Eggwhite Protein – By NOW – why I dont like it

In this post we’re going to review the Eggwhite Protein supplement which is made by NOW.

After testing this for a while and looking and hearing other people comments, we are ready to show you everything about this product, what it has, how good the reception is, the benefits, the pro and con about it, the prices, and much more!

So let us begin to show you what this product is.


What is this product?



This is a protein supplement, which primary task if to give those nutrients to your muscles, wether it is before, during, or after the training.

It will provide your body a sustainable grow, during exercises, and also has a maintaining job, so you won’t lose anyting.

Protein is a key nutrient for your body, it is one of the building blocks, without it, you wouldn’t be able to do anything.



The ingredients

As the name states, it is mostly made of egg white, let us see what else they’ve put in:

– 5 grams of fat – which is OK

– 5 mg of Cholesterol

– 320 mg of Sodium

– 330 mg of Potassium

– 4 grams of Carbs – which is OK, it is a protein supplement

– 5 grams of Dietary Fiber

– 1.5 grams of Xylitol

– 110 calories – is best OK

– 20 grams of proteins – which is low to my opinion

– A slightly percentage of Calcium and Iron



Why do I say in my opinion it is low?



I love protein shakes, since they give you that additional need of them when you perform exercise, now, too much is also not good, but a protein supplement should have between 35-50 grams of protein inside, for the best grow possible.

Too less means a slower grow, and a waste of money, since you could achieve it much faster.

If you say, oh really, I don’t mind, there is no problem, but if you want to grow fast, I suggest taking a protein supplement which has at least 15 grams more.


The flavors of this product



This supplement comes with 2 flavors:

– Rich Chocolate

– Vanilla Creme

Honestly, and many people with me, the taste is awful, if you should find an unflavored version, take that one.

It made me feel sick, having a bad aftertaste, as well it was very hard to swallow and I kept with a bad breath afterwards.

Just to warn you.


The general opinion



So let us take a look what the public say about it, and then we give our opinion about this product.

Let us say it is kind of mixed, there are people who are happy (let us say around 68-70%), and the other ones are negative.

The positive points they mention is that they can see growth, and it fills the stomach.

Also, you can make lovely pancakes with this.

Bad points are that the taste is bad, don’t mix with water (eggs), but use a blender, there’s a possibility you get cramps and diarrhea, it doesn’t have enough protein to get a sustained growth, and for what it delivers, the price is too high.

Our opinion is that although it is an egg white protein product, NOW could make it much better than this, we tasted other egg based protein shakes, and those were much, much better, so I wouldn’t advise you to use this one.


The overall rating


Effect Rating: 7.2/10

Result Rating: 7.1/10

Flavor Rating: 3/10

Price/Quality: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7/10                       My Personal Overall Rating: 6.8/10

Like I’ve already mentioned, there are simply better ones.

The pro and cons



– You grow with it, although it isn’t very much (unless you use other supplements which has protein)

– You can make pancakes easily with it

– It fills the stomach



– Very bad taste

– Impossible to mix, or you need to blend it (however, it is an egg based protein supplement, which is the reason why)

– Not enough protein to grow fast, the quality is quite OK

– The price is too high

– You can have diarrhea and cramps



Why should you buy it and why not ( the benefits included)



It is a protein supplement, so it will help you grow, even if it not in a fast rate.

However, you need to take the side effects in account: The bad taste, cramps, bad mixing, the high price.

NOW is a big brand, they deliver some good supplements, but not this one.

We highly recommend to look for another one.



This supplement compared to similar ones



Now we will compare it to similar ones, to let you show the differences.

Compared to the Nitro Tech by MuscleTech – click here for this review

The Nitro Tech is one of the best protein products out there, there is only one big dislike, there is creatine inside, yes, it helps to grow, but I prefer to have it as a pre workout or even as a post workout, since there will be more effect, also to take in account you need to drink lots of water with it.

For the rest, it has a mix of the 2 best proteins available ( around 50 grams in total), so you immediately see the difference about the measure of grams.

This one is my favorite, for now.


Compared to the Lean Body Packets supplement made by MRP – click here for this product/review –

It is a protein supplement, however, you can perfectly use it as a meal replacement.

MRP made sure this supplement has all the sufficient nutrients inside if you want to grow, but also if you don’t have the time to eat for any reason.

We really like this product since it contains lots of proteins, and other good ingredients, which will make sure your body gets what it needs.

The only downsize is that it is quite expensive.

But in any way, this is much better than the Eggwhite Protein.



Serving size


This product comes at following servings:

– 1.5 lbs. (This is the only size they have)


Where to buy and how much does it cost


To buy it at click here

The price is: $26.45

To buy it from – click below

The price is $22.57

Now, it is time for the ending conclusion!



The ending conclusion

We have come to the ending of this review, we showed you many things about it, the most important thing is that you have better products out there than this one, for some reasons, but the main reason is that the protein level is too low to have a very good effect, also the thing that the taste is horrible, it doesn’t mix easy (with the eggs we understand, but still), and it comes with a quite high price, we don’t put a high score.

We also showed you nevertheless, that this product has some benefits, such as the fact this is pure egg white, which is the most pure and concentrated form you can find, which helps you to grow, to stimulate your body to produce more mass, size and strength, however, we really wanted to see this with 50 grams of protein, the result would be even better.

The bad thing about this is that you are almost forced to take another supplement which has enough proteins inside, or take a diet which contains lots of proteins, such as beef, chicken, eggs, but that could cause another side effect, the so known cholesterol, with the risk of having serious health issues.

So what I suggest, if you really want to try it, is that you look for another supplement to combine it with (it is a waste of money though, I have the idea, but you really have die hards).

And we already mentioned it, the taste, this is just horrible, I never, but really never tasted something so bad as this. And yes, I know this is an egg supplement, but I’ve been using an egg-based protein supplement for a long while in the time I trained, I don’t remember the name, if I come up I will add it later, but it was a German company, now, that taste was vanilla, and cheaper than this one, and that taste was a really good one, was totally vanilla, and every day I was enjoying and looking forward to try it, which I never had with this supplement, and I’m not the only person who states/is saying this, there are many other people saying the same.

Another issue we had is the fact you could have cramps, even yes, when you start to train it is normal to have cramps and you go to the toilet more times, but that even a person who trains a lot has cramps, it is quite strange to us. Anyway, we don’t say you can’t use this product, just don’t expect too much about it.

If you have any comment, question or you have been using this product and wants to share your experience with us, feel free to put it in the comment section below!



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