Animal Pump – By Universal – Read before to try!

A pre-workout is an amazing supplement which allows you to perform much better and longer by pumping more oxygen to your muscles, opening your blood veins because of it, and as the result, you grow much better and one step closer to that amazing body you want.


In this post I’m going to review the pre-workout made by Universal: Animal Pump.

What is the product?

As I already stated, it is a pre-workout, to enhance your workout, by giving you a massive pump ( you see the name ), and to grow faster than without supplements.

What do they state?

Animals statement is that when using this product, you’ll have:

The strength and competitive power that athletes have ( they also say it is required for them ).

An improving gym performance

When you’re looking to add mass and strength

Creatine non-responders

I guess you’ll all know this feeling: creatine bloat, with this supplement you won’t have it.

It all sounds good, but is this all true? I’ll come back later in this post to it.

Animal Pump explained

It has the ability to give you massive pumps by adding 2000 mg of nitric oxid boosting ingredients into your body.

What does nitric oxid do to you?

The ingredient makes sure that your body delivers more nutrients to your muscles, and by that, it helps to maximize your lifts and ultimately, your size.

But you have to be careful with it.

It has very good effects but when taking more than the recommended daily dose you could have serious problems.

The problems it could cause is because it over pumps your heart as well while opening your veins ( similar to the red bull effect when it comes to your heart ), so it is like everything, in a small dose it is good, in a big dose, dangerous. They put the dose inside that is really the maximum you can handle, so please don’t add extra scoops if you don’t have the feeling it is working, this supplement is not for you instead.

What else does it have?

It has, like every pre-workout has or should have, creatine, and a good amount of it actually.

Per serving it has 3000 mg of creatine, that is way too good to be true, because this amount really will help you grow.

Once again, be careful when using creatine, you should consider an off period for 1 month after 2-3 months of usage, and drink at least 2 liters of water every day, to prevent kidney, liver, and other health problems, creatine is very good, but it absorbs water in a high rate, so that is the reason to drink lots of water.

Now, what else they have put inside?

it has an energy rush complex, which consist of:

Methylxanthine complex ( caffeine, theophylline and theobromine )



They dosed this at 500 mg per serving, which is good enough, as you noticed, it has caffeine inside, it is really the best pre workout ingredient you can imagine, it gives you the kick, the energy, the focus you need to perform very good in the gym.

I highly recommend that if you drink coffee, you don’t drink too much of it, since as you can see, it has a huge dose of it inside, and too much caffeine can cause serious health problems ( heart attacks, trombone,.. ). So if you drink coffee, drink them without caffeine or limit it at 2-4 a day.

They also put this in Animal Pump:

Antioxidant complex, it has this:

-Grapeseed Extract ( Polyphenols )

– N-Acetyn Cysteine ( NAC )

-Green Tea Leaf Extract

-Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

This has 700mg per serving, which is again, a very good deal.

The positive news about it is that these ingredients are very good for you, antioxidants in general are good, and this blend will make sure your health will be maintained ( the sife effects of the other ingredients will be less).

The remaining ingredients are:


-Ginger root

-Cinnamon Bark Extract

-Fenugreek Seed Extract

-Piper Nigrum Fruit Extract

Universal states that these ingredients together helps the pump transport in your body to your muscles, to maximize the effect.


Now that we know this: let us see:

Serving size

It only has one size actually, and that is 30 packs. Which means, 1 pack a day – is a monthly package.

Where can you buy it and how it costs?

You can buy for the cheapest price from one of the sites below: – the price there is $34.99 – the price is £44.99 – the price there is $34.79

Note: Amazon only delivers in USA and Canada, Bodybuilding worldwide, and Predator is mostly in the EU.

Now it is time for the most important part of this post, what is the overall rating and what is the general review/opinion?

I will split the rating first in a few blocks before coming to the overall rating.

Taste : 7/10 – The score is not to low and not to high, because the taste is neutral, it is not bad, but it really misses some flavor.

Effect: 8/10 – The effects are quite good, you can really feel the pumps, the burning of your vessels coming open, but, there are better ones on the market, however, this depends on from person to person, this one could be it for you, but let me say that for 30 percent they’ll need to look further ( although you can try it).

Result: 9/10 – It is very obviously that the major pump into your muscles, combined with the oxygen into them, you can lift seriously more, even if the effect isn’t too much, you’ll still lift more, so you will gain size.


Verified buyer rating: 8.6/10.


-Very good pump because the nitric oxid for your muscles oxygen

-Has a lot of creatine ( high-quality)

-You actually recover faster because of this

-The burning feeling is something you always want, you know you will break the gym off


-The amount of creatine is something to take account of, drink enough to prevent problems

-The same is for the caffeine, don’t drink too many cups of coffee combined with this

-There are better ones at the market, since some people hardly feel any effects

Lets see the opinion of other people

Like I’ve already mentioned, it really sometimes depends from person to person for the product to work, but in 85 percent of the reviews the people were satisfied about it.

In the other 15 percent people didn’t fell any effect, but still could notice a gain in size.

The taste is something most people agree, it is neutral, but could do with a flavor, but some other ones are terrible, this one is relative good.


I would recommend this product to you, but don’t feel angry or sad if it doesn’t work for you, this can happen and will happen with other supplements as well, but if it works for you, you will feel a growth in musclesize, high-powered workouts, and a very good pump, after a while this could even last the whole day!

So, don’t hesitate, get it now!

If there’s any question, or you have a comment, testimonial or a review, feel free to leave it below, any share is welcome!



2 thoughts on “Animal Pump – By Universal – Read before to try!

  • Nicole June 30, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Thanks for your review, and thanks so much for the warning about upping the dosage, a good warning to adhere to when striving for results. I will definitely be checking this one out. Do you know how Animal Pump compares price wise to others out on the market? As this would also be a factor I’d take into consideration for when I do my budgeting. Thanks again.

    • Emmanuel Buysse June 30, 2018 at 6:13 pm

      Hi Nicole,
      Yes I always put the danger about the exceeding of the daily dosage, since some people wants to gain fast and have problems because of it, so it is better to be warned about that.

      Animal Pump is a bit in the upper class of price, but it is a very good one!
      I hope it will help you in reaching your goals.



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