Cell Tech Creatine – By MuscleTech – Must Read Review!

MuscleTech is a company which makes very good supplements, I’ve been already reviewing some of other branches, in this I’m going to review their creatine supplement, Cell Tech.

What it is



Cell Tech Creatine is like the name says it selves, a creatine supplement, but you can also use it for a Pre-Workout ( but I used it through the day actually). It is for building muscles faster and to get them bigger.

My personal experience



I started to use this product in the beginning of 2012, I had already a pre-workout and post-workout, but still, I had the feeling I was still missing something, because I didn’t had that “full muscle feeling”. So I started to look for a product that could give me a good feeling, and after looking around, searching the internet, and trying some products, I came across this one.


It is indeed full of creatine, you could mention against me: But you already have a pre-workout which contains creatine, and what about your post workout then?


My answer is quite simple about that: My post workout doesn’t contain creatine and my pre-workout doesn’t have too much of it inside. My pre-workout is mostly based on caffeine for the focus and energy. So I was missing something like this.


How I felt when taking it:


In the beginning I felt my stomach quite exploding, honestly, you have to think that you’re dropping a creatine bomb inside your stomach, so it takes a while before you get used to that.


But when it does, you really feel a changing, for example: I noticed my muscles were hard all the day (what a good feeling), and yes.. because the water absorbing power of it I looked much bigger in a fast rate.


However, and this was the downside of it, since it is creatine, I had to stop it for 1 month every 2 months, to prevent that my body would get adapted and I had to do more than 1-3 scoops a day. And that is devastating for your body, the more creatine, the more your liver and kidneys have to work, and the problem that could occur is the “overclock” of them, and the possible failure of them.


So, be extremely cautious, don’t over exceed the dose, for your own health.


And the other downside of the creatine was because the fact I stopped it for a month, the water my muscles were absorbing by the creatine, was getting away, I still saw I had a growth, but I was losing a bit of mass ( but I wasn’t mad about it because this wasn’t lean mass), but maybe you could be. So don’t worry, you’ll see, after a while using it, you will have the growth you first saw with the water!


For me, I’m still using this product, and it is the best one.


The only bad thing I can say about it is the taste. It is terrible, it is very acid, and you smell it all the day long, even if you only drink one. It looks like soda, but oh.. in one way, too bad it is so good, else I wouldn’t drink it at all!


But Let’s dig deeper into the Cell Tech product, what is inside, the general opinion,..



What has Cell Tech as ingredients?

Well, the first thing that is pretty sure, it has lots of creatine per serving, 5 grams, so you have no other choice than growing!

The other ingredients are:



-ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid ) – they state that it helps to improve the absorption of creatine and glucose into the muscles.

-Multi Stage Carb Blend

The effects of this combined

I’ve already felt the effects, it’s time to tell the theory behind it.

MuscleTech states that they’ve been researching the role of insulin in muscle-building, and they state that it is in fact the most powerful hormone for the growth of them.

They also state it is so potent it can support the protein synthesis in your skeletal muscle. If it is true or not, I’ll leave that in the middle, I know it is published in a science journal, so I think they could be actually right about that.

Because of that, it suppresses protein degradation and stimulate cellular hydration, it means that your muscles will have more water retention, so faster growth.


Now, I can write a total book of this here, but I think it is better I write this out in a guide later, so you can totally understand it, since this is a review of Cell Tech and not all the science behind.

To make things short:

Insulin is a muscle-growth hormone which promotes protein synthesis, and also the water retention of your muscles.

Doesn’t it sound familiar with creatine? Well I mean the water retention of your muscles.

Insulin makes glucose, you have 2 kinds of them, GLUT-1 and GLUT-4. Now, GLUT-4 is the one we need, since they are dominant and key into making amino acids and creatine.

Now, that is not everything, the more you have in your blood, the more amino acids, nutrients and creatine, and the way you can rise this is by.. lifting weights.

This is because when you do this, your muscle membranes needs more receptors, and the more you have, the more nutrients there will come, more glucose. and eventually, more growth.


To wrap this together in an easy sentence:

When you perform training with this creatine bomb, you already will have more power, you will lift more, which means more insulin, eventually transformed to glucose. and they state – the perfect anabolic storm.


It is a bunch of theory, I know, I hate that part too, I just want to know if it works or not, but in my opinion is, you should know what is behind the product so you’ll better understand the working of it and in the end have the advantage because of that.

Let’s see further into Cell Tech.

Serving size

It comes at 2 sizes, 3 and 6 lb.

If I can give you a tip, I always bought the bigger one, it is a bit more expensive to pay but you’ll get more for a lesser price.


In my opinion, no matter what you’ll choose, it will be an acid taste, but it is up to you which one you’ll choose.

It comes in 3 flavors:

-Fruit Punch ( I always take this one)


-Orange ( tried this one once, it’s strange but it is even more acid and has a kind of sweetness over it )

If I was you, I would take the Fruit Punch, it is the less acid one and is easier to drink it.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

I’m always used to buy it at https://www.bodybuilding.com – click here

The prices there are:

-For the 3lbs. $29.78

-For the 6lbs. $44.97

But you’re not forced to buy it from there if you don’t want, you can always buy it from Amazon as well.

-For the 3lb. the price there is: $29.99

-For the 6lb. $38.64

Time for the general opinion and overall rating

The general opinion about this product is very positive.

People give very good comments about the effects, muscle growth, the recovery rate..

And I also noticed they like the taste ( I don’t at all).

The general ratings are:

Rated flavor rating: 9.4 ( for me it is like a 6).

Effect rating: 9.6

Verified Buyer rating: 8.9/10

The overall rating is 9.4/10

MY PERSONAL OVERALL RATING IS 9.1/10 ( and this is only due to the taste).

My opinion

If you need an additional supplement, to boost your muscle-growth, more creatine and get rid of that empty feeling you could have, and also, to perform very good workouts, this is the supplement you need. In all those years I’ve been using this, it never let me down.


-It is a wonderful product which you will have success

-It has 2 types of high-end quality creatine

-You will notice that your recovery rate will go up, and your muscles bigger


-The taste in my opinion is disgusting

As you see, the only bad thing about it is the taste..


So, don’t hesitate, get it now!

If there’s any question about this product, feel free to ask, if you have a comment, feel free to put it below, also reviews, testimonials are very welcome!




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