, these are good. But for you could be other one’s.

The advise I give you is to try them out and see which one’s work and which one doesn’t.

Keep in mind that it could take up to 10 days to feel an effect, how small it is, even if it is the right one, don’t expect results immediately, that is not how our body work and that is the problem with the anabolic counterpart!

Because they work so fast in your body, your body can’t keep up and you will suffer severe damage!

The ending conclusion

It does what it promises, it gives you that boost that is needed, if it is for fitness, bodybuilding or just for general to raise your level, like low sex drive, and increasing breast size, you certainly need to try them.

Don’t forget that you, just like the legal steroids, to avoid problems with your own hormones, take them after you become 21.

I use them because my muscle growth is being stimulated very good, and my fat together with it isn’t too much because the testosterone.

So I advise you to use them, but stay in the safe zone, not in the dangerous one, to prevent damage on your body.


If there’s any question or comment about this topic, feel free to add them below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.


Proteins – What are they and why they are necessary

Proteins, everybody will have heard about it already, if you are in the fitness, bodybuilding or you are totally, it doesn’t matter, you need proteins in your life, else we wouldn’t exist. In this post I’m gonna dig deeper into the topic of what they are and what they do, and especially, why we need them to survive.

The definition of proteins

Proteins are in fact nothing more than biological molecules inside our body, and they exist of chains of amino acids.

However, there has to be an interaction between the atoms of the amino acids before we can speak of proteins.

As I told earlier, amino acids are very good for the growth and building for your muscles, but in fact, they are essential for your entire body.

The purpose

Proteins are very good for building up your cells, muscles, also they are essential for your immune system.

They have lots of functions, such as:

  • Most of them have the function to catalyze biochemical reactions, they are called enzymes. Enzymes are responsible of the building blocks of your body, they get the nutrients of the food you eat and transform it. They are also responsible of giving you the energy necessary.
  • They are also responsible for your cytoskeleton, which gives the shape and structure for your cells, they are dynamic, which means cells can replace themselves and that the cell can split itself.
  • The cytoskeleton is also very important because they transport nutrients from one cell to another in your body, so you can grow.
  • Some of them are hormones and they deliver the communication between cells, even it there are cells from a long distance. Receptors inside the cells catch them up and send them to other cells.
  • Cells also have a regulation system, and proteins help them with it.

I know, it seems like a very scientific and difficult explanation, but only if you know what proteins do, you know how to adjust your training to get the maximum out of it.



Where to find them

They are mainly found in every kind of food, but I will list up in which kind you find the most and also which is the most healthy.

  • Eggs ( this is very common and they have a treasure of protein inside, don’t eat more than 3-4 a day, over consuming is bad for your liver)
  • Chicken ( also a very common product with a treasure of them inside, I suggest not to eat the roasted skin, it is VERY fat and not good if you want to get lean, also be careful with cholesterol
  • Fish, such as: salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel.
  • Turkey ( everything of turkey contains also lots of it)
  • Meat ( tournedo, steak, it contains lots of proteins, choose the lean ones)
  • Pig meat ( like pig filet, but you can eat all the kind of pig)
  • Lamb, also, you can eat all kind of lamb.
  • Wild ( rabbit, deer).
  • Dairy products ( milk, cheese, the no fat version, your cholesterol, remember, yoghurt)
  • Some vegetables, yes you read it good, vegetables. Such as:
  • Soybeans, pindas, cashew nuts, corn, potatoes.
  • Also, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts.

And the list is not finished yet, there are plenty of it, but I only list up those that are good for the fitness and bodybuilding, since others have lots of fats and contain bad cholesterol.

So what you can eat more is as following:

  • Mushrooms ( contains a good amount of proteins)
  • Some fruits also contains a good portion of it ( avocado, berries, bananas, strawberries, mango)

These are the most common foods that contain a good amount of proteins.

Proteins and bodybuilding

I already mentioned that they are crucial for your body, just to maintain it alone.

However, when you want to perform bodybuilding or fitness, your muscles needs an extra boost, by taking more proteins than normally, I used to take 200 grams of protein a day, normally it is like 56 grams annual.

As you notice, I took 4 times the protein intake than considered normal, my muscles grew very much, however, I want to warn you also, more intake, is more cholesterol, so be cautious about ir.

I suggest that you first start by taking like 100 grams, and use more by the time you see everything goes well. Don’t exceed mindlessly though, think about your liver, kidneys, and cholesterol (blood pressure), too much protein can also be bad!

So, if you want you grow good and a bit quicker, you higher the daily dosage of proteins, it doesn’t fill the stomach too much, and you will get results.

Protein supplements

As in all kind of muscle growth, weight gain, losing weight, or anything else within the fitness and bodybuilding branch, you have supplements that help you get your daily amount higher, sometimes it isn’t possible for your body to eat all the food that contain them ( I’m speaking of experience, my stomach didn’t allow too much food actually, even not enough to reach my daily intake of 2000 calories, so I need to look for supplements to reach it, but it didn’t take to long before I surpassed it, when I started with bodybuilding).

The supplements you can use are:

  • Protein shake ( with powder as the weight gainer of as a drink, I prefer the drink, the vanilla taste so lovely)
  • Whey shake ( it is considered as one of the best)
  • Casein shake ( this is a slower one, but because of it, you reduce the chance of a muscle breakdown by at least 22 percent)
  • For vegan people or people that are allergic to dairy products, including eggs, is Pea Powder, it is new, but it is told it is a very good one, I didn’t try it yet, but I promise I will do it as soon as possible.
  • Brown rice ( I consider this one as inferior to the whey one, however, it can adjust to your body very good, depends from person to person)
  • Mixed plant ones ( as the name says it, all the vegetable ones are mixed together to create a superior blend, that matches against the dairy ones)

There are many supplements on the market, you have to figure out which one works the best for you, because, like always, your body reacts different to another persons body. It is not because their body react very good on one supplement that you will, supplements are created for a wide market, for a wide range of people, with all different body, so it is normal that it happens, your gym friend found a good one, you try it, and no result. Can happen otherwise, it works for you, not for him.

My advise to you is: find out which shake/supplement works the best for you, it can take a while before you actually find it, but don’t lose hope, I had to search 2 entire years to find the good one! It wasn’t the cheapest one.. but it worked for me, and if it works for me, it will work for you too!

The lesson of today

I wanted to show you what proteins are doing, what they’re made of, why they are so essential for our body, and especially for the growth of our muscles when it comes by performing exercises of either bodybuilding or fitness.

I also showed what kinds of food are the best to get the most of them without having too much fat or other bad ingredients.

So with this knowledge, I hope you’re one step closer in reaching the body you want, in a natural way, and you can be proud of it.


If there is any question about the topic, feel free to ask me in the comments below, I will be more than happy to answer you.

Kind regards, Emmanuel.

Bauer Nutrition – Pre-Workout Sports Bundle Full Review

Product name: Pre-Workout Sports Bundle
Price: $99.95
Cheapest place to buy:

Overall rating: 7.3/ 10

About this bundle.

In this post I’m going to delve deeper into the Bauer Nutrition – Pre-Workout Sports Bundle, to see what it is, how it works and if it does what it is telling.

To start:

The bundle has 3 different kinds of products:

  • Capsiplex
  • Amino Blast 1500
  • CLA

Bauer mentions that these 3 products combined will give you more endurance, more calorie burn, more strength, increase in lean muscle and less recovery time.

And that all in quick results!

Now let us explore deeper into each one of the products.

Capsiplex, what does it do?

Capsiplex is based on hot red peppers, which helps to the thermogenesis, it is also called in the common language as calorie burning, so in fact a fat burner.

I already explained in an earlier post about fat burners, this one is actually one of those I have been explaining.

I can give you the guarantee that it works, but, however, it doesn’t work by itself. You need to perform exercises and also eat healthy together with the product, to have optimal results.

So this saying, it accelerates your metabolism, because of the hot red peppers, which gives the effect that your body will burn more calories!

Does Capsiplex work?

Yes and no, it will work if you perform exercises and eat no fat health, but as a stand-alone fat burner, it is a no.

If you have it in you to exercise enough and to eat healthy, this product is good for you!

Amino Blast 1500

It is like it says, this is a product specially made for your amino acids, which are crucial for building up your muscles.

Aminos make sure your muscles repair good, you have less recovery time, so your muscles will grow faster since you can go more, and by that, your stamina increases.

Amino Blast 1500 has no less than 18 nutrients inside each capsule, which makes it a very good one if you want to perform good exercises and want a good body in a relative quick way.

Does Amino Blast 1500 work?

Personally, this one really works for me, I also advised to friends to use this one, they are very positive about it, and we all grow together in a good way because of it. It also has the advantage for being a stand-alone product, so in fact, it is not necessary to take another product with it! However, to make sure everything is covered ( your creatine levels, lean muscle gain, and proteins), I would advise you to do it.

This product has a very huge potential, only don’t forget, no alcohol consuming when using since alcohol has the side effect of breaking your muscles down!

About CLA

Remember that I spoke about Capsiplex, as a stand-alone, it is not so good?

Well I have good news for you!

Bauer Nutritions also found out that it wasn’t good by itself alone, so they decided to make a product which makes the Capsiplex showing its true potential!

This is called CLA.

They have the good fats inside of them which is also found in meat and dairy products, so the bad fats are totally excluded!

The fats helps to stop that your fatty cells grows bigger, so in fact you will not raise weight because of that, and you will have more lean muscle, and you will lose weight, if you combine it with healthy food, exercise and of course, enough rest.

Combined with Capsiplex, it gives good results, I don’t say you will see it within days or so, but after 1 month, you will already see results coming!


The serving sizes of the products.

They all come in different serving sizes:

  • Capsiplex – 30 capsules – 1 capsule each day
  • Amino Blast 1500 – 200 capsules – 1-2 capsules directly after the training
  • CLA – 90 capsules – 1-3 capsules each day with food, don’t exceed the dose.

The review and rating explained

In this post I look positive to the products, and yet, I don’t give a very high rate.

The reason it is that I don’t like the fact that Capsiplex doesn’t work very good by itself, and you need to buy CLA with it to have it working to its full potential.

However, if you don’t feel any problem with it, it is all fine to me, the products work, and that is the most important thing, right?

Just be sure you exercise enough, eat healthy, rest enough, and don’t exceed the daily doses, it is very bad for you!

I also recommend before using fat burners of any kind, go first to your doctor to see if there is any health risk.

I think the company made this bundle because they knew that 2 of the 3 products don’t work as a stand-alone, and they put them all together, which is their right, since other ones also do it


But what I like about them is that they give them in a kinda special promotion, which others often don’t or lack.

Even when I don’t like to use the fat burner for now, I still buy this bundle, simply because it is the cheapest of them.


It works, that is for sure, just make sure you have the whole bundle and not one product because you simply don’t have the full benefit and will feel disappointed by it.

Don’t expect results after 1 or 2 weeks, give your body time to adapt, a changing body needs time to craft, and you will be proud of the achievement you did!

You can find the whole bundle here, and they have a special promotion going one now, if you buy 2 you get 1 for free, buy 3 and you get 3 free, which saves lots of money! ( As somebody who looks for his money, I always take the last one).


If there is any question or comment about any of the products or the company, feel free to comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you!

Kind regards, Emmanuel

The side effects of anabolic steroids

Everyone already has heard about anabolic steroids, even my grandpa and grandma knew about their existence.

Now in this post of today I’m gonna dig deeper into the dangers that comes with the usage of anabolic steroids, because no matter how clean you would like to try it.. you will have the side effect.

Why steroids are so popular?

It is no mystery that steroids have the abilities to transform your body in a short range from a non muscular, fat or skinny person, into a very huge bodybuilding body with a very lean mass. This is a wonder product, but using them has certain consequences. In the top of the bodybuilding world, there is no way that you can win without using them!

However, I always wanted to be in a competition, but when I saw what you have to do, especially what you have to take and the damage you do to your body, particular your liver, I decided to do it as a kind of recreation, because the winners of those competitions always use.

I already made a post of legal steroids, which has the similar effects, it’s to bad I found them to late, because my decision was made.

Steroids are very popular, also among hobby bodybuilders, because they give you the beach look within a few weeks.

The different kinds of steroids.

You have a few different types of steroids on the market ( which are illegal, you can only buy them by a black market or a black marked site).

The steroids are:

  • Dianabol
  • Winstrol
  • Anadrol
  • Anavur
  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Trenbolone
  • Sustanon-250
  • Testopel
  • Turinabol
  • Halotestin
  • Andriol
  • Durabolon
  • Halotestin
  • Omnadren
  • Parabolan

As you can notice, there are lots of different types of steroids, some are oral, some are with injections.

The side effects of anabolic steroids.

Now we come across the dangers they have, injections are somewhat less damaging than their oral counterparts, but be careful, you can put the injection wrong and poison yourself!

The oral part is very toxic to the liver, because the steroids have a special ingredient, which it allows going through the liver without being break apart, the liver has the function to break and flush away everything that is toxic, which normally would PREVENT steroids to even work.

This ingredient of the steroid is called Alkyl, the 17th carbon, which prevents the liver to metabolize the anabolic steroid, thus passing it untouched and allows to release it’s full potential into your body.

Of course, by doing so, you really damage your liver, since it can’t break down the toxic parts, and you are poisoning yourself!

You find yourself being poisoned when you have these effects:

  • Fat skin ( having swear like balls or infections on your skin, so high chance of skin damage)
  • Yellow eyes
  • Shrinking testicles ( for females it is their breasts that suffers)
  • Yellow skin ( liver damage)
  • Eventually you can throw up blood!
  • You can become infertile and impotent
  • You can lose your hair ( at your head)
  • Possibility of having lots of hair grow on the face and body ( females only)
  • High blood pressure ( can be deadly)!
  • Females also have the big chance their voice deepens
  • Irregular menstruations
  • Kidney problems and eventually failure

As you notice, there are lots of side-effects, which can cause you to have many, many problems, which can also have the chance to be lifetime long!

And what about new studies that say it is safe?

Recent studies claims that steroids are safe, but you need to see who financed the studies!

Indeed, the steroid branch supported the studies!

Why they do that? It is simple.. many people who wants to become large and in a fast way, and are still considering and doubting them, will be easily convinced because of that!

Let me tell you that the steroid branch have millions of users, and there’s big money there..

Money is power, don’t let be fooled, they don’t care about you, they care about the money!

So be the smart one, and never use them!

But.. I can’t tell you what to do and what not to do, I posted this to let you know what can happen when you use them!

If you want to use them nonetheless.

The safest way, I don’t say it is without dangers, but the safest, is to use them in a 6-8 week cycle, and always use an after cure, it wipes away the most of the toxic parts, but not all of them!

Why use dangerous ones if you have harmless ones?

As I mentioned in a previous post, you have perfectly legal and harmless counterparts for the anabolic steroids, called the natural steroids!

They are 100 pct made of natural ingredients, but they are made in that way, that they have the similar effects and result.

They are a  bit more expensive, but what is your health worth?

I think it is more worth than 30 dollar.. way more, so i suggest you use legal ones!

I already use legal steroids for quite a while now, and I suffer no side effect at all, and I gained mass and muscles almost as fast as with their anabolic relatives.

But even with these steroids, the principal concept is the same, you need to eat healthy, rest and of course go to train 3-6 times a week, so you see the result very good and very fast!

Ideally, you go 6 times a week and you train the muscle groups twice a week.

In my opinion the legal steroids of  D.Bal.Max. works very good, let me say, I’m already training with them for 3+ years, so it is a really yes to me.

Personally, I would never try the anabolic ones, the side effects of anabolic steroids are too risky, and why you would use them if you have the perfectly safe ones?


I hope you enjoyed the blog/review and I could help you with doubts or questions that you have considering the subject.

Still, feel free to add a comment or question below, and I will be more than happy to help you out!

Kind regards, Emmanuel


Best bulking foods – the full guide

For those who are struggling within the fitness or bodybuilding class, how to gain weight, without adding too much fat, I will explain right here in this guide how you can perform that, without to many efforts actually, it is something you need to be dedicated and adequate for, and you can do it, with the best bulking foods, which I will guide you through.

So let us begin from the start.

What exactly is bulking?

Bulking is actually building up your muscles, and you achieve that by having a calorie surplus, so it means that you need to take more calories than you burn. But by doing so, no matter what, you will gain body fat, but don’t be afraid of that, I will explain later how to get rid of that!

Now, it has a good effect also, because with the extra calories, you can perform more heavy lifting and thus growing your muscles faster ( this is what the bulking period is ment for).

I personally like the bulking period because I have the feeling my body feels more energetic, and I just feel like I’m not getting sick soon, because my body fat percentage grow a big deal ( is not any problem, just to tell you).

But I make sure my body fat percentage is around 18-20 percent, it is not so hard to maintain, a surplus of 200-300 calories a day will do the trick.

When it is the best time to do it?

I suggest and highly recommend that you start after the summer, it is getting colder, you will need more fat percentage for your muscles ( you don’t want your muscles have a lot of cold because it is very, very bad for them and your body in general, so you need to have an adequate fat percentage)!

So what I suggest, it is also what I always do, is to start in October, to approximately April

Let see it like this, you will have a good winter body that protects your muscles, in meanwhile you start growing them in a hard way because you can do more and heavier weights, and when it is around April, you can start cutting to have your nice body ( I will explain later about that in a newer post).

What to eat and what not to eat?

Like I mentioned earlier, bulking requires that you have a surplus in calories, I suggest like +200 or +300 per day, to bulk good but not to fast because, I don’t think you’re waiting for a belly ( it is right)?

So I will explain in depth what is a yes, a maybe or a no.

I think you immediately have the taste of hamburgers and fries coming up, but, I have to disappoint you a bit.. they indeed have a HUGE amount of calories.. but look also at the side effects they have, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, potential heart problems.. So yes if you eat one or 2 a week, but really not more if you want to have a healthy body!

Calories are everywhere, you just need to know where to find them and the most healthy food to get them!

The foods that are in my opinion works the best and also don’t contain too much fat are:

  • Turkey
  • Steak ( you can choose with the fat on or off, depends on your metabolism)
  • Lean beef
  • Cheese ( again, depending on your metabolism you can choose)
  • Rice
  • Tuna
  • Skimmed milk
  • Pizza ( but also as often as the hamburgers, and I advise once a week at maximum)
  • Bread ( brown bread is the best)
  • Yogurt ( not the fat one)
  • Chicken ( without the crust, it contains way too much fat)
  • Pasta
  • Eggs ( 3 – 4 a day, remember the cholesterol level)

As you can see, you can eat lots of different things, just be careful that you don’t eat too much of one thing, over consuming is very bad!
Also, normally with weight loss you eat 5-7 meals a day, low calorie food, now you do the same but opposite, 3-5 meals with around 400-700 calories, and twice like 1000.

This is only valid if you go to the gym 4-6 times a week, else you have to stick with 2 times extra 800 calorie meals a day!


About the drinks:
Just be careful not to drink to many heavy calorie drinks, they are very high in sugar, which again is very bad for you, I drunk like 2 glasses of soda each day, which was already enough, I also took a protein shake once or twice a day, it helps for your muscles but they also contain ( lots ) of calories, and are low in sugar!

So I really advise you to take these, they are nice of taste ( mostly vanilla),they help to build up your muscles, low fat and low sugar, so it is really a win-win!

The supplements you can take for bulking:
As always, there are always wonderful supplements that can push you a little further in reaching want you want to become and also in a faster way.

I don’t recommend many of them, but I will list those I guarantee you they will help:

  • Weight gainers ( only take those that have around 400-700 kilo calories per dose)
  • Proteins
  • Oats
  • Whey

I don’t list more of them because with these you’ll already have enough to have the bulking body you want quite fast, but without the fat belly, because once you have it.. it will be very hard to get rid of it!
I did it this way multiple times, and with success, my body isn’t the greatest and certainly not like a bodybuilding one, and my metabolism is very fast, so for me was hard, but if I can do it, you can certainly do it! I gained from 60 to 80, then back to 65 and then finally to 85 ( I was had more weight it only would be fat, so also take notice of your bmi)!

Your BMI should be around 22-25, to be perfectly ready after the bulking period!


If you follow everything of this list of best bulking foods, you will be fine, as long as you don’t over consume and don’t eat too many fats and don’t drink to many sodas.

Also, as you know now, training is a must, as you increase in strenght and muscle volume.

If you feel you’re not having progress anymore, a weight gainer, and other supplements can help!

And don’t forget, you can achieve everything as long as you believe in it! And I believe in you!
If you have any question about the subject, feel free to ask it in the comment section below.


Kind regards, Emmanuel.

Genius Creatine Powder – Review

Product name: Genius Creatine Powder.

Price: $29.95 (€ 25.07)

Cheapest site to buy:

Servings per container : 25

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Genius Creatine Powder, the full review.

I think everybody that is in the fitness / bodybuilding branch, either if you’re new or already are in it for a long while, you certainly know about creatine, and the benefits of creatine.

The only thing that is different is the way the creatine is made, and used in the product.

Also, what I already mentioned in a previous post is that every body has a different reaction towards it. Some works, some doesn’t.

Now, I was quite curious about this product because I was seeing it got lots of very positive feedback, so I decided to try it out and see if it was better than the one I was using ( it was a good one however, not totally satisfied).

So after it was delivered at home, I started to use it.

First of all, the ingredients.

The product is made from Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Creatine HCL, Creatine Magnapower and Astragin.

Now, lets see what the different kinds of ingredients do to make your body in a very good shape.

Creapure Creatine Monohydrate:

Creatine has some very good benefits, such as:

  • Faster recovery ( higher rate of recovery)
  • Increased blood and nutrient flow to the muscles.

Beta Alanine:
Beta Alanine has a very good, unique strenght-enhancing property, which means you can do more reps, and you’re building your muscles much faster because of that.


Creatine Hydrochloride ( HCI):
Prevents water retention, which means you have weight loss but you increase muscles, so you become “shredded” very good!

Creatine Magnapower:

This is a very high end quality ingredient, this is creatine with magnesium, which allows you to put heavier weights, more energy in the lifting, and it is proven in lots of sports: football, power lifting, sprinting and many other sports.


Is an absorption enhancing ingredient that supports amino acid, vitamin and mineral absorption, which includes creatine, beta alanine and magnesium. It supports the absorption of the health promotion nutrients.

So, as you can see, the product is of a very high quality!
Normally I don’t buy things from a non-bodybuilding / fitness website, but for this case I did, and it was one of the best choices I made!

It is not a pre workout but a post workout.

But that is even better, because creatine works much better in a post workout than a pre workout!

To know that your muscles actually need the creatine after the training, because your fibers are damaged ( that is a normal process, else you couldn’t get more and bigger muscles), they need all kind of ingredients, and creatine is one of them!

So with this product, you not only have the so much-needed creatine, but it is also made in that kind of advanced way, that is has top of the art ingredients that lets you recover much faster and also prevents or at least reduces major injuries, and also the chance of minor injuries is reduced with a high percentage!

It has a difference between this and other post workouts:
With other post workouts, I had a feeling that I was feeling empty, or I had a very big stomach, that I couldn’t take anything else anymore without getting nausea, or it had to many calories, and I never had the feeling with this one!

When to take it.

It is recommended to take it immediately after the training to pump it directly into the open blood vessels of your muscles, so it has no chance of breaking down and it can already recover and grow!

You mix 1 scoop of Genius Creatine Powder in 8 Oz. of water

Something to be careful with.

Creatine is a water absorping ingredient, so it is very advised for your health and kidneys to at least drink 2 liter and a half of water to keep your body healthy and undamaged!

What can happen is when you drink to less water when taking creatine is that you can have kidney failure, your muscles starts to break down, since your cells needs water, you can have urinal problems.

There is no problem if you drink enough water and also if you keep the dose, and don’t exceed it!
You can also stack this product with:

  • Genius Protein
  • Genius BCAA
  • Genius L-Arginine (for increased blood flow)
  • Genius Joy ( is for more focus, and cognitive function)
  • Genius Test ( like the name say, it is actually a testosterone booster with validated ingredients)

With the whole stack you can be expecting very good results!

But don’t forget:

Even with all the products you have at your side, it is up to you to make sure the product(s) can unleash all their abilities in your body, so that means, training, the healthy and right food for the training, and of course, you need to rest very good, even with the impressive results and effects of the genius series, you’ll still have to rest, to let your muscles recover!

So the conclusion sounds..:

This is absolutely the best buy I’ve ever done, and many people will agree with me, the effects are almost immediately noticeable, you don’t have a hard stomach with it, and the results come very quick.

Just don’t forget to use the dose and don’t exceed it and also drink enough water, then there is not any problem.

So, because of the big pro’s, and only the slightly con, I rate this product with a 9.6 out of a 10!
Also, the price / quality is very good, the product isn’t to expensive for what it gives you, there are many other things on the market that are true, let me say, placebo like products.


The price on Amazon is $29,95 for a container, you can buy the stack with the Genius Pre and Genius BCAA for only $ 104.93! This is an amazing deal, so don’t miss it, and the price goes up!




It would be very nice to see reviews of the product here in the comments below, so feel free to add them, or if there’s any question about the product, feel free to ask me, I will answer on all of them.














D Bal Max Review – Is it real?

Product : D-Bal Max

Price: $68.95 or € 57,85

Place to buy:

Size of container: 2 tubes which contains 45 capsules

My rating: 8.6 / 10

The D-Bal Max overview.

I guess if you look at this post, it is because you have already a lot of knowledge of steroids, and how bad they can be.

Luckily nowadays there are totally safe and harmless natural, legally steroids on the market to achieve the goal you want, only not on an unsafe and illegal way, but in the opposite way, and having the similar results.

What D-bal Max is.
I think everybody knows about Dianabol and what it can do, the good sides and the bad sides.

Now, what we don’t want is a bad side effect, but we still want all those benefits of the steroid, but without our body being damaged.

So, that is where D-Bal Max comes in!

D-Bal Max is actually the natural Dianabol alternative.

So you have all the benefits without having the side effects!

Is it too good to be true?

Normally I would say yes, I was very skeptical about this product in the beginning, but I was skinny, and the weight gainers, and all the other products I was taking, didn’t bring me much further anymore, only getting me actually more fat, even so that I was starting to get a belly.

So I was looking for a legal alternative for steroids, because I know steroids are very strong and effective, but also very dangerous.

And then I found D-Bal Max.

Like I said, I was very skeptical, but I was very desperate to lose my belly but also gain more muscles and power in meanwhile without damaging my body and especially my liver!

So I decided to give it a shot and to buy and try it.

I bought it when it was on a sale so that was a very good start, And I only had to wait when the product came home and I could start to train myself to the higher level!

It didn’t take to long before the D-Bal Max arrived..
I remember that day, so excited to open the box and see the pills, I wanted already to go to the gym and see what effects it would cause on me!

Effects after the first week:
I actually didn’t had to many effects yet, except that I already felt a little bit more power, but my muscle size didn’t grow, and I still had the feeling I was getting fat.

After the second week:
I had more effects, I could weight a lot more than the week before and also I saw my muscle size began to grow more and faster, I also had more appetite, because the muscles needed more energy.

After 3 weeks:
The steroid was really kicking in now, I couldn’t go fatigue in the gym, my lifting went up by 25 kilograms, my bench press by 30 kilograms, my squat by 60(!!). I couldn’t believe my eyes, this product really did what it say!

After 4 weeks and more:

I was adding up weight so fast because of the product, that I, for my own safety, had to stay a bit with the same weights to let my muscles adapt to the much more heavy weights than I did, just a few weeks before!

But I felt I couldn’t get without energy, I could stay into the gym as long as I wanted, if it was for 3-4 hours, I could still go on.

This product takes a bit time to work in your body, like a week, in some cases maybe 2, it also depends on your body, how fast it reacts with it.

But when it starts to kick in, you will feel all the power, the energy, the feeling that you can lift so much more weight than before!

So I really have to admit that I didn’t had to be skeptical at all.

The reason why I was, there are so many scam sites on the internet, which they clearly give you fake stuff, or placebo’s, and that is really a waste of your money, so I really recommend you to use the D-Bal Max product instead!

The ingredients of D-Bal Max.

D-Bal Max contains some very good quality ingredients, such as a natural steroid, called 20- Hydroxyecdysterone, which has unbelievable anabolic capabilities, such as muscle synthesis increase, that is the muscle grow explained.

It also helps to have more nitrogen retention into the muscles, which it improves the muscle grow even faster!

It has also a booster that recreates the effect you normally have of creatine – wonderful feeling, not?

What it also contains is something called as BCAA Complex.

This reduce the muscles soreness, by adding a lot of proteins into your muscles, you encourage the synthesis of the muscles, and you will get less tired and can work out much longer, and branched amino acids also reduces the chances of injuries!


So you can understand that these 3 ingredients make the D-Bal Max a very good alternative to its much more dangerous counterpart, the Dianabol.

I wouldn never change to the illegal versions anymore, because now I found something that is even better than that, because it has the same effects AND is harmless and safe and 100 percent natural!

Of course, not all of D-Bal Max is positive, there is one ( though minor) negative issue I have to mention.

This product doesn’t contain L-Arginine, which benefits to better heart health and even better exercise performances, so I don’t recommend it to people who only wants to use this, you need to use other supplements with this, to ensure the fully coverage for your body, so not for usage for single formula only, that is why the product didn’t get more than an 8.6 / 10, but which is still excellent!

The D-Bal Max review conclusion:

In every aspect this is a very good alternative for the dangerous counterparts, and it has the same effects, so I really recommend this product to you for the usage to reach all of your potential, it will definitely succeed, but you just have to give it a few weeks, to let it kick in.

This product is concluded as absolutely positive!
If you have any question about the product or the company who makes it, don’t hesitate to put a comment below the site, and I will answer you.

Kind regards, Emmanuel.

Natural fat burners – scam or not?

In this world nowadays, lots of people want to lose weight or get rid of a belly and fat.

It is easy to think that fat burners will do the work for you, but is it really like that?

I will sum all the natural fat burners up for you, with the pro and contra, because, yes, there are good, but there are some that are dangerous for your body and even lethal!

So let’s delve deeper into the topic.

Fatburners, their purpose and usage.

As the name says, fat burners are to burn fat, or let’s say, they help to burn fat.

It is not that fat burners alone will do the trick of losing fat and getting rid of your belly.

Now, I will explain more what you need to do and what you have to be careful for.

Fatburners are thermogenics that helps the body to burn the existing fat into a source of energy.

It seems too good to be true..

And unfortunately, when it sounds and seems to be true, it mostly is.

Fatburners can be effective, when choosing the right one, and you need to have the motivation to eat healthy and to exercise a lot!

I will come up later with the dangers they can bring, if choosing the wrong one.

So fat burners are not quite necessary?

Let me say like this, fat burners can be effective, as I told you, when eating healthy and exercise ( cardio, and all kind of weight-losing exercises).

If you don’t do it, it has no point to start with it, it’s like saying to a cyclist to win a tour without a bike. It is impossible and you end up very disappointed and maybe also with a quite damaged body ( later explained in this post).

So at least, if you use these kinds of things, be very convinced you won’t stop, fat burners will control a part of your metabolism and stopping suddenly is the worst you can do!

What types of fat burners are there on the market?

You have natural fat burners and synthetic ones ( I’ll go into synthetic in a next post).

I like natural ones more, since the herbs they have are not handmade. People I know always buy them from a pharmacy or a very respected online store. Also, synthetic could be more harmful than the natural.

So, let us list the types of fat burners there are available for now:

  • You have the caffeine based fat burners
  • The guarana fat burners
  • Green tea extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Fatburners with Carnitine, Kelp

As you see, there are many types of fat burners, but not all of them are good, so now I’m going to explain more about the dangers of some and also tell you which one is considered the best for usage.

Fatburners, they can be dangerous.

I think I don’t need to tell you that using too much caffeine is bad for your body, and knowing that a caffeine fat burner can contain 2 to 5 mg per dose, I can assume you already see that it is not good.

A little of caffeine isn’t bad for you, however in that dose it is dangerous because it can give heart problems and also insomnia.

I suggest not to take caffeine fat burners, even if they would give you a small dose of weight loss ( which is not proven actually), it is more con than pro, so for me this is a NO.
-About the guarana fat burners:

It is even more dangerous because they are the plants that are among the highest concentration of caffeine, almost 6 percent more than if you would drink coffee in the same dose!

So I think that is already clear that also the guarana is not the best option, because having even more caffeine can cause even higher blood pressure, anxiety, indigestion,.. they also like to interact blood thinners, which is in fact even more dangerous.

It is quite clear that this is also a big NO, only if you really want to have problems, in which I doubt.
-Now we’re heading to the Green extract fat burners.

They are more healthy, and also proven with them, you can lose weight and fat. But don’t expect miracles.

Since I told you that you also have to look out for your food and exercise, I think when having the patience and the will to do it, you can achieve it with this combination.

You could have side effects like headache, but it is totally uncommon.

-Garcinia Gambogia

Total waste of money, there is no evidence that it works, and you have a lot of side effects, including constipation, headache..

So also don’t get a hand on these.

I will sum up a few that can work and are safe.

The fat burners that are safe and will work are:

– Grapefruit essential oil, you will be less hungry, higher metabolism, so effective and no side effects.

– Green tea or any herb tea.

It is like the green tea extract, it will higher the metabolism, in which will reduce weight, and gives you a more rapid recovery rate

-Probiotic foods.

This is my favorite, they store fat, and regulate your appetite. I was using this to get lean.

– Food like apple, cherries, spicy food and coconut oil.

They are actually fat burning gem food, so i also advice to eat those.


As you can see, there are lots of fat burners in the market, however, be very cautious as the most of them are a waste of money and they only get you side effects and possible health problems. Also, try to do the natural ones first before trying the synthetic ones, your body has to adapt and it could be very bad if you don’t.

You need to exercise and eat healthy, with the combination of the fat burners, then you will have the biggest chance of success and you get all the benefits of the product.

I will provide you with links from which you can see and buy 100 percent safe and healthy fat burners, I also bought them from there, so I’m sure those are good.

If there’s any question, feel free to add a comment and I will answer to you.

I wish you lots of success with this info!

Kind regards, Emmanuel

How to get a lean body – the good and fast way.

Lean body


Hello everybody, it’s almost summer so it’s time to get the beach body! I had a question a few days ago how to get a lean body so I’m gonna write here what to do, and also in a certain way to be careful.

A lean body, the definition.

People sometimes think a lean body is a body that has no fat, a sixpack, the perfect shape,..

Now, it isn’t so easy to reach that goal! A sixpack can only be achieved when your fatpercentage is around 4, which is in my point of view only reachable when using steroids. So I’ll not discuss this here, what I’m going to discuss here is how to get it in a healthy way.

What you have to eat to reach a lean body.

A lean body is in fact a body that has a fatpercentage around 6-8 percent, you can see the muscles, although it is still healthy in that way.

Now, there’s alot of sites that claims eating vegetables and training cardio for hours and hours, this isn’t true!

Like I already mentioned in my earlier post, food is much more important than training is, and as you want to reach your goal, you need to eat food that has low calories, but also is low on sugar!

Yes sugar, sugar has also alot to do in the metabolism of the body, to much sugar can cause your body to increase in weight, even when you lower the calorie intake!

What is a yes to eat and what is a no.

Well, I think it’s pretty obviously that when you want to get lean, burgers, fast food, and other big fat/sugarbombs are not done.

What you can eat is food with a lot of proteines, since they protect your muscles and the way you trained them.

Food such as lean beef is good, turkey, chicken, eggs, they all have alot of proteins and are low in fats and sugar, so I really recommend these to eat, alongside with vegetables.

Also, be aware of fruit, since it also has a lot of sugars, even they are natural, it is best not to eat!

Be careful with rice, potatoes, they have fibers, but they contain sugar, and that is what we don’t want.

So, I hope that made a bit more clear what you can eat and what not ( I forgot to mention, I’m very sorry, but ice cream and cakes are a big NO!).

That was the food, now about the training.

When you think about a lean body, you think about doing lots of cardio.

This is not totally true, cardio helps, but you can still do your lifting exercises without any problem, since like I told here before, the most important is the food.

What you also read on many sites is that you need to do lots of sit up, and that is also not correct, sit ups helps, but to many wont have any change in result if your fat percentage is to high.

So I would recommend that you take your food serious and then train.

What it is for the training, actually every cardiomachine works, it only depends what you want to train, your legs and your “ass”, you need to do the step, the running for condition, the machine for your belly.. it actually points itself, no need to panic, it is logical thinking.

But, in order to see results, you really need to go 3-4 times a week, and at least once, go spinning!

Spinning is riding with a bike, with or without music, in the gym, and it’s very conditional based. In some times you will have to drive fast and then slow ( that is called interval).

What is interval?

Interval is the training that you perform, let me give an example:

You want to be a footballer but you don’t have the condition.

The easiest and really fastest way to gain that condition fast is to do interval.

This means, like in the beginning, run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute.. and the better you get, the more you run, with the same interval.

Do this also with your cardio, the better your condition is, the faster you will improve, the quicker you’ll have the lean body!

It of course takes lots of patience and hard work, but in the end, it will paid of.

Would fatburners help?

You know by now that the perfect body doesn’t exist, but you can come very close by dedication and hard hard training with food and exercises. Now, I had a question about fatburners.

I’ll do another blog about this soon, but the only thing I’m gonna say now is:

Some will actually help but watch out for the scam that is out there on the market, buy them in the pharmacy or in a store that is specialized into those things, there are also some verified sites that can be good, but again, in my next blog, I’ll go further into the subject.

Just don’t forget that even with the fatburners you need to exercise, eat the food that is necessairy for your goal and to rest good!

Fatburners only do the part which maybe you’re stuck at, but they are not any magical product that can transform you into that shape and not by days.

Again, it’s lots of labor, but in the end you’ll be proud on yourself by doing it.

Now we are at the final conclusion:

Now you know what to eat, to exercise, to have the body you want.

Also, I forgot to mention, watch out with sugar drinks, I’m sorry, but yes.. wine, beer, cocktails, soda drinks.. they won’t help you at all, instead.. you’ll raise weight instead!

So if there’s any question, feel free to comment below, I’ll answer any doubts you have about the issue, and I hope you can reach your goal this summer, I totally believe in you, if you have the coueage and the power to continue!