MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test – the full review

I’ve already made some reviews about the Muscle Tech supplements, like their famous mass gainer, creatine, and post workout. Now it is time for a supplement which is maybe not too well-known yet, since this one is nothing out of these classes. This is a testosterone booster, they are gaining in popularity, and it is because some are very good, Men’s Health wrote a post about this ->Read here.

I’ve also made a guide about it, which you can read here!


So, now it is time to review the Pro Series Alpha Test:


-How good is it?


-What are the ingredients?


-How should you take it?


-What is the general opinion and overall rating?


-In which serving size does it come?


-How much does it cost and where can you buy it?


-Ending conclusion.


What is this supplement for?


Let’s start with the explanation, this supplement is for boosting your testosterone level, actually, your free testosterone, which means that there is not any additional testosterone added, all the surplus of testosterone is your own, this supplement helps to raise your level, to have more power, less fat, more muscles, more muscle size, and a boosted sex drive. Sounds good, but you have to be careful with some, there is some crap out there, so it is always advised to come back here now and then to check more reviews about it!


So, now that is explained, let us see if this one is a crappy one (a placebo), or it really helps you to achieve your goal!

How good is it?


Well, before I will start about that, let us first have a good look at which kind of ingredients Muscle Tech puts in it.


-They have been putting something weird in it, which is broccoli powder, they are among the only ones which puts this ingredient inside of a testosterone booster. Broccoli powder, it seems, supplies diindolylmethane ( shortcut is DIM – much easier), and that is a nitrogen-containing compound, and the thing it does, is having complex interactions within your body together with downstream target proteins – short way to say is that your protein synthesis goes higher, which means more muscle growth. They’re still investigation more, to see if it has more benefits.


– They also added Zinc, I don’t need to mention how important Zinc actually is for your body, not only to maintain your health, but is also helps your testosterone level to stay in the healthy range or even higher, and maintain it. Every testosterone booster should have Zinc inside, because without it, it is CRAP.


-Fenugreek extract is also an ingredient they’ve added, this is a very good one I have to say, it is a herb that has a really long tradition, but this is a good one when you look for a raise in testosterone level, fat loss, and muscle growth, you can expect that this ingredient will give you a great boost – also because the 50 percent of saponins inside – of all of that.


Tribulus extract ( also known as Tribulus Terrestris), is what I think, the most known fruit for raising your testosterone level, you can find it in supplements and medicine given by doctors to raise it, Muscle Tech added the whole herb and fruit in it for the best results.


So with all these ingredients, it has to be good, not?


Well, for that, let’s see what other people think about it!


The general opinion about the product


The majority of people is very satisfied about this product, I know that Muscle Tech is very famous in making good supplements to make your body better, more in size, to recover faster, to have enough nutrients ( I use them myself so I’m also a very satisfied customer actually).


-90 percent of the people is satisfied about the effects and the price.


-75 percent is satisfied about the muscle gains.


-It was impossible to find any person which had a bad comment about this product.


So in the general:


-People who tried this product don’t want to change anymore, it is because not only it is quite cheap for what you get, but it is actually a very good supplement.


-The customers are very happy with the results in a quite short range, however this can be difference from person to person, there are some that only notice bigger strength, and no muscle mass, and some who has it all.


-Muscle Tech is a very wide known brand, and the most of the products that they make are very good, and the people who bought from them, sticks with them.



-And the last thing, but maybe important, also females can take this product actually, since it has nothing of additional testosterone inside!


This will take us to the overall rating for this product!

The overall rating for MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test


As usual, I divide them into different categories before doing the main overall rating, followed by my own personal rating.


Effect rating: 9.5/10

Price/quality rating: 9.5/10

Verified Buyer rating: 8.1/10

Overall Rating: 9.1                                                    My personal rating: 9.4/10

The product pro and con




-It has very high quality ingredients

-Muscle Tech researches every ingredient very carefully, like this one, so you only have the best

-The effects are very fast noticed, and they do what they promise

-90 percent of the people are very satisfied, and they have huge strength gain, mass size, and lower fat




-This product actually has not a really con, but if I have to mention one:

-For 10 percent of the people it is possible it doesn’t work, it is normal, I’ve already mentioned before that your body chooses it selves what i wants to grow, even the best one couldn’t be the one for you, but let’s say, for every 1000 people there are 100 it doesn’t work, but it doesn’t mean you can not try this one, because it is highly sure it will work!


However, I want to say something about this, a lot of people take supplements and think their body will adapt like that, without doing too many exercises, and being lazy or I don’t know, but supplements can not do the trick alone, they could help a little without exercise, but don’t expect miracles. Only by working hard you get results and achievements!



Yes, this product is a really must have if you want to perform much better in the gym, and want to have good-looking muscles, and reduce some body fat.



I have to put one recommendation for the females, I’ve been telling that you can take it, and that is yes, however, I suggest taking it only for workouts, and not on resting days as prescribed, because your testosterone could outnumber your androgen, and you know which kind of consequences it could have, so to prevent troubles, keep on that 1 dose per workout only.

Serving size


It comes at 1 serving size only, which is:

-120 Rapid-Release Bio capsules, so each package is for 1 month.

I suggest after 6 weeks you keep a resting period for 1 month, to rest your body and see the maximum effect.


Prices and where to buy


I always buy it at, since they ship everywhere, but you can also buy it at Amazon.

At the price is: $19.89 or €17.03

Click here to buy it!


At Amazon the price is $19.97

Ending conclusion

This product is a must have, without it you will have a big gap, thousands of people use it and are very satisfied about the result, so really try it out!


If you have questions, reviews, or testimonials, feel free to post them below, you can also help other people to decide and understand more how it works!




Pre JYM – The full review

I’ve already reviewed the Post JYM of JYM Supplement Science, now it is time to review their pre-workout, which is called Pre JYM.

As I’ve already state before, this company is being led by a doctor who sees customers as the most important factor and he wants to make his products according to them, he always responds to comments and critics, to make sure his products are the best for them. The post workout of them is a very good one, let’s see if this one is equally to that.

So let us begin with what it has inside.


Pre JYM, what has it?

To begin first, he states that JYM won’t even try to say it is the best, or like he mentioned, a game changer, they are good in the class where they belong and the people are satisfied.

Now, it has 13 hand-picked ingredients, of a very high quality, and also they mentioned, the full dose of it ( which means that you really shouldn’t surpass that dose, if you feel your body is getting somewhat adapted to it, its best to stop it for maybe a few weeks to a month).

Now, let’s take a look what those 13 ingredients are:

-There are 6 grams of citrulline malate inside, which helps to promote your muscle endurance, and therefore your muscle pumps ( a good pre-workout has to give that pumped feeling towards your muscles, if not, it is the best you choose another one, really)

-Of course it has 6 grams of BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio, which is very good to your muscle growth and it boosts your muscle performance. Also, they have the advantage of blunting your muscle fatigue, which, well, you know, you can hit the gym much longer and lift heavier weights without being exhausted fast

-As every pre-workout should have, it has 2 grams of creatine HCI, this is very good for your strength, muscle growth, and the endurance of them

-You find 2 grams of CarnoSyn beta-alanine inside, which helps to boost your muscle power, your strength, the growth, and the endurance of your muscles

-To provide you with greater power and strength during your workouts, they’ve added 1.5 grams of betaine

-And it is not finished yet, to support the amino acid profile of your body during workouts, it has 600 milligrams of N-acetyl L- cysteine inside

– They’ve also added 500 milligrams of Beet Root extract, what it does is actually enhancing your nitric oxide level, as you maybe still remember, I’ve once explained this is very good for giving you large amounts of energy and massive pumps, since it pumps lots of oxygen in your muscles

As every pre-workout should have, this one also has it: caffeine! It has 300 grams of it, which means, more energy, more focus, and more endurance.

-It also contains 150 grams of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, which gives you a better drive, focus ans strength in the gym ( who wouldn’t want this?)

-To even increase your focus more and establish a stronger mind-muscle connection, they’ve added 50 micro grams of huperzine A

-And the last ingredient is BioPerine, which benefit is that it has the enhancing ability of absorbing more nutrients into and to your muscles.

I know, its a lot of ingredients blended together, but they say every dose is carefully and by hand-picked and filled.

If you want to know more about the science behind the facts – click here!

Why would this pre-workout be better than other ones?

They state that many companies say that they found the miracle formula, that with their product you’ll gain more and faster in size, muscle mass, power, strength and more.

However, they say that those companies are not good!

To give an example ( and there are plenty of these actually), concentrated supplements, not only pre-workouts, are often worse than not concentrated ones. Why is that? It is very simple, in concentrated blends they only put the half, maybe less than normal, and fill it with other things ( I’m not talking about big brands, but some smaller ones really do that). And as you can guess already, having the half of the necessary ingredients than normal, your growth will be stuck as well. You actually pay for crappy things, and that’s a waste.. It’s like paying for a big chicken but the half is water ( been there, done that).

Pre JYM has more than 26 grams of it, so it is more than suitable enough!

Let us see what the general opinion about this pre workout is, and of course, also the rating!


The comments it receives are very positive.

People are satisfied by the amount of pump they get, they don’t get a crash while working out, or even after.

Because of that, they can perform exercises longer and harder, which obviously means they gain.

Also, the taste seems to be very good, you can see the kinds of flavor a bit more down of this post.

It has one downside, which is the price, as I told you, quality costs money, crap also, but quality will pay off and the crap will only get you rid of the money without doing anything. So, if I were you.. I would certainly try it!

The pro and con




-It gives you the magnificent natural pumping in all your muscles

-Has not too much caffeine inside, just enough to focus and yet to let your heart beat at a safe rate

-No crashing, no empty feeling after the training

-The blend and all its ingredients are hand-picked

-Lovely flavors

-JYM Supplements Science treat their customers as if they are family





-Quality has its price, so it is a quite expensive product ( $2.00 -€1.3- per serving)



So, yes it is expensive, but what you’ll get in the place is so good, that you’ll notice effects very soon, and it is the price of 2 crappy ones. Let me give an example, shoes. You can buy 2 cheap pairs for 20 dollars = 40 dollars, or a very good one for 55 dollars. The cheap ones only last for 2 months, while the good one will last for at least 2 years, so in that period, you were much better off buying the more expensive one than the cheap one. Here is the same, you can choose for a cheap one, you will find good ones, but you will at least try some before you find and spend more than you would already try this one. It is your choice, but I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you.

Time for the overall ratings


Flavor rating: 9/10

Working effect rating: 9/0

Quality of the product rating: 9.6/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.1/10

Overall Rating : 9/10 My personal overall rating: 9.1/10

Not only my opinion, but also the opinions of thousands of other people think the same of this one: that it is a must have.


Before I forget, let’s take a look at the flavors!


The product has 8 flavors in total, some are less good than others in my opinion, but of course that is personally, maybe you’ll like all of them.


The flavors are:


-Black Cherry

-Cherry Limeade ( this flavor seems to have the highest rate)

-Natural Island Punch

-Orange Mango

-Rainbow Sherbet

-Raspberry Lemonade

-Refreshing Melon

-Strawberry Kiwi


Serving size and price

Now we come at a very good point, how big is the package and how much does it cost?

Well, let’s see:

The serving sizes are:


-20 servings

-and 30 servings

The cheapest is the 30 servings.



Now you will see why I said the 30 servings are the cheapest, and this is why:


-The price for the 20 servings is: $37.99

-And for the 30 servings it is $48.99

Where can you buy it?

You can buy from bodybuilding -> click here

You can also buy it from Amazon -> the link is below here



This is the perfect product if you want to have a very good workout, you can also stack it with the Post JYM, for the best results, which I HIGHLY recommend!

If you have more questions about this product, or want to share a review, comment, or a testimonial, feel free to comment below, I’ll be more than happy to answer them, and also to help people to guide them to the right product for their needs!


Crazy Mass – SCAM or NOT?

I think when you have the feeling that you’re at your limit of your body of exercises, that you can’t rise anymore, or gain size, it is easy to step to the steroids, I’ve already spoken about legal steroids ( you can find this post here), however, there’s a lot of scammy products out there who claims they are the perfect ones for creating the same or similar effects to the anabolic counterpart.

Today I’m going to review one of these companies, and also review every product they have, and it is called Crazy Mass.

Who is Crazy Mass?


Crazy Mass is in fact the biggest brand into the legal steroid world, followed by Crazy Bulk.

However, both of them are very competitive for that first place, and Crazy Mass did a complaint against Crazy Bulk, because they said Crazy Bulk was stealing their ideas, even copying their website. Now, Crazy Bulk changed a lot after that, so no more problems occurred, only the competitive side is still on.

To mention it is the biggest brand, they should have very good products, else they wouldn’t be in that area.

So, they really work?



Strangely enough, they actually work.


BUT, it is not that these products will work on their selves, no, you really need to train hard together with it, drink enough water ( I’m sorry alcohol and beer lovers.. but you really have to leave it, because else the effects you would have, are totally gone). Also, having a healthy diet is A MUST.


You can buy them from here!

They get a high rating of 9.5 from me, because when you try it, you’ll never want to change anymore!

They make their products in FDA certified labs, so just to say, how trustworthy they actually are.

I know, it sounds very fast to say it in the beginning of the review, I’ll explain every product by detail, and you will see why they are the number 1 for this.

What kind of products do they have?



They have a vast amount of products, if you want to bulk, cut or have strength, they have everything.

First I’ll list everything what they have from stack to stack, and then I’ll explain every product in detail.

For bulking, they have these products:

– D-Anaoxn Elite Series

– Testosteroxn Test – Tone Elite Series

– T-Bal 75 Elite Series

– D-KA Elite Series

For the people who wants the cutting stack, they have:

– Testosteroxn Test – Tone Elite Series

– P-VAR Elite Series

– Clentrimix Elite Series

– Winnidrol Elite Series

The strength stack contains:

– D-Anaoxn Elite Series

– Testosteroxn Test – Tone Series

– A-Anolone Elite Series

– D-KA Elite Series

Endurance and Stamina stack:

– Testosteroxn Test – Tone Series-

– A-Analone Elite Series

– Winnidrol Elite Series

– D-KA Elite Series

They also have the ultimate stack, which contains EVERY product, to have the best improvement possible.



Let us see the products individually.


D-Anaoxn Elite Series

This is the safe alternative for Dianabol, which gives you:

-Extra strength and stamina

-Increased muscle size

-You don’t have to be afraid of water weight, every extra size you gain is naturally

These are pills, so don’t be afraid of injections.


-Expect fast muscle gain

-Your strength will grow lots, since your muscles are growing

-That good feeling in the gym that you will beat another record!

You find them in these stacks:

-Bulking stack

-Strength stack

-Ultimate stack

These alternatives have no any side effects, even not a little increase in agressivity, unlike other ones.

The general opinion of other people


It has a lot of reviews, and all of them are overwhelming positive.

I’ll just write some reviews below to let you see:

– “I’ve been talking this for a few weeks now, and my performance in the gym has increased greatly! I’m more focused, more awake in the mornings no matter how much I sleep. I’m extremely hungry all the time now. At the moment I’m 5 months into my 8 month bulk, at 3 months I was maxing out at 4500 calories a day. I COULD NOT eat anything more than that. After two months of taking this I’m now eating 6400 calories a day EASY, and I’m a small guy (5’9 165lbs) My body loves it, but not so much my bank account. Highly recommend!!”

– “Works amazing. Feel stronger , more energy and focused!! Got my product within 5-7 days!!! See you soon for more !!!!”


-“Make no mistake any supplements taken require a work effort, with that being said the results produced from that work aided with the supplement taken is where you rep the performance and effectiveness of that supplement, I can say as a customer, I am completely content with the overall effectiveness of this product. It does exactly what it describes doing, Thanks”


As you see, the people are very happy with it, but like the last one said, you NEED to exercise with it.

Overall Rating for D-Anaoxn Elite Series: 9.7/10 My personal rating: 9.5/10



Testosteroxn Test-Tone Elite Series

This is the safe alternative for the anabolic counterpart of the human hormone, testosterone.

It has the similar effects as it, which are:

-Improves your sex drive ( always good)

-Increases lean muscle, and burns body fat

-Increased protein synthesis

-More muscle gains, increased nitrogen retention and blood flow


As the normal testosterone would do, and that is why it is so popular among bodybuilders, it helps you to gain muscle size fast, and get rid of that body fat, by increasing your testosterone level, by a natural base, so not adding extra testosterone that is not from you.

It is much healthier, and the results come close to the anabolic counterpart. The anabolic one can reach you to a 3-4 pct body fat percentage, this one to 6-9!

They are included in these stacks:

-Bulking stack

-Strength stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack

The general opinion



This product also gains a lot of positive reviews, and everybody seems to be happy with it, as above, I’ll put some reviews of other people below.

– “I have been taking this supplement for about 3 weeks now and my strength has gone through the roof. I also noticed some gains in muscle. I have been working my ass off in the gym 6 days a week, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each day. Its crazy how fast it is working.”

– ”

Really helped to get and hold a pump.

Also, saw increases with strength great product.”

– “I waited until 8 weeks before I made this review. This review is of all the products I’ve used, my favorites listed below. I am 55 years old. I know for myself, all the products used for strength, bulking, and cutting work for me, with a dedicated work-out program. Don’t know otherwise. But, don’t know why you would use these products without the work-out. But, if you put the effort in the work-out, you will be very satisfied with the results. My favorites: Testosteroxn, T-bal 75, A-Analone, D-Anaoxn, and Deckadrolone. Thank you for products….. Stan”


Again, very happy people, but you need to put effort to exercise!

Overall rating for the Testosteroxn Test-Tone Elite Series: 9.8/10 My personal rating: 9.5/10



T-Bal 75 Elite Series

Everybody that does bodybuilding and/or fitness, and have contacts into the competitive world, already heard about Trenbolone and it’s advantages.

However, the dangers are very high and the risk of doing life-long damage is very common.

Crazy Mass developed T-Bal 75, to prevent that you would use the Trenbolone, because this product produces the similar effects:

-Your testosterone gets a huge boost, since your free testosterone levels gets a huge boost

-This makes that you’ll get huge muscle gains, your size will increase for sure

-Your fat level will decrease dramatically

-It enhances your nitrogen retention, which increase your protein synthesis

-This has the same anabolic formula, but without any side effects that would occur with Trenbolone


Because of these benefits, you will grow harder than before, you will, it is not if, you will gain lots of muscle size, and strength!

You also will get a lean body because of it.

You will find it in these stacks:

-Bulking stack

-Strength stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack

Opinion and rating


Again, with this product the people are very happy with it, however, some of them thought it would give the same results as the real anabolic one, but don’t forget, it gives the similar effect, not 100 percent the same, but you don’t have any health issue, and yes the result is 95 percent as the true Trenbolone, but personally, I’ll go for the 95 percent than ruining my body!


So, let’s see the general reviews of it:

– “This product is quality – does what it says on the bottle! First time using Crazy Mass and so far…damn good. Watch the diet, hit the weights.. and the rest just gets a lot easier.”

– “Really liked it. On my 3rd bottle. I feel like it works even better with creatine HCL or some really good protein. Won’t give you results like the real trenbolone steroid obviously. I look big and ripped but not roided out at all. Which is what I was aiming for.”

– “This product in combination with D-Anaoxn and HGH is producing great results for me. I’ve not only reached my goal of showing having lean muscle but I’ve recently set new goals. I’ve noticed increased strength and less fatigue during my workout sessions and I’m getting satisfying results, I’ve been using this stack for more than 6 months now and continually impressed with my results, Thanks.”


As you see, the majority of the people is really impressed by it, just know it is not the true steroid, so no matter how good it is, it will never be the same, but like 95 percent!

Overall rating for T-Bal 75 Elite Series: 9.2/10 My personal rating: 9.6/10



D-Ka Elite Series

Not much information is available about this one, but it has the similar effects than the illegal steroid Deca Durabolin, which means that it will have these effects and results:

-Increased muscle mass

-It helps to speed up the recovery process

-Your joint pain will be less because your nitrogen and collagen synthesis is increased


You can find it in these stacks:

-Bulking stack

-Strength stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack


What do other people think about it?


Everybody, but truly, everybody is very happy with this and give this product 5 stars!

Let me put some comments of it below:


– “I have only been taking twice a day for a short period, and already can see a difference in how the weight feels and have gone up a few plates in different exercises”

– “Quite amazed with how quickly got ripped and increased mass! In almost 28 days I had most wanted results over my body.


– “I have been using this product for around 2 weeks now fresh starter in the gym and I am really starting to see the effects the fat on my body has been burnt off and I’m really starting to see muscle shape take form. not only have I’m I preforming better in the gym with increased focus and energy I’m also seeing the effects outside the gym at work my work rate has also increased I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for extra boost”


As you see, you will get results, if you put the effort!

D-KA Elite Series overall rating: 9.8/10 My personal rating: 9.7/10



P-VAR Elite Series

It is the safe alternative for Anavar, even when Anavar is one of the least dangerous steroids, it is still not advised to take it, but instead take this alternative one.

It gives like Anavar, these kinds of benefits:

-It burns fat without losing muscle size

-It gives you that beach body look, by improving muscle hardness

-It enhances vascularity for increased muscle nourishment


They say it is good for both men and women, since this is not a testosterone booster, neither it promotes free testosterone boosts!

This one perfectly works as a stand-alone supplement, if you’re just looking for a beach body ( which we all want of course).

Find it in these stacks:

-Cutting stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack


General thought about it


People are more than satisfied by this product, I only found 4 percent of the people which it wasn’t working with ( but 2 percent of them wasn’t training, so..), but in general, this one work.

A few comments about it:


– “This product helped me keep my lean muscle while on my intense cutting cycle in which i lost 30lbs in 1 month. I feel like without this product i wouldnt have been able to keep all of my pre-existing muscle and gain lean muscle while i was losing weight very fast.Great product and highly recommend.”


– “After two weeks others started to notice the weight loss . I normal work out 4 days a week with Cardio 2 times weekly.”


– “Just got off a 6 week cycle and I am looking CUT ! I was pretty sketch on trying this instead of anavar, but it’s working great !”


So as you see, when working out, you will notice the difference!


Overall Rating for P-VAR Elite Series: 9.4/10 My rating: 9.1/10



Clentrimix Elite Series

As you can already think, this it the safe alternative for the very much used anabolic counterpart called Clenbuterol, and most of you know what it does, but let me put down below what it does for those who don’t know:

-It reduces hunger and appetite

-The products prevents water retention

-Your central nervous system and oxygen transportation is being stimulated

-Because of it, your metabolism will go into overdrive, and your bodyfat will be shredded ( to give you that look)


The stacks this one is in are:

-Cutting stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack


Does it work for people?


There’s no doubt about it actually… There was only 1 percent which this product wasn’t fully working, even he lost a bit fat, so this is the best and safest alternative for Clenbuterol!

Some comments:


– “I ordered this clentrimix with the winnidrol holy smokes, I can see muscles getting harder and fat melting away in just a month! It’s pretty crazy, living my results… My legs and glutes muscles definitely showing! I work out 5 days a weeks but I notice results after a week that I started the pills!”


– “Reviewed this before and I cannot tell you enough how this product has worked for me. I take this three times a day and it has worked well thus far.”


– “Awesome product so far…….better when taken in the morning time is what works for me. Clean energy all day……will buy product again.”


If you’re looking for clean fat loss, this is the product for you!


Overall rating for Clentrimix Elite Series: 9.9/10 My rating: 9.8/10



The last product to show you is Winnidrol Elite Series

This is the safe alternative for the steroid called Winstrol, and it has the similar effects and benefits, which are:

-It increases your strength without weight gains

-Your physical power, speed and agility will be boosted

-The product eleminates excess water from your body to expose your muscles and definition

-It preserves lean muscle mass whlle it metabolizes excess body fat quite fast

This not only for bodybuilding, you can also take it as an athlete, a boxer,..


Find it in these stacks:

-Cutting stack

-Strength stack

-Endurance and stamina stack

-Ultimate stack


What other people think about it and the rating


Like the other products, the majority of the people is very satisfied about it, they see results coming when they perform exercises.

Some comments:


– “I was used taking many years ago the Winstrol ( that is an real anabol )Obviously it worked more but with many side effects including making you very nervous. This Winnidrol is a more natural product and it works. Obviously you will not see a great and very fast reducing of your fat with a fast growing of your muscles as it happens with the Winstrol but I have to say that Winnidrol is safe and it works. I’m taking my second bottle and I’m satisfied about my results”


– “At first i didnt think tht this would work. Bt after 3 weeks the results are amazing. I saw result the first the most after the first 4days because of all the extra water weight i had. Im glad i got it. No regrets.”


– “The body of your dreams will be obtained with this supplement.”


As you see, the people are very happy with this product!


Overall rating for Winnidrol Elite Series: 9.4/10 My rating: 9.2/10


Crazy Mass has other products, but they state, even if it is legal, you could test positive if you’re in competition, so I’ll only list them below, and it is for your own responsability to take it or not.

– Nitricbooster – Max Elite Series

– H-GH Elite Series

– Iso*Ignite Elite Series

They also work, but be careful, and I suggest you only take them when you’re not in competitions!

As I mentioned before, I was going to show you that this company is a very good one and it is really worth to buy it’s products.

My general rating for Crazy Mass is a very good 9.7/10!

If you want to bulk, cut, or increase in strength, but in a safe way, but fast, you have to use these products, they will give you good results, and you won’t be dissapointed!




My advice is to buy them in stacks, it is way cheaper. The prices are:

– Bulking stack: $261.99

– Cutting stack: $264.99

– Strength stack: $243.96

– Endurance and stamina stack: $265.99

– Ultimate stack: $394.99


I know, they’re not cheap, but quality has its price, right?

Don’t hesitate, buy now!

If there’s any question, or you have a testimonial, or you want to show your result or want to share your opinion with us, write your comment below!





Post Jym Active Matrix – Must Read Review

A post workout supplement can determine whether you grow or not. This is because they have many nutrients inside of them for your muscles after the training ( I’m only thinking about fibers, protein synthesis promoters), so choosing the right one is crucial.


In the branch there are lots of supplements and brands that always states that the product of them is the best.

I know from experience this is not true!

When I started to workout, I was using the Anabolic Halo from Muscletech, that was one piece of magic, you could feel your muscles getting feed and they actually grow within 2 weeks, which is a very short time.


However.. I don’t know why, but suddenly they didn’t sell it anymore.. every store I was looking, offline, big stores, online, you couldn’t find it anymore. Actually if you try to type it in Amazon or, the only thing they state is that it isn’t available anymore and out of stock. It is possible that there was some forbidden ingredients in it ( seriously FDA, why you have to ban all the good things like Jack3D..). So I was left without any good thing anymore. And I can’t tell you how hard I have been looking for a good one that even came close to it, and I didn’t find it.. My body was not happy, and I certainly wasn’t either. So I tried lots of them ( I even used them for a while – more than a month -) but nothing that was coming close to it.


Until a friend of me in the gym told me about JYM Supplement Science ( honestly, I never heard anything about them, only about the really big brands), and he was explaining he was using a post workout of them that was working very good, and the effects he was talking about, were quite the similar than the ones I’ve been used to with the Anabolic Halo.


So I decided to give it a try.



The name of the product is Post Gym Active Matrix, let’s dig deeper, let’s also talk about the company


I don’t really know this company for too long, it is founded by Jim Stoppani, he say that he researched every product very careful and very long, since (he states this) he is into the sports nutrition for a long time, and he hated the fact that some companies making supplements, actually have no experience and have no clue how to make it.

So he decided to make his own supplements, to help people reach their goal in a good way and in a way they understand, and with proper help if needed.

One of the products he made I’m going to review now.



Post Gym Active Matrix


As the name suggests, and as I’ve already mentioned, it is a post workout – for the people who are new -, a post workout is after the training, to give your muscles the nutrients necessary to grow, like proteins, BCAAs, and more.

This supplement is a cocktail of 8 ingredients, to provide your muscles in the best way possible to grow, to recover, and to hit the workout harder every single time.

Some of these ingredients are also in the pre-workout supplement of them, the review of that comes soon so stay tuned!

He mentions that those ingredients will make sure you have maximal performance and muscle growth, when taking them together.


So, what is inside the product that makes you strong like a beast?

Like I said, it has 8 ingredients, they are:



-6 grams of BCAAs which will enhance muscle growth ( and also will speed up your recovery time)


-It has 3 grams of glutamine, more recovery and growth


-2 grams of creatine HCL, it makes sure you will have bigger strength, endurance and muscle power.

Now, I’ve already mentioned I don’t like creatine in post workouts, and that will stay that way, the only thing I can tell you is that if you really want to do it, it is your choice, but you should consider taking the pre-workout of them also then, or a pre-workout which doesn’t contain too much creatine.


-2 grams of beta-alanine, it will further boost your strength, the power of your muscles, your endurance and, even more muscle growth


-2 grams of Carnipure L-carnitine L-tartrate which will further your recovery and also will rise your testosterone level ( remember that when I was talking about testosterone in the guide, I mentioned this, and why these are very good for you, if you don’t know the post I made about it, you can find it here)


-The product has also 1.5 grams of betaine, it gives your more power and strength during workouts


-Taurine is also included, 1 gram to be exactly, which will give you more power, and more nitric oxygen, which means, more pump, more nutrients to your muscles, and in the end, more muscle size


-And the last thing they added is 5 milligrams of BioPerine, it enhances the absorption of every ingredient, every nutrient, that the post workout gives you.


This all sounds good, but does it really work?

When my friend recommended this one to me, I couldn’t believe it matches the product I was using, also, reading all the ingredients, I was like, ahh, this sounds too good to be true, but I’ve already been trying so many things, so why shouldn’t I do this one then?

So, after using it for a couple of weeks, I have to say that the results are.. incredible.

More muscle size, more power, I had the look like my testosterone was doubled of level, and I didn’t have too much pain after every workout, so I could go deeper and deeper every time I exercised.

And about the taste, you’ll already know that I’m very, but very picky about it, but, they have a few ones that are actually good!


The flavors they have are:

-Lemonade ( my favorite together with he watermelon)

-Mandarin Orange ( my second favorite forever)

-Natural Lemon Lime ( I really suggest you don’t take this one, not only mine but also the general opinion is that this taste isn’t good at all, or at least, the other ones are better)

-Rainbow Sherbet


-Fruit Punch


I was quite surprised about the taste, and even more surprised that I actually liked it, so for me, I’m stuck with this one forever ( not that I mind this, not at all).


So, for me this really works, now, it is time to see the overall rating and the general reception of this product

The overall rating and the general opinion


-It gives you a really good look

-Has everything inside to let you develop your growth very fast

-The taste is actually good

-It is made by somebody who cares about the product and the customers



-It has creatine inside, which I don’t like too much, however, combined with the pre-workout you can have a good result

Let’s start to give ratings for the different aspects about the Post Jym Active Matrix.


Average flavor rating: 9.5/10 Top rated flavor: 9.4/10

My personal flavor rating: 9.3/10

Effectiveness rating: 9.8/10 My personal effectiveness rating: 9.9/10


Verified Buyer rating: 9.5/10

Overall rating: 9.5/10 My personal overall rating: 9.8/10

As you see, not only for me, but for thousands of other people it is also a very good product, which they receive a lot of achievements with!

Don’t hesitate to buy it, I really mean it, if you want to look good, have those muscles of yours big, and lift more and heavier, get it now!

So now, I will show you the serving size and price of it.


The serving size of the product

It comes at one serving size only, and that is 30 servings ( 1 a day, however, I suggest you ONLY take it when you’re going to train).

How much does it cost and where can you buy it?

The normal price is $32.29 (somewhere around €26)

However, there are differences, at bodybuilding you pay less than amazon, but there is also a difference in price of which kind of flavor you choose.

The flavors which are priced for $32.29 :


-Mandarin Orange

-Natural Lemon Lime

-Rainbow Sherbet

The Fruit Punch and Watermelon are priced for $37.99.


I already mentioned Amazon was a bit more expensive, and they have fewer flavors.

They only have Lemonade, Mandarin Orange and Rainbow Sherbet.

The price for the Lemonade and Rainbow Sherbet there is $37.99, for the Mandarin Orange it is $39.99.

So, you can choose where you want to buy: don’t forget that ships worldwide, and Amazon only ships in the USA and Canada.


To buy it from, click here.

Here you can buy it from Amazon.



Ending conclusion


Even if you’re not totally convinced, I highly recommend to you that you at least try it, and you will see the results by yourself!

Thousands of people already tried it, and they gave a rating for 9.5 for this, so it can’t be bad, even the taste is good!


If you have any question, comment or testimonial, feel free to put them below, you can actually let people see it is a very good product!

Cell Tech Creatine – By MuscleTech – Must Read Review!

MuscleTech is a company which makes very good supplements, I’ve been already reviewing some of other branches, in this I’m going to review their creatine supplement, Cell Tech.

What it is



Cell Tech Creatine is like the name says it selves, a creatine supplement, but you can also use it for a Pre-Workout ( but I used it through the day actually). It is for building muscles faster and to get them bigger.

My personal experience



I started to use this product in the beginning of 2012, I had already a pre-workout and post-workout, but still, I had the feeling I was still missing something, because I didn’t had that “full muscle feeling”. So I started to look for a product that could give me a good feeling, and after looking around, searching the internet, and trying some products, I came across this one.


It is indeed full of creatine, you could mention against me: But you already have a pre-workout which contains creatine, and what about your post workout then?


My answer is quite simple about that: My post workout doesn’t contain creatine and my pre-workout doesn’t have too much of it inside. My pre-workout is mostly based on caffeine for the focus and energy. So I was missing something like this.


How I felt when taking it:


In the beginning I felt my stomach quite exploding, honestly, you have to think that you’re dropping a creatine bomb inside your stomach, so it takes a while before you get used to that.


But when it does, you really feel a changing, for example: I noticed my muscles were hard all the day (what a good feeling), and yes.. because the water absorbing power of it I looked much bigger in a fast rate.


However, and this was the downside of it, since it is creatine, I had to stop it for 1 month every 2 months, to prevent that my body would get adapted and I had to do more than 1-3 scoops a day. And that is devastating for your body, the more creatine, the more your liver and kidneys have to work, and the problem that could occur is the “overclock” of them, and the possible failure of them.


So, be extremely cautious, don’t over exceed the dose, for your own health.


And the other downside of the creatine was because the fact I stopped it for a month, the water my muscles were absorbing by the creatine, was getting away, I still saw I had a growth, but I was losing a bit of mass ( but I wasn’t mad about it because this wasn’t lean mass), but maybe you could be. So don’t worry, you’ll see, after a while using it, you will have the growth you first saw with the water!


For me, I’m still using this product, and it is the best one.


The only bad thing I can say about it is the taste. It is terrible, it is very acid, and you smell it all the day long, even if you only drink one. It looks like soda, but oh.. in one way, too bad it is so good, else I wouldn’t drink it at all!


But Let’s dig deeper into the Cell Tech product, what is inside, the general opinion,..



What has Cell Tech as ingredients?

Well, the first thing that is pretty sure, it has lots of creatine per serving, 5 grams, so you have no other choice than growing!

The other ingredients are:



-ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid ) – they state that it helps to improve the absorption of creatine and glucose into the muscles.

-Multi Stage Carb Blend

The effects of this combined

I’ve already felt the effects, it’s time to tell the theory behind it.

MuscleTech states that they’ve been researching the role of insulin in muscle-building, and they state that it is in fact the most powerful hormone for the growth of them.

They also state it is so potent it can support the protein synthesis in your skeletal muscle. If it is true or not, I’ll leave that in the middle, I know it is published in a science journal, so I think they could be actually right about that.

Because of that, it suppresses protein degradation and stimulate cellular hydration, it means that your muscles will have more water retention, so faster growth.


Now, I can write a total book of this here, but I think it is better I write this out in a guide later, so you can totally understand it, since this is a review of Cell Tech and not all the science behind.

To make things short:

Insulin is a muscle-growth hormone which promotes protein synthesis, and also the water retention of your muscles.

Doesn’t it sound familiar with creatine? Well I mean the water retention of your muscles.

Insulin makes glucose, you have 2 kinds of them, GLUT-1 and GLUT-4. Now, GLUT-4 is the one we need, since they are dominant and key into making amino acids and creatine.

Now, that is not everything, the more you have in your blood, the more amino acids, nutrients and creatine, and the way you can rise this is by.. lifting weights.

This is because when you do this, your muscle membranes needs more receptors, and the more you have, the more nutrients there will come, more glucose. and eventually, more growth.


To wrap this together in an easy sentence:

When you perform training with this creatine bomb, you already will have more power, you will lift more, which means more insulin, eventually transformed to glucose. and they state – the perfect anabolic storm.


It is a bunch of theory, I know, I hate that part too, I just want to know if it works or not, but in my opinion is, you should know what is behind the product so you’ll better understand the working of it and in the end have the advantage because of that.

Let’s see further into Cell Tech.

Serving size

It comes at 2 sizes, 3 and 6 lb.

If I can give you a tip, I always bought the bigger one, it is a bit more expensive to pay but you’ll get more for a lesser price.


In my opinion, no matter what you’ll choose, it will be an acid taste, but it is up to you which one you’ll choose.

It comes in 3 flavors:

-Fruit Punch ( I always take this one)


-Orange ( tried this one once, it’s strange but it is even more acid and has a kind of sweetness over it )

If I was you, I would take the Fruit Punch, it is the less acid one and is easier to drink it.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

I’m always used to buy it at – click here

The prices there are:

-For the 3lbs. $29.78

-For the 6lbs. $44.97

But you’re not forced to buy it from there if you don’t want, you can always buy it from Amazon as well.

-For the 3lb. the price there is: $29.99

-For the 6lb. $38.64

Time for the general opinion and overall rating

The general opinion about this product is very positive.

People give very good comments about the effects, muscle growth, the recovery rate..

And I also noticed they like the taste ( I don’t at all).

The general ratings are:

Rated flavor rating: 9.4 ( for me it is like a 6).

Effect rating: 9.6

Verified Buyer rating: 8.9/10

The overall rating is 9.4/10

MY PERSONAL OVERALL RATING IS 9.1/10 ( and this is only due to the taste).

My opinion

If you need an additional supplement, to boost your muscle-growth, more creatine and get rid of that empty feeling you could have, and also, to perform very good workouts, this is the supplement you need. In all those years I’ve been using this, it never let me down.


-It is a wonderful product which you will have success

-It has 2 types of high-end quality creatine

-You will notice that your recovery rate will go up, and your muscles bigger


-The taste in my opinion is disgusting

As you see, the only bad thing about it is the taste..


So, don’t hesitate, get it now!

If there’s any question about this product, feel free to ask, if you have a comment, feel free to put it below, also reviews, testimonials are very welcome!




Animal Pump – By Universal – Read before to try!

A pre-workout is an amazing supplement which allows you to perform much better and longer by pumping more oxygen to your muscles, opening your blood veins because of it, and as the result, you grow much better and one step closer to that amazing body you want.


In this post I’m going to review the pre-workout made by Universal: Animal Pump.

What is the product?

As I already stated, it is a pre-workout, to enhance your workout, by giving you a massive pump ( you see the name ), and to grow faster than without supplements.

What do they state?

Animals statement is that when using this product, you’ll have:

The strength and competitive power that athletes have ( they also say it is required for them ).

An improving gym performance

When you’re looking to add mass and strength

Creatine non-responders

I guess you’ll all know this feeling: creatine bloat, with this supplement you won’t have it.

It all sounds good, but is this all true? I’ll come back later in this post to it.

Animal Pump explained

It has the ability to give you massive pumps by adding 2000 mg of nitric oxid boosting ingredients into your body.

What does nitric oxid do to you?

The ingredient makes sure that your body delivers more nutrients to your muscles, and by that, it helps to maximize your lifts and ultimately, your size.

But you have to be careful with it.

It has very good effects but when taking more than the recommended daily dose you could have serious problems.

The problems it could cause is because it over pumps your heart as well while opening your veins ( similar to the red bull effect when it comes to your heart ), so it is like everything, in a small dose it is good, in a big dose, dangerous. They put the dose inside that is really the maximum you can handle, so please don’t add extra scoops if you don’t have the feeling it is working, this supplement is not for you instead.

What else does it have?

It has, like every pre-workout has or should have, creatine, and a good amount of it actually.

Per serving it has 3000 mg of creatine, that is way too good to be true, because this amount really will help you grow.

Once again, be careful when using creatine, you should consider an off period for 1 month after 2-3 months of usage, and drink at least 2 liters of water every day, to prevent kidney, liver, and other health problems, creatine is very good, but it absorbs water in a high rate, so that is the reason to drink lots of water.

Now, what else they have put inside?

it has an energy rush complex, which consist of:

Methylxanthine complex ( caffeine, theophylline and theobromine )



They dosed this at 500 mg per serving, which is good enough, as you noticed, it has caffeine inside, it is really the best pre workout ingredient you can imagine, it gives you the kick, the energy, the focus you need to perform very good in the gym.

I highly recommend that if you drink coffee, you don’t drink too much of it, since as you can see, it has a huge dose of it inside, and too much caffeine can cause serious health problems ( heart attacks, trombone,.. ). So if you drink coffee, drink them without caffeine or limit it at 2-4 a day.

They also put this in Animal Pump:

Antioxidant complex, it has this:

-Grapeseed Extract ( Polyphenols )

– N-Acetyn Cysteine ( NAC )

-Green Tea Leaf Extract

-Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

This has 700mg per serving, which is again, a very good deal.

The positive news about it is that these ingredients are very good for you, antioxidants in general are good, and this blend will make sure your health will be maintained ( the sife effects of the other ingredients will be less).

The remaining ingredients are:


-Ginger root

-Cinnamon Bark Extract

-Fenugreek Seed Extract

-Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract

Universal states that these ingredients together helps the pump transport in your body to your muscles, to maximize the effect.


Now that we know this: let us see:

Serving size

It only has one size actually, and that is 30 packs. Which means, 1 pack a day – is a monthly package.

Where can you buy it and how it costs?

You can buy for the cheapest price from one of the sites below: – the price there is $34.99 – the price is £44.99 – the price there is $34.79

Note: Amazon only delivers in USA and Canada, Bodybuilding worldwide, and Predator is mostly in the EU.

Now it is time for the most important part of this post, what is the overall rating and what is the general review/opinion?

I will split the rating first in a few blocks before coming to the overall rating.

Taste : 7/10 – The score is not to low and not to high, because the taste is neutral, it is not bad, but it really misses some flavor.

Effect: 8/10 – The effects are quite good, you can really feel the pumps, the burning of your vessels coming open, but, there are better ones on the market, however, this depends on from person to person, this one could be it for you, but let me say that for 30 percent they’ll need to look further ( although you can try it).

Result: 9/10 – It is very obviously that the major pump into your muscles, combined with the oxygen into them, you can lift seriously more, even if the effect isn’t too much, you’ll still lift more, so you will gain size.


Verified buyer rating: 8.6/10.


-Very good pump because the nitric oxid for your muscles oxygen

-Has a lot of creatine ( high-quality)

-You actually recover faster because of this

-The burning feeling is something you always want, you know you will break the gym off


-The amount of creatine is something to take account of, drink enough to prevent problems

-The same is for the caffeine, don’t drink too many cups of coffee combined with this

-There are better ones at the market, since some people hardly feel any effects

Lets see the opinion of other people

Like I’ve already mentioned, it really sometimes depends from person to person for the product to work, but in 85 percent of the reviews the people were satisfied about it.

In the other 15 percent people didn’t fell any effect, but still could notice a gain in size.

The taste is something most people agree, it is neutral, but could do with a flavor, but some other ones are terrible, this one is relative good.


I would recommend this product to you, but don’t feel angry or sad if it doesn’t work for you, this can happen and will happen with other supplements as well, but if it works for you, you will feel a growth in musclesize, high-powered workouts, and a very good pump, after a while this could even last the whole day!

So, don’t hesitate, get it now!

If there’s any question, or you have a comment, testimonial or a review, feel free to leave it below, any share is welcome!



Best Superfoods List – The MUST READ guide!

Superfoods, nowadays they’re more popular than ever. Why are they so popular, why is everybody so excited about them? And the most important question of all: Is the hype about it really justified or it is just another scam and scientific proven wrong, and it actually doesn’t do anything?

I will give an in-depth explanation, guide, opinion, and scientific facts about them. And of course, as promised, I will in this Best Superfoods List give like the name say itself, show you what kind of foods is the best to eat.

But before I do that, I’ll explain more about what super foods are and what they do.

Superfoods, the explanation

Superfoods are basically naturally nutrition sources.

They are believed to help to raise your health and immunity level, and to raise your energy.

You can find them in berries and seeds, I can find them in the store just around the corner ( they also have to go with the hype around super foods ).

Now given this, it is time to see what kind of benefits they have!

The benefits of superfoods

I already mentioned they’re good for your health and energy, but Let’s see the total picture of them.

They are good for:


Energy ( they raise it a lot, which means also less fatigue, which is good for your recovery rate as well ).


Immune system ( it is believed they have lots of good bacteria to raise your immune system, and your health, they have good vitamins inside of them ).


It is believed that they also help to burn calories ( they have something inside of them that raises the rate of your metabolism ).


They help your skin to look younger ( super foods have many antioxidants inside of them, antioxidants are believed to help your skin to look up to 10 years younger ).


This one is quite important, they reduce the chance of cancer and are very good of maintaining the health of your heart!



So, as you notice, they have a lot of benefits, and they’re very important because in the world nowadays, the majority of food you find is very, very unhealthy. I don’t need to mention to you about a McDonalds, or something in that kind of food.


They are full of fat, raise your weight, have lots of sugars.. If we think about it, the people that don’t know about the ingredients or don’t care too much, it is not a miracle that the health in general went down.


It would be a mistake however, to think that super foods will restore everything. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good, but, they can’t preserve a healthy life for you alone.


It is like you would go to the gym but instead of eating healthy you would eat burgers and fries all the day, and don’t forget the sodas that you drink with them.


Superfoods have a lot of benefits, but they only can unleash their potential if you want to change your lifestyle combined with using them!


So I really recommend to you when you use them, you also need to eat healthy, you should sport ( I’m not talking to body build or so ), but you really need to perform exercise, walking 5 kilometers is a very good beginning for example.


They are supplements, supplements means that they help you but still you need to do the work, they won’t work by themselves!


Knowing this now, Let’s see which kind of ingredients are inside of them.


The ingredients of superfoods

Of course, they vary from product to product, but they have kinda the same working effect.

Let’s view the ingredients inside:

They have a large amount of vitamins inside.




Amino Acids

All of these ingredients combined give a very huge health advantage, and its a perfect mix to keep your body in a very good shape.

So, with this in mind, it is time to see which kinds of super foods there are, and after that, you’ll see the list I made with the best super foods for you!

The types of superfoods

As you know, superfoods are a natural product, so the only thing you’ll find here are vegetables/fruit.

You have different types of super food:

Green super foods

Fruit and nuts

Herb super foods

The other remaining kinds of superfoods that don’t belong to any of above.

I will list now per category which kind of super foods you can have:

Green superfoods

green superfoods

This group is called like this because those are the green vegetables which contains lots of vitamins, proteins, minerals and healthy bacteria. Those are:









Barley Grass

There are lots of these as you can see, now it is time for the next category

Fruits and nuts

They have the skills to help with killing bad bacteria, the list is a very long one, so I will keep it here with the most common/important ones:

Acai Berries


Cranberries ( not the famous singing group of the Zombie song )

Goji Berries



Maqui Berries


Raw cacao

Coconut products

There are plenty more of them, but these really help you very good and you have a wide range of variety.

The next category of superfoods is:

Herb superfoods

I think you can already guess what kind of superfoods is placed under this category, healthy herbs with plenty of vitamins inside of them. It is also believed that they have so medical properties.

Some of these herbs superfoods are:

Nettle ( yes when you’re in contact with your skin with them, they burn, but they’re very healthy)

Aloe Vera



Devil’s Claw


Ginkgo Biloba


Star Anise


Again, a huge variety to try to eat.

And the last category, well, category, is the other kind of superfoods.

Other superfoods

These superfoods come from bees, such as honey, and also seaweed ( you have many kinds of them ), belongs to the super food category.

Now, by knowing this, I’m going to make a best superfood list, which will contain 5 superfoods.

Why only 5? I will write down below the ones that, when combined, are perfect for the overall health for your body.


Top 5 superfoods you really need to take

Acai berries

These berries are very sweet, they have a purple color.

They’re full of antioxidants, have lots of fibers and also has a huge amount of vitamin C inside of them.

That is why they give you a very good energy boost, they let you sleep much better, and very important, they’re very good for the health of your heart.


Goji berries

They’re also called Wolfberry fruit, they help to slow down the aging process naturally, so no need for synthetic things!

Goji berries contains a lot of vitamin C, which is vital for your immune system, they also help you for having a healthy heart and they have a protective effect for your liver.


Hemp seeds

This kind of superfoods are very good for your heart and brain function, it is a complete protein on its own, and it has omega-3 and omega-6 inside of it.

They also contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Hennep seeds are full of antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E.


Chia seeds

These are very tiny seeds, but they’re full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins.

Thanks to this blend, the chance of osteoporosis ( the calcium of your bones disappearing ), is reduced dramatically.

They are also good for your blood vessels, and the health of your heart because of that, they have antioxidants inside, which slows down the aging process.

And you can go better to the toilet because of them.

Last but not least, your stomach gets full fast with them, and you lose easily weight!


This is probably the best superfood when it comes to detoxification, it is a single-celled water algae, with super properties.

It has enzymes, fibers, proteins, astaxanthin,..

The most important part of it, is the cleaning effect it has on the body.



These 5 superfoods together will get your body in a very healthy way, if its for a healthy lifestyle or for fitness/bodybuilding, they will certainly give you and advantage than you wouldnt take them.

It has been scientifically proven that the superfoods I listed and explained to you really has a good benefit for you.

Whenever you want to start with them, or you wasn’t convinced, don’t hesitate, they help you maintain your health, or even they can make it better.


If there’s any question about superfoods, or you have a comment about it, or you want to know more, feel free to comment below, and I will answer any of them.








Evl Test – By Evlution Nutrition – READ BEFORE TO TRY!

Testosterone boosters, there are lots of researches to the benefits of it, and if it is a scam or not, either they work or a waste of money, because they could be placebo’s ( which means the effects are only mentally, you THINK they work but they DON’T AT ALL ).

Now, about the subject, I’ve already written a guide about it, and you can find it here.

In this post, I’m going to dig deeper into the EVL Test product made by Evlution Nutrition.

About Evlution Nutrition

It is possible you didn’t hear about this brand yet, I didn’t hear about them until a few months ago, which was kind of shocking for me, because they’re actually big, as I see how many things they sell and how many people already bought them.

Their mission, as they say it themselves, is to support people in any way they want to achieve their body, if it is for fitness, bodybuilding, grow their muscles, have a better health, or maintain it.

One of these products is the EVL Test, it is a testosterone booster, let us see how good it is and if it does what they promise to you.

EVL Test, the review

So, as already told, it is a testosterone booster, they claim their product raises your strength, it promotes your stamina level, and also your recovery rate.

They also claim that when using it, your sleep will be optimal, thus having more recovery, and more muscle growth.

The ingredients that make this possible

They use some special ingredients together to have all those claims going to work:

D-Aspartic Acid – this ingredient supports testosterone levels and it leutenise hormone production.


Tribulus Extract – you probably already heard about the tribulus terrestius – this also increases testosterone levels.


Fenugreek – this is a source that provides more strength ( they claim ultra-high strength ), it has 50 percent saponins inside of it, it also support the testosterone complex, and also the antioxidant levels in the product.


DIM ( the full name is DIindolymethane ) – is a source from some vegetables, like cauliflower and kale, and in in-vitro studies it is suggested that it supports metabolism of the estrogen hormone.


Zinc – as worldwide known, it is a powerful antioxidant which plays a key role in many physiological functions, it support the zinc already in your body, and because of that, your hormone level will be balanced and well maintained ( so you don’t suffer of low levels of testosterone ).


Magnesium Aspartate – it is a high absorbable form of Magnesium, it support the activation of enzymes and/or a number of physiological functions, which includes the neuromuscular contractions, and cellular energy, and it also helps with the relaxation of your muscles.


And they also added Vitamin B6 as the final ingredient – this is known to support the production of melatonin, which is worldwide known to aids the healthy sleep, and it support the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, these 2 have a huge impact on your mood.



All these ingredients combined should give that effect as they claim. But is that really true?

Although they say it has proven results, I wanted to see by myself if it is really true.

Serving size

It has 3 different kinds of serving sizes:

30 servings


56 servings


120 servings


If I can make a recommendation to you, if you want to have the most out of it for the cheapest price, I would go for the 120 servings!

Does it work or not?

Well, let me explain it, I started to take it, in the first days, I didn’t notice anything, but really nothing.

This gave me a more skeptic feeling about this product, but I know that sometimes it could take a while before a product starts to kick in, and give the desired effects, so I didn’t stop ( which is crucial, even when you don’t feel anything the first weeks, even not the first month, never stop using it, because you never know ), and after a week of 3-4, the effects actually started to kick in!

The effects I felt were:

Less fatigue ( I have a very busy schedule so I really felt the difference ).


I had more drive ( the beast in the bed was back, since I had a low level in testosterone in that time ).


I felt my muscles bigger, they were like pumped all the time ( what a good feeling is that ).


I could lift heavier, in the beginning it wasn’t too much, but the more time passed, the more I could lift, only I had to be careful not to go to far ( to prevent injuries ).


And my stamina went up so I could do more and longer exercises ( and there isn’t any other way to grow then of course).

So, my personal view/opinion is: IT WORKS!








As I said earlier, it is cheaper when you buy the biggest serving.

The prices are:

At Amazon:

At Bodybuilding:


30 servings: $34.99


56 servings: $19.99


120 servings : $34.99

As you notice, the bigger, the cheaper. You really should do this!

Pros and cons


You get much more energy


Your stamina rises a lot


Your sex drive goes up big way ( testosterone gets a huge boost )


Because your hormone levels rises that much, you get a very big grow.


The combination of the ingredients make a very powerful mix for the goal you want to achieve



It is a bit expensive


It can take a while before the effects starts to kick in


And no more cons – which is very positive


As you notice, it is a very good product if you want to grow, and you want to sleep good and very deep ( which is necessary if you want to achieve maximum success), the only downside is that is a bit expensive and it can take a while before the effects are starting to kick in.





Let’s see what other people think about it



I’m not used to put other peoples reviews here, but from now on I will do it, because it is more convincing and trustworthy.

The majority of the people say the same, 90 percent give it a rating 9.8/10.

The other 10 percent gives it between 7.5 and 9.5/10.

The general rating for the flavor is: 9.4/10

The verified buyer rating is: 8.6/10.

My own overall rating of this product is 9.4/10

The EVL Test compared to other products

I have to say that this product compared to other ones, it certainly has its place between it, I actually put this one in the top-class of testosterone boosters.

What is the only downside to other ones that are a bit better is the effect time, but if you have the patience, this product wont let you down.

Ending conclusion

Testosterone boosters are key into muscle promotion, rise your stamina and recovery rate.

EVL Test is one of the best you can get in this class, and if you really want to gain, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO HAVE THIS PRODUCT. Don’t hesitate, act now!


If you have any questions, reviews, testimonials or any comment of this post, feel free to write them below, I will answer all of them, and I will be very happy to see your progress towards your goal.







Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA – MUST read review

Optimum Nutrition is one of the largest – maybe the largest brand when it comes to the bodybuilding and fitness branch.

They have lots of supplements to help you whatever your goal is, what you want to achieve, and they claim that the products they produce, are the best to reach it.

I’ve been watching a lot of sites and comments of this product, and I was very curious about what they actually could do. There are thousands, literary thousands of reviews, comments and more about there products, so obviously it couldn’t go unnoticed by me.

Today I’m going to review one of the more popular products of them, the Optimum Nutritiok Gold Standard BCAA, and I’ll tell you if this is a good one or it is overrated and not worth it.

Let’s begin by explaining what BCAA’s are.

Before I’m going to dig deeper in the product, first I want to explain to you what BCAA’s are, because maybe some of you are new into this, so that you fully understand what it actually does.

BCAA’s are Branched-Chain Amino Acids, they are key for the muscle protein synthesis, which means you gain muscles, and also maintain it, what is also a benefit because of it, is that you recover faster and you won’t get an injury fast.

Now knowing this, let us see what the Gold Standard really is.

The product

Gold Standard BCAA is like it says, it is essential for the recovery, growth, and promotion of gaining muscles by increasing the synthesis of the protein inside your muscles, so it actually is a kind of post workout.

But, also like Optimum states, you can take them before your workout, to have more energy and more focus during workouts, which again, increases your growth, and your endurance.

However, personally, I’ve always been taking it after the training, it works much better for me in that way, but I think that is from person to person.

What is inside of it


Per serving it has 5 grams of BCAA inside, it has a blend of electrolytes, which the main role is to provide the protein synthesis of the muscles.


It also has Rhodiola, for those who doesn’t know what it is, it supports your endurance level, so actually, you can work out longer, because the pain of the exercises comes later.


And it has Wellmune, it is an immune supporting ingredient, when you have heavy workouts, your body needs all the cells to be repaired, and thus, sending all the nutrients and vitamins to your muscles, which could make you vulnerable to sickness, with this ingredient, it will prevent that issue.


And what is more: it only has 10 calories, which means you don’t have to worry at all about gaining weight or fat win.


Serving size:

It has one serving size:


28 servings


I will come later to the price of it.


As each branch of supplements has a flavor, also this one has:

GS BCAA Cranberry Lemonade


GS BCAA Fruit Punch


GS BCAA Strawberry Kiwi ( I don’t know how it can taste good )


GS BCAA Watermelon ( I love watermelon, but not this one )


Now, about the taste:


The product is full with BCAA’s, I’ve been trying it like this, the powder version, but also the tablet version.

The tablets are terrible of taste, but I have to say, the powder shakes are also very bad of taste.

They taste very bitter and I’m always happy when I drunk it. But the thing is that you can’t miss them, even when the taste is horrible, you need them, otherwise you’ll have a lot of issues coming over you.


At Amazon, the price is:



Also, $29.99, or €34.02

Note: Amazon Only ships into USA and Canada, ships worldwide.

Time for the reviews in general


The general reviews of the product are totally positive, from 8.8 to 9.2.

The people say that this product gives them that feeling to perform longer, to perform better, their recovery is much better, and in the end, The total growth of their muscles is so much better than before.

Knowing these reviews, I’m gonna wrap the pros and cons together below.

The pros and cons about this supplement.



The quality of BCAA is very good, it is blended with 4 high quality ones, it is the best one available.


The growth of your muscles is promoted by a big deal after a little time into workouts already.


-You can perform much longer into the gym than you could ever imagined before the usage of this one.


Optimum is the biggest brand in the branch, and they really manage to show it with this product, it is really impressive.




The taste, no matter which one you try, it is unbelievable awful, terrible, and really horrible, I found it very hard to swallow, I know, BCAA’s are very bitter of taste ( doesn’t matter if you try it with this one or other ones, shake or tablets, but even they try to camouflage it, I sometimes felt the vomiting feeling after drinking it, but yes, BCAA’s are so necessary, so that kept me going to drink it ).


It seems that lately they changed something to their receipt, which made the effect a little lower, I don’t know what they changed, Optimum states that they upgraded it, but I didn’t try it since, but regarding other peoples mentions, the upgrade didn’t have the desired effect ( and the taste is even more horrible ).


So, in overall, even when they changed the formula a bit, and the taste is even more terrible because of it, in my opinion, this one is the ONE TO BUY IF YOU WANT TO PERFORM BETTER AND HARDER IN THE GYM, AND YOU WANT TO GROW HARD, AND RECOVER FAST!





My overall rating of this product, even when it comes to the taste:



A little note about something else:

I had a question recently before I started to write this post, if proteins didn’t have the kinda same effect as BCAA’s.

They don’t have the same effects, their structure is totally different, I wrote a full post/guide of proteins, and you can find it here.

Ending conclusion:


This is the product to buy, Optimum again proved why they are the number one in the branch, why they are the biggest one.

They research every ingredient, every product very careful, so they can deliver very high quality to their customers, and in my opinion, they succeed very good in it. Optimum is my favorite brand since I tried them, and I do highly recommend all of you to at least try it!


If you want to leave a comment, question or review ( testimonial ), of this product, feel free to leave them below, I will be happy to answer and respond to you!







MusclePharm Combat – read this weight gainer review before to try!

MusclePharm is one of the big brands out there in the fitness and bodybuilding world, they make some very good products, some works better for me than others, but that is something from person to person.

Today I’m going to review the MusclePharm Combat weight gainer.

Where to buy:

First of all: what is a weight gainer?

This is quite easily to answer, a weight gainer is a powder shake you take to, well the name say it all, gain weight.

In my example it is very hard to gain weight from the food I eat alone. I have a very huge metabolism rate and even when I eat a lot, the chance is big I actually lose weight!

So to prevent that, I started to grab some weight gainers, I tried a few of them ( more reviews of more weight gainers from other brands are coming soon), and some worked better for me than others.

But in overall, normally you have to win weight when using them.

By knowing this, let’s review this product.

It is obviously for weight gaining, but the quality of the product really depends on from brand to brand. I tried many, and some are a waste of money. Let’s see if this is one of them or it is a piece of quality.

MusclePharm states that the Combat Weight Gainer is one of the best available and your muscles get much more than they need.

But is that true?

Let us see first what is inside:

The ingredients of Combat Weight Gainer

Let’s start with what is the most important thing of a weight gainer, how many calories there are in each serving.

This one has 1270 calories per serving, which is a huge amount, since other ones are around 600-1000 per serving.

So, as you can notice, if you take 2 a day, you already have the recommended daily value of calorie intake!

But I suggest that you start by taking 1 a day. I say this because of my personal experience, I wanted to gain fast so I took 2-3 servings a day, bur the only thing that will grow is your belly, EVEN with proper workouts, so it is better for you and your health ( think about your cholesterol also, gaining too much too fast is not recommended ), I suggest like I mentioned, you start with 1, to get your body adapted.

What else they put inside?

As every mass gainer has also, this one has a bunch of proteins. It contains a very good amount of 50 grams per serving, has 4 different kinds of proteins blended in it, to, what they claim, build your muscles in a decent and fast way, so you can be the beast in the gym soon. The only thing I miss in that is that it doesn’t contain ISOLATED whey, however, if you take a proper protein shake, it isn’t necessary since you will already have your daily portion because of that in your body.

It else contains 252 grams of complex carbohydrates, if that is too much for you, you can take fewer carbs from the food, let me give an example of low carb food:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Salmon
  • Broccoli
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes

And there are plenty more of them. So as you see, there is not any problem finding low carb food combined with this shake, that has a quite high percentage inside, but it is very good for you!

It also gives you sustained energy, to workout and also for the recovery of your body, which is essential.

As usual, I state that you have to drink plenty of water when you want to use this product, like say, at least 2 liters of water every day!

Serving size

They have the Combat supplement in a few sizes:

6 Lb. and 12 lb.

As you can think, the 6 is in a container, the 12 in a big sack.


The flavors are:

  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Vanilla
  • Banana Cream
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Triple Berry
  • Cappuccino

Honestly, the taste is not so good, there are other weight gainers that are even worse, but this one is, I’m going to say it like this: it really gives a bit of a powder taste, with flavor, also you need to shake it very, very good so it doesn’t form hard clots and there aren’t powder pieces swimming around. This made that my rating went down, because seeing this in my shake, wasn’t helping my appetite. I don’t know if it is with every taste, but I always did vanilla, and always it was the same.

It is time to value it, the pros and contras

As a weight gainer, it does it job very good, so, I have no bad words about that.


  • Because the high calorie intake, you will gain weight very fast, just be sure to workout to prevent problems.
  • It has 4 sources of protein inside, which are from high quality, it helps to grow your muscles very fast, and it promotes the recovery rate of them, which benefit is that you can train longer, harder, and heavier.
  • The price is not so expensive for what you get.
  • It has 252 grams of complex carbs, and again, it is very good.
  • You have the choice between many tastes.


    • It has a huge amount of calories, don’t take more than 1 in the beginning, or you’ll end up with a fat belly instead of good-looking muscles


  • The taste could have been better, it tastes to powder with flavor, so that is a kinds of minus for me, even you have worse ones, they should consider doing something about it.
  • If you don’t shake it hard for a minute, you get clots, and you can’t drink it anymore because it looks and behave like cement, you can’t swallow it anymore because it is so thick if not shaken properly.
  • It has lots of carbs, even they are complex, they are in a large number inside of it, if it is too much for you, you need to eat food that is low carb.
  • It doesn’t have isolated whey, it isn’t actually necessary if you do it with a protein shake, but if you want to have a weight gainer that has it, it is not this one you’re looking for

In overall, I give MusclePharm Combat an 8.2/10.


I give this high score because even with the bad taste and the chance of the powder being sticky, it is a really good one and I recommend it to you!


For the 6 lb. : $26.66

For the 12 lb. : $47.44

As you see, you can have a good saving if you buy the 12lb., let us say, 15-20 percent!

Ending conclusion

If you’re looking for a weight gainer that gives you easily the amount of the daily calories, the necessary protein, and a high amount of complex carbs, if it is to gain weight, to build muscles, or to grow fast, you MUST try this product.


If there’s any question, or comment or testimonial you want to share here, feel free, and I will send you back an answer as soon as possible!