Shroom Tech Sport – By Onnit -The vital vitamins you need

In this review we’re going to discuss about the Shroom Tech Sport supplement, which you saw it is a multivitamin.

Now, I can imagine you’re thinking: But aren’t they all the same, since these products can have lots of differences, such as:

– A different shape of ingredients (other vitamins inside)

– Different dosage

– It is possible the combination doesn’t work.

So yes, quite differences.

Now let us take a look about this product!



About this supplement



As you already could guess, this is a multivitamin supplement, which will aid your immune system and your body by maintaining it while you perform heavy exercise.

However, it is possible you can take it without exercise, but don’t take the recommended dosage, cut it in half then.

As you know, when you perform exercise your body grows, it needs more nutrients, more vitamins to grow.

When this happens, it will form a gap inside of you, and you could have a deficit of nutrients and vitamins in particular.

When this happens because the lack of supplements, because food won’t be enough, or you have to eat a lot, which for some people is’nt possible, you can get sick, get injuries or more problems with your body

This is why supplements exist, and this vitamin supplement will help you, as I’ve described, to maintain your health and you can continue to workout like you do or even perform harder ones.

My experience to use it without


I have tried it to workout without any supplement, and thus without a multivitamin.

I better didn’t do it, I went very sick, my bones were hurting, my muscles were cramped, and it was like I moved a mountain.

For the folks who believes supplements are fake and a waste of money, this is why we did this site, there are indeed fake supplements out there and we try to warn you from them, but the good ones, you need to use them, else you won’t keep up.

Now we are going to delve deeper into this supplement.



The ingredients of this product


As a multivitamin, it has lots of vitamins, which are the following:

– 750 mcg of Methyl B-12: They state it is one of the most popular vitamins out there, and it participates in your homocysteine metabolism

– 200 mcg of Chromium Picolinate: This helps to balance and maintain your optimal blood sugar levels

– 1.2 grams of Shroom Tech O2 Blend, which has Cordyceps Extract inside: This ingredient increases oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity and cellular energy

– They’ve added another blend, the Shroom Tech Adaptogen Blend, which has 930 mg inside, consisting of:

– Ashwangandha Extract

– Green Tea Extract

– Rhodiola Extract

– Astralagus Extract

This blend will give you more focus, energy, an enhanched nervous system, and more vitality

It all seems to be good and working, but now we are going to see an important topic, even the most important of this whole review.



The general opinion and the overall rating, followed by our own personal rating



As you’ve noticed, in each review we have a topic which we show you the opinion of people, how they think about it, and how many points they give on it.

We look through a lot of reviews, also we test this ourselves, to have an opinion and rating, just to be sure you have the best rating possible.

Let us see what the people think about this supplement.

It is’nt overwhelming positive, around 75% are happy, but that means that 1 out of 4 is’nt. In our opinion that is really too much to say it is a very good product.

Let us start what people say about the good points:



– It gives more energy

– The focus is higher during workouts

– For the majority of the people it doesn’t give jitters, which is a great surplus

– More endurance, which means longer workouts



But this comes with some bad points as well:

– It’s costly for what it gives you, there are better similar supplements out there than this one

– For some people there are no effects at all

The bad points aren’t as much as the good, but be honest, would you like this product when it is so pricey and you have no idea if it works for you?



The benefits it gives you/should give you



– More focus, more endurance

– Your energy should be higher, which means better workouts

– More vitality, better immune system

But as you saw, there is a (big) chance it won’t work for you.

Now, let us go through a very important part:



The overall rating

it is time to show you how good the people rated it, it is followed by our personal rating.

Effect Rating: 7.7/10

Result Rating: 7.6/10

Price/Quality Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.6/10                           My Personal Overall Rating: 7.4/10


As I told you, we also tried this product, for some it worked, but for some not at all.

We didn’t encounter any side effects, that is something we have to mention, no jitters, no bloating, no sick feeling, but to say that we encounter a lot of good effects, that would be a lie as well.

It gave me a bit of energy, but I didn’t feel any chance of focus, endurance, and vitality.

I dislike the fact it is a vitamin supplement but it lacks a lot of vital vitamins inside.

We don’t say this is a bad product, since it works for a lot of people, but the price/quality is too high, we know there are better products out there, since we already tested more similar supplements.



The pros and contra about this product is what you have already seen, it is up to you if you want to try it or not. It is possible this will work for you, but there is also a chance it won’t, but the benefits it gives, looks more like it is a pre workout, rather than a multivitamin product.

This product compared to similar ones



Compared to the Animal Pak made by Universal – click here for this product



We already said that a multivitamin has to come with (lots of) vitamins, this one comes with at lots of it, and not a little of them, each of them has more than the recommended daily value inside, which makes it more than suitable enough to help you while working out.

Our opinion is that this product is at this moment is one of the best, it might be the best one for this moment, regarding the multivitamins section.

So We would suggest taking this one, rather than sticking with the Shroom tech.

But again, it is your choice what you want and what you choose.



Compared to the Biotin supplement by NOW – click here for this product

Although it doesn’t have multivitamins, Biotin is known for its good effects on your body, like better skin, maintaining a healthy nervous system, and better looking nails, liver and more.

When training out, your immune system has to be good, so this one works, and the high majority of the people agreed that this product works for them, which is a big difference with the Shroom product.



Compared to the Vita Jym by Jym supplements – click here for this product


This one is even better than the Animal Pak. Why?

It is simply the reason every single ingredient is handpicked, everything is mixed by the right amount, not too much, but also not to low, where you could have it with other products.

It is full of vitamins, but also has Biotin inside, which make this one, in our opinion, the very best one you will find, and about the price?

It is not too cheap, but looking to this one and the Shroom, we are happy to pay it for the quality it brings.

We recommend you to use this one, instead of the Shroom.

But again, it is your choice, you do want you want.



Serving size

They have it in 2 serving sizes:

– 28 capsules

– 84 capsules



The price and where to buy it

To buy at – click here

The price is:

– For the 28 capsules: $17.49

– 84 Capsules: $41.99

As you notice, it is very, very expensive, and even if you’re looking for this product as an energy supplement, there are better ones out there, which are cheaper, but again, the choice is yours.

We came to the end of our review, so it is time for..



The ending conclusion


We have shown you everything about this product, it is actually more an energy product than a vitamin one, since it actually has little to none of it inside, so we will say, it is a vitamine supplement which has as main task to get you out of the fatigue zone.

Does it work? Well for 75% of the people yes, for the others, no.

For us that is a bit too much, and also when you compare it too similar ones, this is a bit a middle-class product, but the price they ask for it, well, is too overrated.

It is a wonder to me why people want to buy this product, because you have better ones for a better price, which are actually true vitamin supplements.

As an energy supplement, it does work a bit, you get a little boost by it, but not to say it is a lot, because it lacks a good caffeine source, which is a shame.

That is why we didn’t rate it too high, but in the middle-class.


Our recommendation is not to buy it, but look for better alternatives, because there are, we described them above in the comparing topic, if you went too fast down, you have to take a look and you will see which kind of difference it is.

We highly recommend you to take the Vita Jym instead, it gives more energy, it also will provide all the essential vitamins, and believe me, it has lots inside, which is perfectly dosed (we really love Jym Supplement Science, since they are so good), so you have everything you need for the growth of your body.

But in the end, it is your choice, if you want to try this one, and actually pay way too much for what you will get, you’re all free.

We hope this review brought you some extra insight of this product, and if you have any other question, or you’ve already tried this product, and want to share your experience with us, feel free to put in the comment section below, not only we can respond to you, but you also will help other people.


Her CLA – by NLA For Her – does this fatburner really helps losing weight

In this post we’re going to talk about the fat burner supplement NLA For HER has made, called Her CLA.

We will show you everything about this product, what it is, how much it costs, how good it is, compared to other products, and much more.



What it is for

In the world of today, many people wants to lose weight by special diets, or exercise.

Sometimes when it doesn’t go well in that, or to slow in their opinion, people are easily seduced to do drastic things (I’m talking about surgeries), but it can cause serious side effects, I saw it with a colleague of me, and he almost lost his life due to that.

So it is better to use a safe alternative, like Her CLA.

This is a fat burner, which means it controls your metabolism state, by putting it in a higher speed (rate), so your body burns more than it receives.

Of course there is a chance of side effects, like fatigue, diarrhea, and stomach uncomfort.

Don’t forget this changes your body, how it performs, and the reaction of your body is this.

Is it dangerous? Let me say, if you drink enough water a day, no, else yes.



What you can expect

This product can give the following effects to your body:

– Increased fat loss

– Promoting lean muscle mass

– Higher metabolism rate

It is possible your appetite also will decrease because of it, but more tests has to be done before to absolutely sure.

Let us take a look what is inside.


The ingredients


Why can this product makes your metabolism go higher so you can have fat loss/calorie burning?

Well, this is caused by this ingredient:

– Conjugated Linoleic Acid 80, or short, CLA, this product has 1,200 mg inside of it, which make it very strong, and should be effective (we see later if this is the case).

What else it has? This:

– Water, Gelatin and Glycerin

It would be strange if it had calories, since it has to burn them!



Serving size

This product comes only with 1 serving size, which is 60 capsules.


The general opinion


We looked to many comments, reviews, also tested it, and we have to say that this stuff works.

Some of us aren’t quite a fan of it, because it could have some side effects, which I’ve already described.

But as we saw, those are the minor 10% who could have these issues.

For the rest, people are very satisfied, they say their muscles look harder, leaner, the fat is getting shredded, actually quite fast.

About the appetite, it is possible that you will lose a bit of it, and if you use it for a bit longer, your hunger could be depleted by the half.

So we suggest not to take it longer than 2 months in a row.

What could give you an uncomfortable feeling as well, but is not a real side effect is that because the metabolism rate is faster, you start to sweat, which can have a smelly feeling, but it is not dangerous, just as long you drink.



The overall rating

Effect Rating: 8.6/10

Result Rating: 8.7/10

Price/Quality: 8.7/10

Overall rating: 8.7/10                            My Personal Overall Rating: 8.6/10

This is a good fat burner, and if you take it like you should, you will see fat loss combined with lean muscle mass gain.


Why only CLA?



Her CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a powerful and very important essential fatty acid (EFA) – meaning our bodies need it but do not produce it on our own, it must come from diet (dairy and animals fats) and/or supplementation. CLA can help your body reduce body fat by helping to increase its metabolic rate and supporting your immune system, altering your body’s fat-to-muscle ratio when used in conjunction with a consistent workout regimen.

This is also why there will never be CLA in combination with something else, because it is already good enough.

The recommended dose: 1 soft gel 3 times daily. Don’t exceed it since it can cause serious troubles.



What is the price and where can I buy it?

The product costs $13.78

And you can buy it here.

Pros and cons


– Lean muscle gain

– Faster metabolism, which means good fat loss/burn

– You will lose weight in a good rate


– Various side effects, including, diarrhea, uncomfortable stomach feeling, and fatigue

– Could cause you to sweat a lot, so drink enough water



How does this product perform with other supplements?

Compared to the Trans4orm made by Evlution Nutrition: click here for this product

Both are very good products, however, we point the Trans4orm as the number 1.

It helps with weight loss, but also strengthens your focus, and your energy.

Also, your cravings will be reduced.

All these facts combined makes that this product is one of the best, maybe even the best you can find in the market.

Compared to the CLA By RSP Nutrition: click here for this product

They have both CLA in it, but there is a difference, the RSP has Sunflower Oil in it, which means your immune system also gets stronger, which is necessary, because the lose of weight also makes you will lose vitamins and other nutrients.

You can avoid losing vitamins with this supplement, which we have reviewed and pointed as a very good one, also in this case, click here for it.

Compared to the Xtend Ripped by SciVation: click here for this product

We don’t say it is a bad product, it is equal as the CLA, it only has more and different ingredients inside, such as BCAA’s, and also Cayenne pepper, because it helps to raise your metabolism rate, and you go to the toilet more, which means, promoted fat loss.

In our opinion, you can use it for more purposes than only fat burning, so the 2 above will perform better in this case.

Where to buy it

To Buy it from click here

The price is: $13.78




CLA is always good for fat loss, as long as the concentration of it isn’t too much, which is not in this case.

It will help you lose weight, and maintain muscles, lean muscles to be specific.

Her CLA is a supplement which will aid you very good in this goal you want, if it is to lose a bit of weight, or to lose more.

Just be cautious about the side effects it can have, such as diarrhea, a bloated feeling (uncomfortable stomach), and fatigue, which is normal, since your body has to work very hard, even when you’re not eating or performing exercises, and it can cause you to sweat a lot.

So never forget to drink water in between, at least 2 liters.

Don’t forget to also leave any alcoholic booze aside, since it could cause problems, or to shut down this supplement from working.

Drinking sodas is permitted, however, also be cautious in it, since sugars can cause your water get drained from inside, and your body could raise in temperature, and in extreme cases could lead to fever.

In my opinion, water is the best.

In overall this product does what it has to do, many people are very happy about it, and we have to say that the price is good, you can take 2 or 3 capsules a day, don’t over exceed it.

We also want to say that if you want this product to work optimal, you really need to sport, or do some exercises, this product will work without it, but as you know, how do you lose weight the fastest? Right, by exercising, so even when using this, it is considered to perform exercises (running, swimming, workouts) at least 3 times a week, it doesn’t have to be hours, 1 hour per workout is enough, but you need to do it.

We came to the end of this review, I hope we could answer all the answers you had about this product, and that you can compare a supplement towards another supplement which do the same as this.

If you have any question, or you tried this product, we would be happy to hear about you!




Project Mass -By Jake Wilson – See it all here!

Normally we always post reviews about products, but in this post we won’t.

Instead, we are going to show you a guide, which can be found here, and it is called Project Mass, made by Jake Wilson.

The name itself already states where it is about, to gain mass.

Why no review this time?

It is simply, even we are a review site for bodybuilding and fitness supplements, we still want to write guides and show tips and tricks (with videos as well), so you can achieve the goal you want.

This guide is just one of many that we will write soon.

What is this guide about?

This is a 14-week-long training, to guide you with exercises, and a total build up scheme/schedule, to reach the maximum growth you want/need.

This guide has videos, and explanations on how to do the things.

How it works

This guide, or schedule/scheme, as you want to call it, has the plan for you to workout 5 times a week, has a daily meal plan, techniques so you can do the exercises good, but also make sure you can do them as effective as possible, for the goal you have set.

All is included in Bodybuilding All Access, which has more than 50 videos, and even more guides into that, we will come back later on that topic.

Do you always wonder how it is possible that other people can become lean, or grow more in muscle, and often faster than you?

You never thought about having a personal training or it is too expensive for you?

Well, has something special for that, which we already said, the Bodybuilding All Access, where you can find EVERY KIND OF TRAINING YOU NEED FOR YOUR BODY!! If that isn’t nice, I don’t know it anymore!

Now, in this training, let me put a sample what they have (it is a week sample):


As you see, this is a very detailed way to guide you, but like I’ve already mentioned, they have more:

As you see, you can have a meal and supplement plan as well, because this is the most important in the schedule you need!


Training is about 30% of the effort, your body will quickly adapt to it, and it will grow more, and gain muscle size, BUT, if you don’t eat properly, it won’t matter if you go to train 7 days a week, since 70% of the effort is really done by the food, and supplements, because they are the one who will give your body the nutrients, they will give your body the fuel to do the exercises.

Don’t forget that without food, or at least, proper food, your body can’t do exercises, it won’t have energy, and you will be stuck in that bad cycle, even when you’re training hard, it will only demotivate you.

What is included with this All Access?

The following you can have when you want to do the All Access plan of

As you can see, it is a LOT what you have within it, and this only for $8.99 a month!

really, if I was you, and I would have hard times to keep up with the other ones, and feel demotivated because of it, I really would check it out, since it will help you get right back on tracks!

What is even more, they offer you a very good experience, by the meaning you can try this platform for 7 days, FOR FREE, In my opinion it is a very good way to see how good it is!

I mentioned that this post was no review, but it was kind of guide to help you to find good plans, and guides for building muscle mass and size, here you have it, this isn’t a review, since this is just a personal trainer, but online, and with much less money than you would have to pay in the real life!


Don’t hesitate, try the 7 days free, and you will see, you won’t discard the chance of having these incredible 50+ premium plans to lift you to a higher level, and having a good possibly to be one of the strongest in the gym!
Subscribe to All Access Today

Healthy living eating – find the best tips here!

We’ve already done lots of reviews, but now and then we post a guide on our site, to aid you in very specific and important key things for your body and life.

We already spoken about superfoods and weight loss, but what is also important, perhaps actually the most important, is the way you eat.

You can train what you want, but if you won’t be careful with your food, nothing will work.

Why this is important? Well you know even when you move a lot when eating unhealthy, you can get diseases or bad stuff can happen to your body, we’re thinking about a bad heart, too much cholesterol, high blood pressure, and it can shorten your lifespan.

So in this post we’re going to show you which kind of food is/are good for you, to live healthy.


Does this mean I can’t eat/cheat with it? Like junk food


It doesn’t mean you can’t eat it, but as you know, this stuff isn’t healthy at all. Everybody knows about that movie where that guy went every day for a month to a McDonalds, now of course that is extreme, but you can think what it does to your body, even in small doses. When I was training, I also had a cheat day in the week, which is necessary yo keep a bit of pleasure in your time, but I always changed the food I was eating.

One time was pizza, then hamburgers, then a steak.. changing the food is good for your body, because then you have the wide range of nutrients you need.

About the switching of food, I’ll give some tips


– Always make the menu for the whole week, there is no surprise, and you know what your body will receive.

– Check what is inside of each product you buy.

– Be careful with fat, a bit isn’t bad, but fat converts to sugar/cholesterol, which can be dangerous.

– Always combine it with vegetables, they make sure you will be healthy, putting vegetables which clean your stomach is good, but not more than once per week or per 2 weeks.

– Try to eat a pasta every week, they give you good energy, but won’t come with the fat, however don’t do more than once if you don’t perform good exercises, else it could actually store in your belly, and you end up with a pasta belly.

– You can drink a beer, but keep it at 1-2 a week, doing more can harm your muscles, it can harm your effort, it has lots of sugars inside, and it has the potential to break off tissues of your muscles


Knowing this, I will list up which kind of food you can eat


I start with the vegetables:


Spinach: It is the most healthy vegetables, since it has a very good nutrient profile. It has lots of Vitamin A, like 56%, and 100% of Vitamin K, which is excellent.

It also has a great deal of antioxidants, which has the benefit of decreasing the chance of chronic disease, and a decreased chance of having cancer.

Recently studies show that when you consume spinach, it can help against high blood pressure, and is beneficial for your heart health.


– Carrots: This vegetable has lots of Vitamin A, to be exactly: 426% in 128 grams.

This can reduce the chance of having cancer as well, merely lung cancer.

It also contains Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Potassium.


– Broccoli: It is rich in a sulfur-containing plant compound known as glucosinolate, as well as sulforaphane, a by-product of glucosinolate, which has a protective effect against cancer.

A serving of Broccoli provides your body with 116% of Vitamin K, and 135% of Vitamin C.

These are 3 vegetables which will aid you in your healhy lifestyle.



Let’s take a look to the fruits

Even when you think fruit is logical when it comes to health, it isn’t always like this, you have many fruits which contains lots of sugars, thus aren’t good for you, because they can do more harm than good.

So I will post only fruits who really do lots of benefits for you!

– Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a very healthy citrus fruit, maybe even the most healthy of all.

It has lots of vitamins, and can reduce insulin resistance, cholesterol, and another benefit is that it can prevent kidney stones.



– Pineapple: This fruit is very good when it comes of nutrition, it has lots of Vitamine C and Manganese inside, as well as Bromelain.

This can fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of cancer.



– Avocado: This one is almost unique, since it is low on carbs, and its fats are mostly healthy.

This fruit promotes your heart health.


Again, we’ve shown 3 types of fruits, which can be beneficial for your health, these combined can be very good for you.

I will show you which kind of meat/fish you can eat combined with it.



Which kind of meat to eat, to have a healthy lifestyle


There are different kinds of meat you can eat, I will show you which ones.

– Lean Beef: As the name states, it is lean, so no fat, but it has lots of protein, iron, zinc, niacin, choline and Vitamin-B12, all the essential nutrients for your body, to remain healthy, and to keep your body like it is.


– Chicken: Chicken contains Iron, lots of protein, selenium, and many B-Vitamins, which won’t give you too much fat, but keeps your body like it is, it maintains your health, as well as your heart health. But one tip, don’t eat the skin, it contains all the fat, and that can cause lots of problems for your body, such as too high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, be very careful about that.


About the drinks


Be careful about sodas, they contain so many sugars, that they are a bomb for your body, bombs aren’t good, your insulin level can rise tremendously, and can cause obesity, and that is what you don’t want.

Water is actually the best you can drink, one or 2 sodas a week are fine, but don’t drink more than that, we already said what it could cause.

About the beers, it is the same, 2 beers a week are fine, and they contain calcium, which is actually good for you!

If you think about wines, 2 glasses a week is also fine, they also have the chance (the red wines), to reduce cancer, so that is a very good benefit, but again, don’t overuse it, it also contains (lots of) sugar.

Coffee has lots of caffeine, it is nice to have the energy boost, but could damage your heart, so don’t drink too many of it a day, we suggest like 3-4 cups maximum.

Tea is good, but look if it contains sugars, and we suggest taking an antioxidant one.


Exercise is important, but the food is even more!

I hope this helped you to guide you in the right way, towards a healthier lifestyle, I will soon post a guide, which I will describe all the healthy kinds of fruit, vegetables, and more!

If you have any questions, put them in the comment box below.