Stacked Protein Gainer – By Evlution Nutrition – Another Masterpiece

In this post we’re going to review the Stacked Protein Gainer by Evlution Nutrition.

We’ve already reviewed some other supplements of them, and all of them are of very high quality.

The supplement we’re about to review is a Mass Gainer, and we were curious how big the chance was that this is another masterpiece by them. You will find out later in this post!



The following topics we’re going to review:


– What is this supplement

– What has it inside

– Which kind of flavors does it have

– The general opinion

– The overall rating, followed by my personal rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared with similar supplements

– Why should you buy it and the benefits

– The serving size

– Where to buy and the price

– Ending conclusion



What is this product?



It is a weight gainer, which actually has lots of calories inside of it. The main goal is of course to gain weight, however, they have to blend it the way you gain but don’t increase too much of fat and cholesterol. You also don’t want a bloated feeling, and getting a belly. So the brands have to make sure they put good proteins, clean calories, and sufficient nutrients in it so you can perform good in the gym, win weight, but in a proper weight. Later you will see if Evlution Nutrition done this right.

Let us take a look first what is inside.

The ingredients of the supplement


It has the following ingredients:

– 1250 calories, this is a lot, but you will gain, for sure. If you say it is too much, don’t worry, don’t serve the recommended daily amount, and serve a bit less, to have a good win weight, but not that you would have the risk of getting fat


– 50 grams of Ultra-Premium Protein – We don’t need to tell you how important proteins are, and the cleaner the better. You will get that beautiful lean look because of it


– 10 grams of Glutamine

– 26 grams of naturally occurring EAAs

– 12 grams of BCAAs

– 6 grams Leucine



These ingredients, combined when you train, have the following effects:

– More muscle growth

– Better muscle recovery

– Prolonged protein synthesis

– Improved muscle strength


The other ingredients are:

– 125 mg of Cholesterol

– 250 grams of Carbohydrate

– 328 mg Calcium

– 1 mg Iron

– 390 mg Sodium


Later you will see if it works or not.

It is time to see the flavors!



The flavors of this supplement



Stacked Protein Gainer comes with following flavors:

– Chocolate Decadence

– Vanilla Ice Cream



I don’t like chocolate, but I’ve been hearing and was reading this flavor is good. Now, I prefer vanilla honestly.

Let’s see what the people think about this product!



The general opinion and our opinion




The majority of the people are satisfied and gives high scores for this product, for the most people this product lets them win weight on a good rate, with not too much fat coming with it.


The people are happy about the taste, but the Vanilla one is more favorite than the Chocolate, we noticed. Also, it is easy to mix, no jitters, normally when you have a weight gainer with lots of calories there could be a problem with the mixing. It is not with this one.


The effects are also good, the weight gain, strength, recovery, it all improves. But again, when you take it for the first time, don’t over exceed, even when you’re skinny, you could get a belly.

In overall, this product makes the most people satisfied, and we can say the same about it.


It is not the best weight gainer available, but it is a top-class product nevertheless.

Now it is time to put these opinions into the overall rating!


The overall rating


Effect Rating: 9.2/10

Result Rating: 9.4/10

Flavor Rating: 8.6/10

Top Rated Flavor: 9.1/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.2/10

Price/Quality: 9.4/10

Overall Rating: 9/10                        My Personal Overall Rating: 9.3/10

This is a top product, you won’t be sorry when you buy and take it, for us the reason we didn’t give a 9.5+ score is the fact it has many calories inside. Why? You will read it in the next chapter -pros and cons-.


The pros and cons of this product




– Very good ingredients

– The blend is of high quality, which makes sure you will gain weight the right way

– Better recovery, more strength, more size ( lean mass)

– The flavors are good

– Easy to mix

– The price




– We don’t like so many calories in a serving, it is easy, certainly for hard gainers, to take more than necessary, so you could end up with a fat belly.

But in overall, this is a very good product, more than suitable to help you.

This product compared with similar ones



Compared to the Clean Gainer Protein by Rivalus: – click here for this review

The Clean Gainer is better compared to this one, simply because it has less calories, which means less chance of unwanted fat, and the price.. well nothing can beat that price. For the rest they are equal, however, this product is easier to mix than the Rivalus one.



Compared to the Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition: – click here for this review

The Pro Gainer is slightly less, and more expensive, yes it has less calories, but the price is a down, plus it isn’t easy to mix.

If you have the money available and you don’t care about heavy mixing, this could be the product for you, since it actually has high-end quality ingredients.


Compared to the Combat XL by Muscle Pharm: – click here for this review

Well, this is no match for the Stacked one of Evlution Nutrition, too many calories for the beginning, too many carbs, the flavors aren’t so good, they actually taste like powder, unlike to the Stacked one, which is much better.

And the same thing about the mixing, it isn’t fun to do it.

But in the end, it does what they promise, you will gain weight and strength. But it isn’t our favorite.

Let us show you why you have to buy this product ( the benefits included).



Why should you buy it, and what are the benefits?


I think after reading the opinion and the rating, we highly recommend you to at least try this supplement. Not only it is one of the best mass gainers out there, you will have good benefits (advantages) when you take them, such as: increased strength, endurance, recovery, size, if you take it at the normal dose you will gain lean muscle. So all these advantages will help your body to reach that goal easier because the push it receives.


Now, we’re talking about dosage, we will show you what the best dosage is for this product: 4 scoops in 18-20 oz. of water or milk, only 1 time daily. If it is too much for you, you can easily add one or two scoops less so you won’t have a bad or totally full feeling with it. When you train, use it 30 to 45 minutes AFTER your training, so your muscles will receive everything they need.



Serving size



The supplement comes with following sizes:

– 1 Lb. (Amazon only)

– 2 Lb. (Amazon only)

– 4 Lb. (Amazon only)

– 7 Lb.

The prices and where to buy it



To buy it at click here

The price there is: $39.99


To buy it from – click below –

The prices here are:

– For the 1 Lb.: $10.49

– For the 2 Lb.: $24.99

– The 4Lb.: $34.99

– For the 7 Lb.: $34.99


Don’t as me why Amazon put the same price for them both, since they really give no answers about that.

The ending conclusion



We have reached the end of this review, were we tried to show you everything you need and what you need to know about the products benefits, good points, bad points, if it is a good one and more.



As you noticed, this one is one of the top-class weight gainers available, so we really have to say that Evlution Nutrition made another masterpiece ( it looks like every supplement they make is one of the best, and for that price it is really unbelievable, many brands are far more expensive and less good than this one, so a very big wow for that).



If you really want to gain fast and good, this supplement us for you, just be careful not to overdose it, and if you’re a beginner of this kind of supplements, maybe try to lower the scoops a day, from 4 to 2, and see what happens, the thing you don’t want is to end up with a belly, because getting rid of that is very hard, and maybe you need to buy fat burners, which are somewhat expensive, and the effort you make, was useless, and you could lose your courage ( been there, done that).


So, be careful about that, and you will be fine with this product.


If you have any question, comment, or you want to share your experience with us, feel free to put it in the comment box below!



JetMASS – By GAT Sport – Is it worth buying

In this post we’re going to review the supplement made by GAT Sport: JetMASS. We will show you if it is a good product, what it is, what is inside, the overall rating, our opinion, and much more.

The following chapters we’re going to review:


– What is this product

– What is inside ( the ingredients)

– Which are the flavors

– The general opinion

– The overall rating

– Compared to similar products

– Why should you buy it or not

– Serving size

– How much does it cost and where to buy it

– The ending conclusion


What is this product?



With the name you could think this is a weight gainer, but it actually isn’t.

This is a creatine product ( a post workout), which supports your muscles after training, helps the recovery rate, increasing and strength.

Later in this post we will discuss if it is a good one or not.



Which ingredients does it have

The following ingredients can be found inside ( per serving):

– 60 calories

– 13 grams of Carbohydrate

– 3 mg Sugar

– 100 mg Vitamin C

– 4.2 mg of Vitamin B6

– 15 mcg of Vitamin B12

– 25 grams of Calcium

– 55 grams Phosphorus

– 65 mg Sodium

– 60 mg Potassium

– 5 grams of Creapure ( Creatine Monohydrate)

– 1 gram of L-Glutamine

– 1 gram of Waxy Maize

– 1 gram of Modified Food Starch

– 500 mg of L-Leucine

– 250 mg of L-Isoleucine

– 250 mg of L-Valine

– 250 mg Glycine

– 225 mg of Taurine

– 100 mg of L-Arginine

-100 mg of L-Lysine HCI

– 100 mg Beta-Alanine



Else GAT also put a blend in it, which is called the JetMASS Natural Support Blend, consisting of:

– Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract

– Acai Berry Extract

– Cinnamon Bark Powder ( you won’t change into a dog with this, don’t worry)

– Citrus Bioflavonoids

– Ginger Root

– Mangosteen Fruit Rind Extract



Later in this post you wil see which kind of benefits these ingredients together and if they actually work.

First it is time for the flavors.



The flavors of this product



The following flavors can be found:

– Black Cherry

– Orange Creme

– Tropical Ice

Personally, I love the Tropical Ice, it has something refreshing in the flavor.



The general reception



Let us see how this supplement is being commented and reviewed by many other customers.

And what we can say, is that this supplement has lots of positive feedback, people are happy about the strength, size and recovery this product brings.

They’re also happy about the amount of time before you notice effects and results, also the price you have to pay for this product can count on positive feedback.

The flavors are very good, you won’t have any bad aftertaste after it.

Our opinion is that JetMASS is one of the best post workouts available.

Let us take a look to the ratings.



The overall rating, followed by our personal rating

Effect Rating: 9.7/10

Results Rating: 9.5/10

Flavor Rating: 9.7/10

Price/Quality: 9.7/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.8/10

Overall Rating: 9.6/10                                My Personal Overall Rating: 9.5/10

As you see, this product is one of the best you can get.



Why should you buy it and which benefits does it has



This product has good benefits, which are:

– It will replenish muscle nutrients for faster growth

– It will support muscle anabolism and recovery

– This product contains electrolytes and PH buffers to combat DOMS

This means you will get a better body in a quite shortly time.



This product compared to similar ones


It is one of the best post workouts out there, so it has not really sensed to compare it with other ones. What we will do is put similar ones here to give you the choice between the best post workouts.


The first product is BCAA Energy by Evlution Nutrition:


This contains lots of BCAA’s ( 5 grams), with a 2:1:1 ratio.

The supplement will give you also the similar effects as the JetMASS, and the price is similar to it. So these 2 are really equally good.


The second supplement: The Post Jym Active Matrix by Jym Supplement Matrix:



This is a very good product, which has almost all the same ingredients, only thing which is different is the BioPerine.

These are also equals.

We showed you 2 similar products, and those 3 are the best of the best.

Let us take a look to the serving sizes.



The serving sizes



The product comes at these sizes:

– 30 servings ( they say you can take up to 4 servings per day ( which is 1 scoop per serving). Take this 5-7 days in a row, when you begin using it. Take it 30 minutes before or after your workout ( I suggest taking it after the training).



Where to buy it and the prices


You can buy it at following places:

To buy it at click here

The price is $29.99

To buy it at – click below –

The price there is $26.95


We came to the end of this review, time for the ending conclusion!



The ending conclusion



As we showed you, all the ingredients GAT put together, are really good and they really work well together. You will get more strength, size, better recovery, which is needed when performing (hard) exercises. Now, we know there are lots of products out there, but this one is top class!

Before we forget, we didn’t put the pros and cons, so by this:




– High end quality ingredients

– More pump, no jitters

– No crash after it

– Easy to mix

– The taste is very tasty

– The results comes fast with this product

– Less time to recover, which means you can train more often and harder.




– We tried to look for one, but didn’t find anything, sorry for the inconvenience.

So by saying this, if you want to grow good, you need a good post workout, if you want to become a beast, you need the best supplements for that.

This one will help you in that goal, we have tried it, and thousands of people before us also did, there were no mixed comments and negative reviews about it, we also didn’t find anything ( we did our best), we are confident that you won’t be disappointed by this product of GAT.

This is a German brand, and the Germans are good in making things.

Don’t hesitate, go for it!

If there’s any question, comment, or you have tried this product before or you’re still using it, please share it with us by putting it in the comment box below.

Don’t forget, don’t overdose this product, it has creatine inside of it, too much of it can cause serious damage to your kidneys, liver, and ultimately has a chance of serious long term effects. Don’t use it when you’re suffering of any disease which can affect your heart, kidneys and liver. And also, drink at least 2 liters of water every day when you consume this product, creatine is a water retention product, so provide your body with enough water to keep it healthy!



VITA JYM – By JYM Supplement Science – Is it a good multivitamin

In this post we will discuss the review of the VITA JYM, which is made by JYM Supplement Science, we have tested this one and we will share our experiences with you, and also what other people think about it, to let you see if it is a good product, if you will have benefits because of this, if there are side effects, and much more.


The following topics we’re going to discuss:


– What is this product

– Which are the ingredients of this

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– Overall rating, followed by our personal rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to similar supplements

– Should you buy it or not, and which benefits does it have

– Serving size

– The price and where to buy it

– Ending conclusion



What is this product?



This is a multivitamin supplement, but it is a bit different from many other ones, later in this post you will find out why.

The supplement will help you to maintain your health, providing nutrients ( vitamins and minerals) to your muscle, bones and other parts of your body, which helps to boost your immune system, your recovery rate, energy, and much more!

So let us show you what is inside of this product!


The ingredients of the supplement

The following can be found inside ( it has 25 ingredients, which is one of the few supplements which has so many)


– 3000 mcg of Vitamin A – this gives a huge benefit when it comes to maintaining the health of your skin, eyes, teeth, bones. It helps to recover faster and help in the growth of your muscle.


– B Complex 100 – this contains 100 mg of B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 ( Panthothenic Acid), B6 ( Pyridoxine), 500 – 1000 mcg of B12, 400 mcg of Folic Acid, and 300 mcg of Biotin. This together makes that your body will get that kind of energy it needs to perform exercises.


– 250 mg of Vitamin C – this vitamin has a lot of antioxidant benefits, it increases your immune system, it also enhances your collagen formation.


The other benefits of this are: Increased fat loss and increasing of the nitric oxygen, which mean more growth and more lean muscle


– 400 IU of Vitamin E – It is vital for your muscle recovery


– 120 mcg of Vitamin K2- It is a vital vitamin for enabling certain enzymes to function in your body.


This has the following effects: Fixed calcium in bones, and a higher testosterone production


– 3 mg of Boron – This supports free testosterone, more free testosterone, means more muscle growth


– 200 mcg of Chromium Picolinate – It is a mineral which is crucial for a healthy insulin function and metabolism.


It helps for fat loss and muscle growth.


– 3 mg of Copper – This mineral is essential for the maintenance for your bones, nerves, cardiovascular health, and your immune function.

It helps for the energy production, as well the oxygen transport of Iron. It also could increase hormone growth, but we are not convinced about this statement yet ( need more research for that)


– 18 mg of Iron – Iron is a critical mineral for oxygen delivery towards your muscles, so it is vital for your performance.


– 150 mcg of Iodine – This is critical for maintaining a normal, healthy thyroid function.


– 2.3 mg of Manganese – Is a very important mineral for numerous functions in the body, it helps to maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients and the formation of bones


– 45 mcg of Molybdenum – This helps to the energy production and is critical for the waste process of your kidneys


– 200 mcg Selenium – This mineral helps to maintain normal, healthy thyroid hormone levels and it is vital for your immune function, it also supports the maintenance of your liver function


– 100 mg of Potassium – This mineral/electrolyte is important for nerve conduction and muscle contraction


– 5 mcg of Nickel – This mineral is known to aid your iron absorption and utilization in your body, it also enhances bone health


– 2 mg of Silicon – This supports hair and nail health, it also is important in bone and collagen formation


– 10 mcg of Vanadium – This mineral is important for optimizing the effects of insulin, which helps muscle growth and fat loss


– 5 mg of Bioperine – Is a patented extract of the fruit of black pepper, this has the benefit it will increase the intake of the other ingredients and other supplements, the absorption will increase from 30 to 2000 percent.


These are all the ingredients included, but they didn’t include some ingredients, which you will find in other multivitamins, such as:


– Zinc

– Calcium

– Magnesium

– Phosphorus

They did this to prevent you will have too many levels of it in your body, and it could cause conflicts with the other ingredients, and the following things could happen:

– Less muscle growth, less bone health, lower testosterone levels, bad kidney health.


The study about it can be found here.


The flavors


This product doesn’t have any flavors.


The general opinion about this supplement



What can we say? The response towards this supplement is overwhelming positive. Most of the people and the comments are saying it is one, or maybe it is the best multivitamin in the entire industry and world. And we have to add this, the fact that they didn’t put ingredients just to put them and have it looks like it is a major multivitamin, and in fact because of this there are no risks of having an overdose, is the best plus of this supplement! You know what you will get in it, they dosed everything very well, and it is perfectly fit for what your body needs ( a surplus means you would pee it out anyway, waste of money), you won’t have it with this one.


So, not only us, but the big, big majority of the people think the same: no other similar product is been able to beat it.


Overall rating



Knowing how good this product is, let us see how good people rated it and how much it gets from us:


Effect Rating: 9.6/10

Result Rating: 9.6/10

Flavor Rating: N/A

Price/Quality Rating: 9.8/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.7/10

Overall Rating: 9.7/10                My Personal Overall Rating: 9.8/10


This is really the best multivitamin you’ll find on the market, no doubt about it.


Pros and cons




– The blend and dosage are superior

– High quality ingredients

– They made the product so you won’t have any side effects, and the ingredients which could be harmful are not included

– With this product you will conquer every goal you set





– We actually didn’t found any..


This supplement compared to similar ones



Normally we always compare a supplement with 3 similar ones to show you the differences about them, what is better or worse in the other ones. Now, since we and actually all the other people we have seen and watching all the comments, we are totally convinced there is not any better multivitamin out there, the VITA Jym really outmatches all of them. We area fan of the supplements of JYM, but not all of them score high, this is the best one they made, and it is a masterpiece. It would be a waste of time for you to read a comparing list, which actually has nothing to do anymore, since this one is unique in its class, everybody who tried this one never want to use another one anymore.



Why should you buy it?


As you could read above, this is a unique masterpiece, you won’t have side effects, and you will feel your body growing stronger and bigger than ever before.


You will get a healthy body, outside and inside, the guarantee your muscles will absorb all the nutrients necessary, and your bone density and health will increase.


The only downside we could find, but we have to be very picky already, is that 1 package is for a month, and for some could be expensive.


But if you want to be healthy, and when you exercise, not having any risk of injury or sickness, would you consider not to take it?


Believe me, I did it, and a part of my hand still isn’t happy about that decision after all this time.

So don’t hesitate!


Serving size


It comes at 1 size:

– 60 tablets


The price and where to buy it



To buy it from click here

The price here is $24.87

To buy it from click here

The price here is: $24.99

To buy it from – click below –

The price here is: $20.66

Time to wrap things up!

The ending conclusion



We did our best to show you everything about this product and what it does to you, and what it could be of side effects.

As you noticed, we didn’t found anything about side effects, and the blend of ingredients is the best you find on the market.

This is the best supplement in this class, and JYM made a masterpiece of this multivitamin, and we are confident that when you take it, you will never take another one.

Don’t look for another multivitamin, take the best, and its is right here!

If you have any question, comment, or experience you want to share with us, feel free to put it in the comment list below!


ZMA – By Optimum Nutrition – The must read review

In this post we’re going to review the ZMA supplement which is made by Optimum Nutrition, we will review all about this product in this post, what it is, what kind of benefits it has, what is inside, if the price is good for the quality, and much more.


The following topics we’re going to review are:


– What is this product?

– The ingredients

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– The overall rating, followed by our personal rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to other similar supplements

– Why should you buy it and why not ( does it have benefits?)

– Serving size

– The price and where to buy it

– Ending conclusion



So, let’s start with this post!

What is this supplement about?



This is a supplement which is a testosterone enhancer – or a booster ( which is more commonly said in the world).


Increasing of those levels will lead to more muscle development, leaner gain, fast loss, better recovery, higher sex drive.


We will explain those benefits later in this post.


Now we will show you which ingredients Optimum uses to raise your testosterone level.


What is inside of the product


The supplements contains the following ingredients:

– 10.5 mg of Vitamin B6

– 450 mg of Magnesium

– 30 mg of Zinc


What Optimum claims is that these ingredients combined will let your testosterone levels rise, with many benefits.


Let us take a look first what kind of flavors this product has ( or doesn’t have).


The flavors



This is a pretty short chapter, they only sell it as capsules, so not flavors are added.


Let’s see what the general opinion is about this product!


The general opinion of this supplement



Many people are satisfied about this product, let us say – 85 percent -, the effects are noticeable, such as more energy, better sleep, more muscle mass, and because of the better sleep, you get more recovery, thus, in the end, better results.


It is possible that this product doesn’t work for you, or the effects could go down, in those cases we highly recommend you to or look for another product, or to stop for a while, to prevent your body gets adapted to it, not any supplement will help in this case.


Now it is time for the overall rating!


The overall rating for this product



Effect Rating: 8.7/10

Result Rating: 8.9/10

Quality of the Ingredients: 9.4/10

Price/Quality: 8/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 8.7/10

Overall Rating: 9.1/10           My Personal Overall Rating: 8.5/10

It is a good product, but is very expensive, and we are confident there are better supplements for raising your testosterone levels.


Pros and cons




– This product will get you a good sleep

– Because of that you will recover faster, which means more growth

– The quality of this product is high

– More lean gain mass, combined with faster size growth




– It is expensive

– There’s a chance it won’t work for you, despite the money spend

– If you use it too long, there’s a chance it won’t work anymore for you


This one isn’t a con but a warning, don’t overdose this product, even if you don’t feel anything, a high level of testosterone can cause major side effects such as increased agressivity, more acne, hair loss.. Be careful for that!

To see how good this product performs to similar ones, we always have a special chapter for that:


Compared to similar supplements




Compared to the EVL Test by Evlution Nutrition: – click here for this review –

This one has not equal, the ingredients are top-class, such are the effects and results. And they are cheaper in price compared to the one of Optimum Nutrition. What we also noticed is that there was almost nobody complaining about bad effects, compared to this one.

So our opinion between these 2: EVL Test is superior.



Compared to the Alpha Test by Muscletech supplement: – click here to read this review

It is almost as good as the EVL Test, it is a fraction more expensive ( and not so far behind of the ZMA actually), but the fact is that this is a booster which also has great potential and quality ingredients, and the only downsize is that theres a bit more chance that this product won’t work for you. But compared to the Optimum one, it is better.



Compared to the Test Booster by True GRIT: – click here to see this product

We are not a fan of the Test Booster, they say it is scientifically dosed, but honestly, the only thing we found out was the smell. It smells really awful, your hands stinks to it, there is almost no any effect, and you get easily irritated when you use this product. There are people who says it works for them, but those are just a small amount of them.



This is a product we don’t recommend, we don’t like the effects and results ( if they’re already there), the smell and taste are horrible, and we can continue like this for a while.



The bottom line is: this one is one of the worst ones out there, and has not chance against either the ZMA, the Alpa Test, and the EVL Test.



Don’t buy it.



So, seeing this all, it is a good product that Optimum Nutrition made, but it comes a bit short to be in the upper-class, let us say this one is in the higher mid-class, which is one of the best of the rest.


You won’t be disappointed by it, but don’t expect extreme results coming from this supplement either. In the next chapter we will show you which kind of benefits these products has and if you have to buy it or leave it aside.


The benefits of this supplement ( and whether to buy it or not)



There’s not doubt this product works, but there’s a chance, like we’ve already said, it won’t work for you or your body is adapted to it.


Let us take a look which following benefits this product has:


– You will have a better sleep because of the combination of these ingredients


– It raises your testosterone level ( but it isn’t a total testosterone booster – this is actually more a recovery supplement, but because of that, your levels will increase)


– The Zinc in this product will promote more protein synthesis, which means you will grow more, and slightly faster


– The Magnesium inside will help for your health ( bone health, cardiovascular system), and your metabolism rate


– Together they form a very good mix to get your body in shape and to let it grow faster, get it more recovered, and let you go into a deeper sleep, which promotes your growth even more


But be careful, too much of it can cause serious side-effects, such as a lower immunity system, your testosterone levels going down – yes this can actually happen -, your metabolism can change, in the bad way, and your good cholesterol could go down, so be really, really careful when you use this, don’t overdose, it can harm you a lot!


But in overall, it is a good product, yes you have better ones, but if you want to try this one, there’s a chance you would be disappointed yes, but this product normally isn’t a waste of money like some other ones are.


Let us see now which kind of serving sizes they have.

The serving sizes and dosage



This supplement comes at following serving sizes:

– 90 capsules

– 180 capsules

Normally if it isn’t necessary, we don’t put a dosage combined with it, but since it is very dangerous to overdose it, we will show you how to use it.


For men it is 3 capsules every day before to go to sleep

For women it is 2 capsules every day before bed time.

Please, for your own health and body, don’t overdose, we’ve already showed you what can happen, use this supplement wisely.

We will show you were you can buy it and how it costs.

The price and where to buy it



You can buy this supplement at following places:

To buy it at – click here

Prices here are:

– For the 90 capsules: $12.73

– For the 180 capsules: $22.17

To buy at GNC: – click here

Prices here are:

– 90 capsules: $14.99

– 180 capsules: $24.99

To buy it at Amazon: – click below –

Prices here are:

– For the 90 capsules: $12.73

– For 180 capsules: $22.13

We come to the end of our review, so it is time for our..


Ending conclusion!




We have discussed a lot of topics about this product, if it is good, if you have certain benefits and more.


As you saw, this might be not the best product on the market, but it is certainly the best of the rest.


It is pricey, also the fact that your body could get adapted to it and the risk it won’t work for you are the biggest issues.


But if you decide to try it, you could have some big benefits, such as better and deeper sleep, with that your body recovers more and better, your testosterone level will rise because of it, which means more growth, more size, bigger gains, leaner muscle, less fat.


Just be careful not to overdose it, it has serious side-effects if you do, which could harm your health and everything you worked for, so read the instructions carefully.


If you have more questions about this product, or you want to share your experiences with us, please leave a comment below in the comment section!


Engn – By Evlution Nutrition – A pre-workout you need?

In this post we’re going to review the ENGN supplement which is made by Evlution Nutrition.

We will show you if it is a good product to take, and if it will help you in the goal you want to achieve, or you better leave it aside and buy another/better product.


The topics we’re going to discuss about it are:


– What is this product?

– What kind of ingredients does it have?

– The flavors

– The general reception

– The overall rating, followed by my personal rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to similar products

– Why should you buy it and why not

– Serving size

– Price and where to buy it

– Ending conclusion



So let us start!


What is this product?



It is a pre-workout, which gives you a boost and nutrients before you go to train, these will give you more energy and strength, which means you will grow faster in power and size.

Let us take a look what is inside!

The ingredients of this supplement

The following ingredients can be found inside:

– Niacin

– Vitamin B6

– Folic Acid

– Vitamin B12

– Carnosyn Beta-Alanine



It has a Creatine Complex, which has consists of:


– Creatine Monohydrate

– Magnesium Creatine Chelate (which is in fact Creatine MagnaPower, which is a patented form of Creatine bound to Magnesium to enhance overall creatine uptake and ATP synthesis to support muscle energy, performance and strength)



They’ve also created a special blend for this product: the ENGN Mind-to-Muscle Matrix Proprietary Blend, which has:


– Betaine Anhydrous

– Choline Bitartrate

– L-Tyrosine

– Agmatine Sulfate

– Caffeine Anhydrous

– Infinergy

– Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine ( a very difficult name, I know, but it supports mental activity and focus during training as well, and it provides a choline source to the brain for acetylcholine production)

– Huperzia Serrata Extract



All these ingredients have the meaning to let your muscles get the energy and oxygen they need to perform very good workouts, and thus, getting you grow in size faster.


Which kind of flavors does this product have



The product comes with following flavors:

– Naturally Flavored Cherry Limeade

– Blue Raz

– Cherry Limeade

– Fruit Punch

– Furious Grape ( exclusive being found at

– Green Apple

– Orange Dream

– Pink Lemonade

– Watermelon



They have lots of flavors, although, I don’t recommend you to take the naturally flavored one, it tastes very synthetic.

Let us take a look what the people think about it!



The general reception



In overall, people are very satisfied with what this product does, they say it gives more power, energy, you get a good pump, without the usual sweat.

The flavors are being comment as very tasty, you have no jitters, they taste like very natural, and you don’t have any problems to swallow.

About the mixing, also, no problems were reported.

It is time for the overall rating!



The overall rating of this product



Let us take a look which rating the people gave this product, and it will being followed by our rating.


Effect Rating: 9.5/10

Result Rating: 9.4/10

Quality of the Ingredients Rating: 9.5/10

Average Flavor Rating: 9.1/10

Top Rated Flavor: 9.5/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.1/10

Overall Rating 9.6/10                                       My Personal Overall Rating: 9.5/10


I’m confident about this product, it is one of the best pre-workouts out of the market, it gives you the feeling you need to get the maximum performance in the gym, and the price, well, is indeed a very good shot of Evlution Nutrition.


Pros and cons



Let us take a look at the ENGN pros and cons





– High quality products

– Very good pump

– An almost instant boost of energy and strength to perform very good in the gym

– The price is very, very good

– Almost every flavor is a very good one

– No jitters

– Easy to mix




– Don’t take the naturally flavored one, the taste isn’t great


Why should you buy it or not?


We’ve already reviewed some pre-workouts, and this is the best one by far we’ve tried.

If you want to feel an excellent pump, but not like the way you would explode, but just enough to make you with a huge boost of energy like you can spend hours in the gym, this is what this product does.

Combined with the fact it has great flavors and a relative cheap price, we chose this one as the number one.

If you decide to try this product, you won’t be disappointed, we are very confident about that fact.

To make it more obvious, we will compare it to similar products in the section below!



This supplement compared to similar ones


Compared to the Pre Jym by Jym Supplement Science – Read here

There’s no doubt the Pre Jym is also a very good one, with handpicked ingredients.

However, this one is more expensive, almost the double as this one, which is the reason we class this one a bit higher, sine it does actually the same, but with a better price!


Compared to the Animal Pump By Universal – Read Here

We like this one, but, it has too much creatine compared to the ENGN one, also the same with caffeine, and some people don’t even feel effects of the product, but we have to say, when you feel it, the pump and the other effects will have a good impact on your training.

But, it is nothing compared to the Evlution Nutrition one.


Compared to the Mr.Hyde NitroX By Pro Supps – Read Here

This product used to have many fans, but with newer pre-workouts coming out and better ingredients, people start to change to the other ones, and I notice why, the product is good, you will have effects, but it isn’t as efficient anymore as the other ones are.

Also, the price is lots and lots more expensive than the ENGN.

If you are a fan of this one, you can stay with it, but we recommend if you look at your wallet and want to be efficient as possible, go for another one.



Serving size


It is time to see which serving sizes this product has.

It comes at following ones:

– 25 servings ( only has the Naturally Flavored Cherry Limeade flavor)

– 30 servings

The 30 has all the servings, except the Naturally one, so if I was you, I would take the 30 one for sure, not only for the flavor, but also for the price.



Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?


Let us show you where you can buy it and how much it costs, don’t worry, it isn’t so expensive!

To buy it at Click Here

The prices are:

– For the 25 servings: $29.99

– For the 30 servings: $29.99

It is the same price, and as you see, it is way better to take the 30, unless you really, really want to try the Natural one ( which we don’t recommend).

To buy it at Click Below

The price there is:

– $29.98 ( they only have the 30 servings, seems the 25 is only)

To Buy it at A1Supplements: Click Here

The price there is:

– $29.99

The choice where to buy it is for you.

It is time to wrap things up and come to our:


Ending conclusion!



As you noticed, not only we, but many other people with us, are very satisfied about this pre-workout, not only this one will give you the boosts you need, but also they’ll provide you with the nutrients necessary to perform a good workout, which in exchange will give you a better body, in size, and in muscle in the end.


The flavors are good, only don’t take the Natural one, it is easy to mix (1 scoop with 8oz. of water, 15-30 minutes before your workout, don’t take it less than 4 hours before you go to sleep, it contains lots of caffeine, which could give you sleeping problems).


You have many pre-workouts out there, and many are good and give you a pump, but either they’re quite expensive for the same product, or the ingredients are less than this one, which has the perfect combination.


We all know that Evlution Nutrition makes good supplements, and with this one, again, they prove to us and to the rest of the world, they are quite the market leader, or they are good on their way to become it, and to compete very hard with Optimum Nutrition, with high quality products, but for a lower price.


We highly recommend you this product, we tried it for a while, and we are very satisfied, as we already mentioned, together with thousands of other people.


Don’t hesitate, if you want to perform good in the gym, you need this pre-workout, and before you know, you will be the master in the gym!



If you have any question, or you have already tried this product and want to share this experience with us, feel free to put it in the comment section below this post!


Beast Mass – By Beast Sports Nutrition – The full guide and review

We have already written some reviews about weight gainers on our site, this article/review is going to be about Beast Mass by Beast Sports Nutrition, to see if this is a good one, if the ingredients are good, the weight you will gain will be relative clean, and you won’t have to many fats or other side effects.

The following topics will come along this post:



– What is this product?

– What is inside/what are the ingredients?

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– Overall rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to similar products

– Why should you buy it or why not

– Serving size

– Price and where to buy

– Ending conclusion

After these topics, you will know whether yes or not to take this product.



What is this product about?



This is actually a weight gainer, you have lots of different ones, which where someones have more proteins, other ones have more fats.. This one is a bit balanced, however, there’s one ingredient which in our eyes is too much dosed inside of it, but you will see it later in this post!

Let us take a look what is inside of this supplement.

The ingredients of this product.

Like a good weight gainer needs to have, this one also contains lots of proteins and calories, let us take a look what has it exactly of ingredients (per serving):

– It has an incredible 1,330 calories inside of it!

– The total amount of fat is 16 grams, which 7 grams of it is saturated fat

– 130 mg of cholesterol ( in our opinion this is way too much)

– 242 grams of Carbohydrates, which contains 12 grams of sugars

– 55 grams of Protein

– 61IU of Vitamin A

– Less than a mg of Vitamin C

– 375 mg of Calcium

– 6 mg of Iron

– 180 mg of Sodium

– 1,390 mg of Potassium

What else it has? The following:

– Maltodextrin

– Dextrose

It contains a Protein Blend Complex, which has:


– Whey Protein Concentrate

– Whey Protein Isolate

– Micellar Casein

– Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

– Egg White Albumin



The amount of calories is a lot, in fact, to our opinion, even they say it will make you a beast fast, we don’t like to have this many calories into a shake, certainly not per serving, because actually instead of becoming a beast, you could become fat if you do too many servings, be careful about that, and then we even didn’t mention anything about the cholesterol yet.



The flavors of this supplement


This supplement comes into following flavors:

– Vanilla

– Chocolate

There are only 2 flavors available, and honestly, they could be better, you have the powder taste when you drink it, we didn’t like it.



What is the general opinion about this product?


The product have mixed comments, some are happy with it, while some never wants to use it anymore.

The problems that could occur, is that you can have the bloated feeling, the taste is nasty, you get full ( although we don’t see that as a problem), and the amount of cholesterol. Also, the 4 scoops per serving can be a big problem ( hard to mix).

When it comes to results, it gives what is promises, you will get weight a lot, and when you exercise a lot, you will get it in a lean way.

What we found as a big surplus is that it has the Whey Protein Blend, the mix of the quality inside is very good.

So, when giving this, we are not so convinced about this product.



Overall Rating


It is time for the overall rating, to let you know what the majority of the people think about it, and of course, it is followed by my personal rating, to let you know what we think about it.

– Effect Rating: 8.4/10

– Result Rating: 8.7/10

– Quality Of The Products Rating: 9/10

-Top Rated Flavor: 7.5/10

– Average Rated Flavor: 6.4/10

– Overall Rating: 7.6/10 My Personal Rating: 7.5/10


This isn’t the best weight gainer available on the market, also price/quality isn’t the best out there, honestly, only if you want to have this product, take it.

Pros and cons


– It has the Protein Complex Blend ( which inside has high quality proteins)

– 1,330 calories per serving, you will gain weight a lot

– When exercising combined with it, you will get the lean look


– Too much cholesterol

– You can get the bloated feeling

– Price/quality is not so good compared to other products

– The mixing isn’t so easy

– The taste isn’t good

The cons are worse as the pros, that is also why our rating isn’t so super, but in the end, this weight gainer actually does what it has to do.



This product compared to other products


Let us see how good this product performs to similar ones of this category:

Against the Clean Gainer Protein by Rivalus: -> click here to read it <-:

The Beast Mass can not compete against this one, first of all, this one doesn’t get you the bloated feeling, the price/quality is much much better, and you will get even faster results, since the products are better blended.

So, compared to this one, the Clean Gainer is better.



Against the Pro Gainer of Optimum Nutrition -> click here to read it <-:

Compared to this one, the Beast has more fats and cholesterol, the Pro Gainer is much lower in this, and also it provides a very good growth for your body, thus making this one way better than the Beast.

Only downside is the expensive price.



Compared to the Combat XL of MusclePharm -> click here to read it <-:

It is a bit equal to the Combat one, it is hard to mix, and lots of calories, which can make you a bit fat when you don’t watch out. It is less expensive, and it has lots of complex carbs, which makes the weight gainer slightly in the advantage of the Beast one.



Why should you buy it or why not?



Let us be honest, this product works, you will gain weight, when you perform exercise and have a healthy lifestyle, you will get it in a lean way, but, there are many downsides of this product, such as: bloating, it is hard to mix, too much cholesterol, and it is a bit expensive.

So unless you’re a real fan of BSN, we suggest you look for the better alternatives.


Serving size:


This product comes at following serving sizes:

– It only has one serving size: 12lbs.



The price and where to buy it


You can buy this product at the following places:

At -> click here for this product <-

The price is:

– $49.97

At -> click below <-

The price there is $64.99

It is time to wrap things up!



Ending conclusion


Beast Mass is a weight gainer that actually honors its name, it has a huge amount of calories inside, which especially for hard gainers can be a huge benefit, but it also has a big downside because of it, although it doesn’t have too much fat inside of it, the cholesterol level is too high in our opinion, also, the ingredients are good, but we found products which have better a better price/quality ( and high-end quality ingredients and blends inside).

So unless you’re a total fan of this product and you don’t want to have another product, feel free to use it, but for the people who are looking for a good weight gainer, which can be benefical for different ways, look further for a good one ( in the comparing section we put 2 good ones, certainly check those out).

If there’s any question about this product, or you have a comment, or you’re using it or have been using this, feel free to put your comment below in the comment section!



Biotin – By NOW – Is it essential for you?

In this post we’re going to review the Biotin product made by NOW, to let you see if it is good or not, what kind of benefits it could give you, what possible side effects could occur, and more.

The following topics we are going to review:


– What is Biotin?

– Which benefits does it have

– What is inside the product of NOW?

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– Overall rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to other products

– Why should you take it or why not?

– Serving size

– The price and where to buy

– Ending conclusion


So let us start to see what it is and how good it is!


What is this product/ingredient?


It is actually a vitamin, mainly known as Vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins responsible to convert food into energy.

I will put 2 topics together here, what it is and what the benefits are, so you can understand easily what this does.

The benefits this vitamin gives are:

– Keeping your skin, liver, hair, eyes and your nervous system healthy

– It is also good for females when they’re pregnant, the vitamin acts as a crucial nutrient, for the embryonic growth.

– Also, it regulates your blood sugar

As you see, it gives many benefits.

Now let us see what is all in the supplement of NOW!

What is inside?

It is quite clear it has Biotin inside, let us take a look exactly what and how:

– It has 5 mg of it per serving, which is 1,667% of the DV, quite enough, the bigger serving is 1,670%, it seems that it has a tiny bit more inside.

– Rice Flour

– Magnesium Stearate

– Silica

Actually, these are the only ingredients that are inside, since the focus is on the main job of it.

Does this product give more benefits? Let’s share it with you!



Yes, it does:

– It supports your amino acid metabolism

– And everything combined from above gives that this product promotes normal immune function.

It sounds good, later in this post we will see if these ingredients will give the desired effects!

What kind of flavors does this product have?

Actually, this product has not any flavors, what we can say that this supplement is made of vegan ingredients, but it is capsules only.



The general opinion about this supplement


The majority of the people are very satisfied, there are some which are less, but you have them everywhere.

Knowing it promotes also the synthesis of certain proteins, this product is valuable when doing exercises.

Now people were satisfied about the fact their hair looks fuller, their skin looks healthier, stronger nails, and their immune system is much better. This product is key to combine a good health and lifestyle while going to workout.

The price is cheap, very cheap, we will come back to it later in this post.


Note: there’s a chance this product and this dosage doesn’t work for you, you can try a higher dosage or use a similar product from another brand.


It is time for our overall rating!


The overall rating, followed by our personal rating



We have been looking for lots and lots of ratings and reviews, and after testing it, we came to following ratings:

Effect Rating: 9.4/10

Result Rating: 9.4/10

Flavor Rating: N/A

Quality of the Ingredients Rating: 9.8/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 8.8/10

Overall Rating: 9.3/10                     My Personal Rating: 9.2/10


it is a very good product, and the fact is this is an essential supplement, whether you go to train or not, this will help your health, and other parts of your body.


The only reason we didn’t give a better rating is the fact that in some cases the dosage is too low, and people look for another one.

Pros and cons



-This contains the very essential vitamin/amino acid Biotin, which helps for lots of things

– You will notice your general health will increase

– Improved hair, skin and nail quality

– When performing exercised, this will improve your endurance

– It is very cheap




– It is possible that either the dosage or the product itself doesn’t work on/for you, so you need to take a bigger dosage or look for another supplement/brand with the similar ingredients.


Compared to other products


Let us take a look and compare how this supplement performs against similar ones:

– Biotin by MRM: -> Click here for this supplement <-

This is actually the same supplement as the one we are reviewing, it has the same dosage, but they ask slightly more money for it. So we recommend you not to take it, since there is an equal one, which is also cheaper.


– Beauty Blend Chews by Nourish and Bloom: -> click here for this supplement <-

This has more ingredients, such as Verisol Collagen, which increases skin elasticity, Lutein for eye health, Vitamin B12 for brain health, Vitamin A, for your skin and eye health, and the biotin of course. Now, we would say this one has more advantages than the one we are reviewing, but it comes in chewing gums, and the flavor is.. not so good, they better made it with capsules. But if you want a wide range, you should consider taking this product.

In our opinion, regardless of the taste, it is slightly better than the supplement of NOW.


And the same name supplement made by Natrol:-> click here for this product <-

In our opinion, this one is better. It has 10 mg of Biotin inside, and 66 mg of calcium. There is no wondering if this product works or not, it works, because the dosage. You can get a good amount of it out of your food, but some people need more than others, certainly while training. So, with this one, you never will have a lack anymore and you’ll see yourself improving a lot!

This is our number 1, for sure. But again, if you’re good with the 5 mg, you can choose the NOW supplement, it is up to you.

Why should you take it or why not?

It is very clear that this is an essential amino acid/vitamin, which will help you to improve your general health, but also what we already mentioned, your hair, your skin, your nails, it improves the metabolism of amino acids, as you see, you can not miss it, your body would struggle to look the way it will do with it.

So it is certainly a must buy it, if you are aware of your body and your health, you can’t hesitate to get it.

Serving sizes

This product comes at following serving sizes:

– 60 VCaps

– 120 VCaps

Why Vcaps? Don’t forget these capsules are made of vegan ingredients, this is the reason why. The cost per serving is $0.08 when you buy the 60, and $0.07 when you buy the 120. It is very cheap for the quality you get – it is a win win -.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost

You can buy it from different places, we’re going to share the most known sites for it.

To buy it from -> click here <-

The prices are:

– For the 60 servings: $4.99

– For the 120 servings: $8.99

To buy it from -> click below <-

Prices there are:

– 60 servings: $12.59

Note: They only have this serving size

To buy it from -> click here <-

The prices there are:

– For the 60 servings: $9.99

Again as with Amazon, they only have the 60 serving size.

At -> click here <-

Here the prices are:

– For the 60 servings: $4.95

– For the 120: $9.50

As you see, there are some differences in price, but in the end, it is up to you to decide where you’ll buy it.

Ending conclusion

It is time to wrap things up and come to the final conclusion of this product.

As we showed you, this supplement is essential, merely when you are performing exercises, your body needs more nutrients, so when you don’t refill them, it is obvious you will notice some breakdowns somewhere, in this case would be broken hair, nails, maybe worse general health.

This supplement by NOW is a good one, is it the best one? We don’t think so. But it will help you to regain the resources necessary to perform better and better in the gym while in meanwhile you’re maintaining your health.

So we highly recommend you: don’t hesitate and start to take it.

If there’s any question, comment or you want to share your experience with us if you’re using or you’ve already been using it, feel free to write below in the comment section!



Xpel – By MHP – Is this a wonderproduct to lose water weight

In this post we’re going to review the Xpel supplement by MHP, to let you see whether or not this is a product to use.


This is a weight loss supplement, but it works different than fat burners or other thermogenic supplements. Below we will explain exactly how it works, what is inside, how the people think about it, and much more!


The following topics we’re going to see:



– What is this product for?

– Which ingredients does it have?

– What are the flavors?

– The general opinion

– The overall rating, followed by my personal rating

– Pros and cons

– This product compared with similar ones

– Why should or shouldn’t you buy it

– The serving sizes

– Prices and where to buy it

– The ending conclusion


So let us waste no time and start!


What is this supplement for?



The Xpel supplement is a weight loss product, but like I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t a fat burner, instead this is a supplement which makes you lose excessive water weight.

This could be perfectly when you want to shred your body for the summer months, and they state you won’t have bloating or bad side effects. It also supports fat loss, making it also a diuretic supplement.

Take a look what is inside of it to make this possible!


The ingredients of this product



First for all, these ingredients are totally natural, which is a big surplus, let us share the following ingredients with you:

– Vitamin B6

– Calcium

– Magnesium

– Potassium



They have put a blend inside, which is called the Advanced Herbal Diuretic Matrix, which consists of:

– Herbal Blend ( uva-ursi leaf) Arctostaphyloso uva-ursi

– Juniper Berry (Juniperus Communis)

– Couch Grass Rhizome

– Buchu Leaf

– Hydrangea Root

– Cornsilk Stylus

– Dandelion 5:1 Extract ( the whole plant)

– Horsetail Extract ( the stem)



They’ve also included Muscle Performance Electrolytes, which has the following:

– Calcium Carbonate

– Potassium Citrate

– Calcium Gluconate

– Magnesium Oxide



The last complex they’ce included is the Slimming and Energy Boosting Complex, which has these ingredients:

– Green Tea Leaf Extract

– Guarana Seed Extract ( it has 75 mg of caffeine inside)

These are lots of ingredients, and a bit below in the post you’ll see if these things combined, works!

But first let us take a look at the flavors!



The flavors of the supplement



Actually we could leave this open, but we always want to share everything, even when it is not there. So in this case, there are simply no flavors, they don’t make it in servings, only capsules.


What is the general opinion about this product?



Honestly, the response of the people to the product is mixed, it doesn’t have horrible comments, but also not to ultra positive ones.

The reason is that for 65 percent of the people this product works, when they have too much water inside, but if you are break even, this supplement won’t let you lose even a single pound.

So we heard and have been reading lots of comments of people who tried it but it didn’t work for them, and after asking them why and hearing about the fact they’re not so big of size and don’t have too much water retention and so, it was quite obvious.

This is because the people who were satisfied about it, had these issued. Some lost 4-8 pounds in a month, which is actually quite good and fast. Later in this post we come back to the question if whether or not to use it.

It is time for…



The overall rating!



For the people who are satisfied, they’ll give a 10 out of 10, but we have to be honest, this is why we put all these posts and reviews so you know which one to use and which one not, so our rating isn’t so high.

Let us take a look:

Effect Rating: 7.8/10

Result Rating: 7.2/10

Quality of the Ingredients: 8.2/10

Price/Quality Rating: 8.3/10

Flavor Rating: N/A

Verified Buyer Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.4/10                                          My Personal Overall Rating: 7.8/10


It isn’t so that this product is bad or doesn’t work, but it only works for the people who has too much of water or fat, if you want to get shredded, there are better products at the market.

You lose weight with this product? Yes, but not in the way you want it probably. I think the most who comes to look weight loss supplements wants to get shredded, or want that beautiful beach body. Look for other ones, we have put reviews of the Vapor X5 and Trans4orm, which you can find here and here. If you’re looking to lose a bit of fat or water, without having the needs of getting that top form body, this is the right product for you, it really does what it says.

That is the reason our rating isn’t so high, if you really had the effect on everybody, this was a high-class product, now it is a middle-class one.



Pros and cons



– Has good quality ingredients

– You will lose water because of this, so yes, it works

– There’s a chance of getting a good energy boost

– Your weight will decrease

– The price isn’t too high




– It doesn’t work when you have no excess water or too much fat

– You won’t get the shredded look, no matter how “clean” you are

– There are simply better products at the market than this one



Let us see how it performs compared to similar products.


How good is it compared to other similar products?



Compared to the Vapor X5 Ripped by MuscleTech: -> click here for this product

Although it is a bit of a different product ( it is a fat burner), and the working is different, these products are similar, this also gets rid of excess water and fat. The main difference is that this one is top class, only a few ones can match it, since their ripped is really ripped. So it has to be no surprise that Xpel can’t compete with it, and as I’ve mentioned before, if you have the chance or the money ( it isn’t so expensive but more than this one), you really have to go for this one, or the one below, which is:


Compared to the Trans4orm by Evlution Nutrition: -> click here for the product

This is another jewel made by Evlution Nutrition, it is almost the only one that matches with the Vapor X5 Ripped, it works a bit different ( all of its ingredients are natural), and you have a 3 percent chance it won’t work for you, but in overall this is also top class, and can’t be beaten by the supplement of MHP, so again, unless you don’t care about not being ripped, you don’t need to use this product.


Compared to the SuperHD Water by Cellucor: -> click here for the product

This product is actually exactly the same as the one we’re reviewing, it is a water loss diuretic supplement, which will do the same as the Xpel, but the only change is that this one totally focus on the water, not the fat loss, also, it won’t give you any energy boost. Is it a good supplement? Yes, is it as good as the one we’re reviewing? Yes, it is even slightly better, some ingredients they use are a bit better, and this product is stronger, which means you can’t use it too long, even when you don’t have too much excessive water, you will lose it, which means you will get a more shred looking ( but not like the 2 supps from above).

So compared to this one, they’re as good as equal.



Why should you buy it and why not?



This product works, yes, but only when you have excess water/body fat, and need an energy boost, if you are a person who trains, but not to have a beach body or want to be competitive, this product is for you.

However, if you’re looking to be shredded, to lose even further weight/water, we don’t recommend this for you, we showed you 2 similar products, which are way better.

The choice is up to you, for the normal person it will work, for the competitive/wanna look good guy, not.

Let us take a look to the serving size now.



The serving size of this product

It comes at one serving:

– 80 capsules ( 4 servings every day, don’t exceed it, since it has caffeine!)



The price and where you can buy it


You can buy it at following sites:

At -> click here <-

The price there is: $14.99

At -> click here <-

The price there is: $22.99

At Amazon: -> click below <-

The price there is: $12.37

To buy it from A1 Supplements: -> click here <-

The price there is: $14.95


Time to wrap things up!

The ending conclusion



This product is a good one – if you have too much water/fat, and you don’t look too much for your body ( not too much of a beach body or competitive athlete), then this product is for you, otherwise, don’t start with it, since you will feel disappointed, it stops when you don’t have too much water or fat, and it will be a waste of money.

But like we already said, when you have too much of it, this product will give you a very big pleasure, and you will lose the excess water fast, and you will receive also an energy boost, which you can use for the workouts.

For those people we highly recommend this product!


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