Biotin – By NOW – Is it essential for you?

In this post we’re going to review the Biotin product made by NOW, to let you see if it is good or not, what kind of benefits it could give you, what possible side effects could occur, and more.

The following topics we are going to review:


– What is Biotin?

– Which benefits does it have

– What is inside the product of NOW?

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– Overall rating

– Pros and cons

– Compared to other products

– Why should you take it or why not?

– Serving size

– The price and where to buy

– Ending conclusion


So let us start to see what it is and how good it is!


What is this product/ingredient?


It is actually a vitamin, mainly known as Vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins responsible to convert food into energy.

I will put 2 topics together here, what it is and what the benefits are, so you can understand easily what this does.

The benefits this vitamin gives are:

– Keeping your skin, liver, hair, eyes and your nervous system healthy

– It is also good for females when they’re pregnant, the vitamin acts as a crucial nutrient, for the embryonic growth.

– Also, it regulates your blood sugar

As you see, it gives many benefits.

Now let us see what is all in the supplement of NOW!

What is inside?

It is quite clear it has Biotin inside, let us take a look exactly what and how:

– It has 5 mg of it per serving, which is 1,667% of the DV, quite enough, the bigger serving is 1,670%, it seems that it has a tiny bit more inside.

– Rice Flour

– Magnesium Stearate

– Silica

Actually, these are the only ingredients that are inside, since the focus is on the main job of it.

Does this product give more benefits? Let’s share it with you!



Yes, it does:

– It supports your amino acid metabolism

– And everything combined from above gives that this product promotes normal immune function.

It sounds good, later in this post we will see if these ingredients will give the desired effects!

What kind of flavors does this product have?

Actually, this product has not any flavors, what we can say that this supplement is made of vegan ingredients, but it is capsules only.



The general opinion about this supplement


The majority of the people are very satisfied, there are some which are less, but you have them everywhere.

Knowing it promotes also the synthesis of certain proteins, this product is valuable when doing exercises.

Now people were satisfied about the fact their hair looks fuller, their skin looks healthier, stronger nails, and their immune system is much better. This product is key to combine a good health and lifestyle while going to workout.

The price is cheap, very cheap, we will come back to it later in this post.


Note: there’s a chance this product and this dosage doesn’t work for you, you can try a higher dosage or use a similar product from another brand.


It is time for our overall rating!


The overall rating, followed by our personal rating



We have been looking for lots and lots of ratings and reviews, and after testing it, we came to following ratings:

Effect Rating: 9.4/10

Result Rating: 9.4/10

Flavor Rating: N/A

Quality of the Ingredients Rating: 9.8/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 8.8/10

Overall Rating: 9.3/10                     My Personal Rating: 9.2/10


it is a very good product, and the fact is this is an essential supplement, whether you go to train or not, this will help your health, and other parts of your body.


The only reason we didn’t give a better rating is the fact that in some cases the dosage is too low, and people look for another one.

Pros and cons



-This contains the very essential vitamin/amino acid Biotin, which helps for lots of things

– You will notice your general health will increase

– Improved hair, skin and nail quality

– When performing exercised, this will improve your endurance

– It is very cheap




– It is possible that either the dosage or the product itself doesn’t work on/for you, so you need to take a bigger dosage or look for another supplement/brand with the similar ingredients.


Compared to other products


Let us take a look and compare how this supplement performs against similar ones:

– Biotin by MRM: -> Click here for this supplement <-

This is actually the same supplement as the one we are reviewing, it has the same dosage, but they ask slightly more money for it. So we recommend you not to take it, since there is an equal one, which is also cheaper.


– Beauty Blend Chews by Nourish and Bloom: -> click here for this supplement <-

This has more ingredients, such as Verisol Collagen, which increases skin elasticity, Lutein for eye health, Vitamin B12 for brain health, Vitamin A, for your skin and eye health, and the biotin of course. Now, we would say this one has more advantages than the one we are reviewing, but it comes in chewing gums, and the flavor is.. not so good, they better made it with capsules. But if you want a wide range, you should consider taking this product.

In our opinion, regardless of the taste, it is slightly better than the supplement of NOW.


And the same name supplement made by Natrol:-> click here for this product <-

In our opinion, this one is better. It has 10 mg of Biotin inside, and 66 mg of calcium. There is no wondering if this product works or not, it works, because the dosage. You can get a good amount of it out of your food, but some people need more than others, certainly while training. So, with this one, you never will have a lack anymore and you’ll see yourself improving a lot!

This is our number 1, for sure. But again, if you’re good with the 5 mg, you can choose the NOW supplement, it is up to you.

Why should you take it or why not?

It is very clear that this is an essential amino acid/vitamin, which will help you to improve your general health, but also what we already mentioned, your hair, your skin, your nails, it improves the metabolism of amino acids, as you see, you can not miss it, your body would struggle to look the way it will do with it.

So it is certainly a must buy it, if you are aware of your body and your health, you can’t hesitate to get it.

Serving sizes

This product comes at following serving sizes:

– 60 VCaps

– 120 VCaps

Why Vcaps? Don’t forget these capsules are made of vegan ingredients, this is the reason why. The cost per serving is $0.08 when you buy the 60, and $0.07 when you buy the 120. It is very cheap for the quality you get – it is a win win -.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost

You can buy it from different places, we’re going to share the most known sites for it.

To buy it from -> click here <-

The prices are:

– For the 60 servings: $4.99

– For the 120 servings: $8.99

To buy it from -> click below <-

Prices there are:

– 60 servings: $12.59

Note: They only have this serving size

To buy it from -> click here <-

The prices there are:

– For the 60 servings: $9.99

Again as with Amazon, they only have the 60 serving size.

At -> click here <-

Here the prices are:

– For the 60 servings: $4.95

– For the 120: $9.50

As you see, there are some differences in price, but in the end, it is up to you to decide where you’ll buy it.

Ending conclusion

It is time to wrap things up and come to the final conclusion of this product.

As we showed you, this supplement is essential, merely when you are performing exercises, your body needs more nutrients, so when you don’t refill them, it is obvious you will notice some breakdowns somewhere, in this case would be broken hair, nails, maybe worse general health.

This supplement by NOW is a good one, is it the best one? We don’t think so. But it will help you to regain the resources necessary to perform better and better in the gym while in meanwhile you’re maintaining your health.

So we highly recommend you: don’t hesitate and start to take it.

If there’s any question, comment or you want to share your experience with us if you’re using or you’ve already been using it, feel free to write below in the comment section!



4 thoughts on “Biotin – By NOW – Is it essential for you?

  • Ian August 8, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Hey Emmanuel,

    I regularly work-out to be basketball strong. I don’t take any supplements for now since I just want to go all natural with my diet. However, reading your post I might consider some supplements to help me with my workouts. What else would you recommend for me? As I mentioned, I want to be basketball strong and not want to be bulky.
    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Emmanuel Buysse August 11, 2018 at 11:53 am

      Hi Ian,
      I would suggest you look to the endurance supplements, since basketball requiers a lot of stamina.

  • Zulfan August 8, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Hi there! very thorough review on the biotin product. Im starting to become an advocate of supplements to my diet and this was really helpful. Great Job!

    • Emmanuel Buysse August 11, 2018 at 11:55 am

      Hi Zulfan!
      Thanks for the positive comment, I hope your diet will be positive, and have good results, and I’m confident that Biotin will certainly help you!


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