Bodybuilding exercises – how to do and how NOT to do.

Hello everybody! In this post I want to guide people a bit when its about performing exercises, because I saw a lot of people doing things wrong when they train and thus having injuries or even worse.

Warming up

Prepare yourself for the training.

First of all, when it’s about starting with your bodybuilding exercises, it is very necessary to do a warm up of your muscles!

I know, it seems awkward and strange I put it in bold and make it so important, because the majority will say: ah we know that that is very important.

However, I see a lot(!!) of people not doing that! They come into the gym and already start doing exercises and/or lifting heavy weights, which obviously isn’t the right way to do because you have a very high chance of hurting yourself and have a major injury, and already folds everything you want to achieve. The key is so, do at least, at least, a 5 minute warm up of ALL your major muscle groups, you don’t have to warm up the little muscle groups, because when you prepare your big groups, the little ones ( like the triceps and biceps), are getting the preparation as well.

So never, never, listen to people that telling you they don’t need to warm their muscles, because you will end up with injuries!

First step into the life of bodybuilding exercises ( pre workout)

Pre workout

So, now that I’ve explained about the purpose of warming ups, its time to prepare yourself to go into the gym to challenge your muscles for the hard work!

In this topic I’ll explain about pre workouts.

What are pre workouts?

It’s very simple, pre workouts prepare your muscles for the hard work, they pump up your muscles, by widening your blood vessels so your muscles get more oxygen and blood, so they can take heavier weight and the recovering rate goes up, the rate depends on per person and per product.

Don’t forget, each person is different and not each product works or reacts the same for each person!
As speaking for myself, I’ve had to try 5+ different pre workouts before finding the one that really works for me.

You know you have a good one, if you feel one or more of these “symptoms”:

  • Very visible blood veins.
  • Hard pumped muscles ( they’re hard, even you don’t do exercises at this point).
  • You feel a burning sensation, like it’s itching everywhere.
  • You start to sweat already.

Again, the time your body reacts on the pre workout, depends on from person to person, and not all of them will work for you.

The average time a pre workout starts to work, differs from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on which product you bought.

But again, the most expensive isn’t always the best one! You have to choose, or find out, which one is the best for you.


The main part, doing the training.


Now, that you’re in the gym, with pumped up muscles, and having the feeling you can take on the world, take care and don’t get to overconfident, even if you have the feeling you can take on everything, your body is just still a body, which actually didn’t change!

This is the fault beginners have, they have the feeling they can lift everything, and some do it, but after a few days you’ll never see them again, because or they had an injury, or they had such a big expectation, and seeing that they have to begin from the start, they stop already.

The main thing here is, start with low weights, do repeats: 3 x 10, and change the repeats every 2 weeks ( your body gets adapted to the same weights/repeats), which after 2 weeks you won’t see any change anymore and you’ll lose hope.

Don’t lose hope! After 2 weeks, change to, example, 4 x 5 repeats, or 2x 20, to get your muscles that extra tension again.

Also, I see people sometimes doing exercises 4 hours in a row. This is very bad for the muscles!

Muscles can take at most 1-2 hours of training, but then you have to stop with it, else you’re actually breaking your muscles down instead of building them!

Also, try to divide your body for training, like I did, I went 6 days a week to the gym, Ill put my schedule below.

  1. 1st day: Chest, shoulders, neck.
  2. 2nd day: Back, triceps and biceps.
  3. 3th day: Leg day ( oh the day after I felt like 80)
  4. 4th day: rest ( every 4th day you need to rest!)
  5. For the 5th, 6th, and 7th day, the same as above, and the 8th day, rest.

So, like you see, you can adjust the schedule by your meaning, but at least, split your muscle groups for better and faster results, and don’t forget to rest every 4th day.

I also saw people doing their exercises to fast and not doing in the good way, because they took to many weights.

Don’t make the same mistake, even if you can only lift 2 kilograms, if you’re doing it in the good way, you’ll achieve better results fast and you’re making your muscles stronger and not weaker by doing them wrong, and you’ll see, the 2 kilograms will soon be replaced by a 10 kilograms or more.

After the training ( the post workout)


So saying the training goes well, your body took all the energy, carbs, proteïnes and more from your muscles, you need to refill them, with proteïne drinks, carb drinks, but you can also take all in ones: the post workout drinks.

These will help you to refill all your body needs after the training, to help to grow your muscles in the way you’ve trained them, and to also prevent injuries and also the pain after it.

Obviously you need to feel pain the day after as a sign you did the exercises and you challenged your muscles!

I also mentioned proteïne drinks and carbs..(Carbohydrate)

Not all post workouts have them, don’t worry, you can take proteïne drinks, carbs, and more, beside the post workout without have any side effect, since like proteïne drinks are very good to build up muscles as well.

Also, something I want to mention, since training is important, but it isn’t the most important!

Food is the most important thing if you want to grow as a bodybuilder and want to do bodybuilding exercises!

Your body grows, but if it recieves bad food, instead of training and growing muscles, you’ll end up with a belly, since your body wants more food and you give it fat.

So give it good and healthy food, such as, chicken, vegetables, beef without fat, rice, fish,..

And also rest, rest is a key into growing your muscles!

To wrap things up as a conclusion

Either way you want to be a pro, or just want to do fitness/bodybuilding as a form to have a better body, you have to work for it, and work hard, success doesn’t come overnight. You have to train, eat healthy, and rest a lot to shape your body the way you want it, if you keep up and don’t lose confidence or lose hope, you can do it!

Also, on this site, you’ll find links to products that WILL HELP you into the journey to reach the body you want, in a faster way and also to reduce the chance of injuries.

Hope this guide will help you, and I wish you all the best of luck into your journey for reaching the body you want!

2 thoughts on “Bodybuilding exercises – how to do and how NOT to do.

  • Laura May 7, 2018 at 6:34 am

    First at all I want to congrats to you for your page, I think it contains a lot of important information, and the best is that you have experience in this subject. For us it´s very important to know what we should do and what we shouldn´t do. The tips that you gave about the food and also the products that are good and safe to use it´s also important to know, to many people doesn´t considereted this like something that they really need to apply when they are exercising and they want good results. Thanks for the tips and good luck with your page.

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 9, 2018 at 1:44 pm

      Thank you Laura for your comment, I do my best to give all the info visitors need, and I will keep this site updated on regular base so there is always something news to find. Also, soon you will find product reviews on here.
      Kind regards,


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