Creature BSN – What You Need To Know

We all know that feeling: we’re training, but sooner or later we reach our limit. Some of us try it without supplements because maybe they aren’t safe, or people they know don’t agree with them. But they are wrong, supplements are to help you, for reaching a level beyond that limit, and to achieve whatever you want in the gym. You have many brands, products, but not all of them are good, and not every product will help for you, since it is your body that will decide if it wants to take it or not. But, that doesn’t mean you can not try it!


In this post we’re going to review a creatine product, it helps to build up your muscle, gain size, strength, endurance and it helps speeding up the recovery process, so you can train more often and harder than normal.

The product we will review today is the Creature BSN – it is made by BSN ( Beast Sports Nutrition).


The following topics we’re going to review:


– Who is BSN?

– Creature BSN, what are the ingredients and what are the benefits of them?

– What kind of flavors does it have

– The general opinion

– Overall rating of the product

– My opinion about it

– Pros and cons

– How does it compare against similar products?

– Why should you try this one?

– Serving size

– Price and where to buy it

– Ending conclusion

It is a lot we have to go through, so let’s start!


Who is BSN?

BSN is actually the shortcut for Beast Sports Nutrition.


They’re located in the United States, their purpose is to create the highest quality products available at the market.


BSN creates them, as they state, under the strictest protocols, and to help the people to the most efficient way to achieve their goal.


They work together with athletes, and competitive persons, who tests and allows them to develop them for the big market.


What makes them special into the bodybuilding/fitness world, as they say, is that they make all-in-one products, so you don’t need to buy one product and another one to have the full effect.


If you want to know more about them: click here.


Now we’re going to dig deeper into the product to see what is inside and what kind of benefits it has for your body.


The ingredients of Creature and which kind of advantages it gives to your body


They have the following ingredients in the product (the benefits I put next to it)



-They have a creatine blend of 5 creatines, this is what we like, because it gives you such a more powerful feeling, it is almost the same one as this product.



The 5 creatines are:


– Creapure Brand Creatine Monohydrate (supports the muscles primary source of energy in your body)


– Di-Creatine Malate (helps for a better creatine entry into the muscle cells than creatine would do by itself alone)


– Creatine Anhydrous (is creatine with the water removed)


– Crea-Trona (it is buffered creatine)


– Creatine Gluconate (helps to absorbing the creatine into your muscles much faster)


This is a quite advanced creatine blend, designed to do this to your body:


– More endurance

– Your energy rises

– The recovery speed rate goes faster

– You get more strength

– And because of that, your size goes bigger, in a relatively short time.


It also has:


– Biotin ( as D-Biotin)

– Cromium ( as Cromium Picolinate)

– Insulinogenic Co-Factors Blend (more oxygen and creatine intake by the muscles)



Before we’re going to give the results, we’re going to share which kind of flavors this product has!


The flavors of Creature


It has 5 flavors in total, and they are good actually, easy to swallow and no pieces left. But ok, we will talk about that later in this post!


The flavors are:


– Beast Punch

– Citrus

– Cherry Limeade

– Pink Lemonade

– Unflavored



I suggest not to take the unflavored one, it tastes to nothing and is kinda bitter, but it is still your choice!


Now, it is time to come up to the important parts of this review!


The general opinion



I always like this part, since this is isn’t our personal view, but from thousands of other people, which makes this review so much more trustworthy, and that is what we’re aiming for.

About this product, we found 4212 opinions and reviews, and the majority, or can we say, the most of them, are very happy with this one.

They are happy with the effects, results, and also about the taste they are very satisfied.

The only thing they state is when you drink it, you have to keep shaking it, because maybe else you will get big pieces of creatine clotting together.


The most of them experience the effects after a few weeks, let us say, 2-4 weeks, to know a cycle of creatine takes 6 weeks, so in that time, you will have more strength, endurance, recovery, just to say, more and better exercises, and heavier lifts.

You will see in a moment how this affects the overall rating!


The overall rating!


This is always the most exited part of the whole review, the rating!

As usual, we divide the rating first into the effects, results, flavors, the verified buyer rating, and of course, the general rating, and our personal overall rating as the conclusion!

So, let’s take a look!


– The effect rating: 9.5/10

– Result rating: 9.6/10

– Average flavor rating: 9.3/10 (it is because the unflavored one, else was much better)

– Top rated flavor: 9.3/10

– Verified buyer rating: 9.4/10

– Overall product rating: 9.3/10 My personal rating: 9.6/10

My opinion



The fact that they blended 5 ingredients of creatine in the Creature supplement, makes sure this one will be effective, if 95 percent of the people are happy about it, don’t doubt about it that it works. The mix of the creatine is something we really like, in an earlier post, we said that 3 creatines together already is something of the next-generation, well this one beats it with 5, and it does it very nice. You want results? Certainly try this one then!

Pros and cons


How good a product is, it always has its cons.

But let’s begin with the pros.



– They managed to blend 5 high-quality creatines together, with a wonderful result

– The results are visible after only 2-3 weeks, which are: more endurance, power, size, and faster recovery

– It is very when it comes to the price/quality

– If you reached your plateau, this one will guide you over it

But as I mentioned before, even the best product has a con.




– The flavors are good, but, don’t try the unflavored one, you will never want to try the other ones anymore, what would be a shame, since the flavored ones are good.

– You have to keep mixing it while drinking it because the blend


The pros outnumber the cons, if you don’t like keeping on mixing the blend and you pass this one, you don’t know what you miss!

Now, we’re going to compare it with a product that we’ve already reviewed, from the top class, the middle class and the lower class.

This product compared to other ones.


Against the Genius Creatine Powder (that review you can find here):

It is actually a bit better than the Genius Creatine, since it has 5 high quality creatines blended, and the Genius only has 3, which makes that this one will speed up the gaining process a bit more than the other one.


Against the Cell Tech Creatine (read that review here):

Cell Tech is very good, but it can not compete against the blended version of the Creature, and the flavors are worse than this one.


Versus the Bauer Nutrition Pre Workout: (find the review here)

It is much better, the problem with the product of Bauer is simple, you need to buy the 3 products to have a fully working pre workout, and it is missing creatine, so your growth won’t go as fast as when you use this one.

And now an important question… Why should you try this one?



Well, we have been testing this product for a while, to check if the blending of the 5 creatines would actually work good, and also about the taste, as well with the way the mixing works, and if it leaves something behind.

We came to this conclusion to convince you why to use this one:


You want to become one of the best in the gym, within 2 months? You want to gain a few pounds of muscle size? You want to use good quality creatine only, and no crap, and also not paying too much for that? It is possible, with this product!


We believe you can reach your potential when using this product, and you won’t be disappointed!


Now, it is time to see the serving sizes!


The serving sizes


The product has 3 serving sizes, which are:

– 10 servings (Citrus flavor only)

– 30 servings (Beast Punch, Citrus, and Pink Lemonade flavors)

– 60 servings (has all the flavors)


Now, let’s see where to buy it, and how much it costs!


What is the price, and where you can buy it?

You can buy it from ->click here!

– The price is:

– For the 10 servings: $4.98

– 30 servings: $18.49

– 60 servings: $24.68


To buy it from Amazon, click below!

The prices are:

– 30 servings: $17.30

– 60 servings: $22.50

Note, they only have 2 servings!






Ending conclusion


The product, as the reviews of the people state, is a very good one. We’ve been testing it for a while, and it does what it promises, the quality of the creatine is of a very high level, and the other plus is that it is a blend of 5 of them.

They give you everything you need to achieve your goal, the endurance, the strength, the gain in size, and the recovery rate.

Not only this, but also, it is very cheap for that quality (remember I told once, sometimes the cheap ones are better than the expensive ones, this is a very good example of it).

So, don’t hesitate, and get it now!


If you have any question, or you want to share your experience with us, feel free to post it below!



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