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We’ve already done lots of reviews, but now and then we post a guide on our site, to aid you in very specific and important key things for your body and life.

We already spoken about superfoods and weight loss, but what is also important, perhaps actually the most important, is the way you eat.

You can train what you want, but if you won’t be careful with your food, nothing will work.

Why this is important? Well you know even when you move a lot when eating unhealthy, you can get diseases or bad stuff can happen to your body, we’re thinking about a bad heart, too much cholesterol, high blood pressure, and it can shorten your lifespan.

So in this post we’re going to show you which kind of food is/are good for you, to live healthy.


Does this mean I can’t eat/cheat with it? Like junk food


It doesn’t mean you can’t eat it, but as you know, this stuff isn’t healthy at all. Everybody knows about that movie where that guy went every day for a month to a McDonalds, now of course that is extreme, but you can think what it does to your body, even in small doses. When I was training, I also had a cheat day in the week, which is necessary yo keep a bit of pleasure in your time, but I always changed the food I was eating.

One time was pizza, then hamburgers, then a steak.. changing the food is good for your body, because then you have the wide range of nutrients you need.

About the switching of food, I’ll give some tips


– Always make the menu for the whole week, there is no surprise, and you know what your body will receive.

– Check what is inside of each product you buy.

– Be careful with fat, a bit isn’t bad, but fat converts to sugar/cholesterol, which can be dangerous.

– Always combine it with vegetables, they make sure you will be healthy, putting vegetables which clean your stomach is good, but not more than once per week or per 2 weeks.

– Try to eat a pasta every week, they give you good energy, but won’t come with the fat, however don’t do more than once if you don’t perform good exercises, else it could actually store in your belly, and you end up with a pasta belly.

– You can drink a beer, but keep it at 1-2 a week, doing more can harm your muscles, it can harm your effort, it has lots of sugars inside, and it has the potential to break off tissues of your muscles


Knowing this, I will list up which kind of food you can eat


I start with the vegetables:


Spinach: It is the most healthy vegetables, since it has a very good nutrient profile. It has lots of Vitamin A, like 56%, and 100% of Vitamin K, which is excellent.

It also has a great deal of antioxidants, which has the benefit of decreasing the chance of chronic disease, and a decreased chance of having cancer.

Recently studies show that when you consume spinach, it can help against high blood pressure, and is beneficial for your heart health.


– Carrots: This vegetable has lots of Vitamin A, to be exactly: 426% in 128 grams.

This can reduce the chance of having cancer as well, merely lung cancer.

It also contains Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Potassium.


– Broccoli: It is rich in a sulfur-containing plant compound known as glucosinolate, as well as sulforaphane, a by-product of glucosinolate, which has a protective effect against cancer.

A serving of Broccoli provides your body with 116% of Vitamin K, and 135% of Vitamin C.

These are 3 vegetables which will aid you in your healhy lifestyle.



Let’s take a look to the fruits

Even when you think fruit is logical when it comes to health, it isn’t always like this, you have many fruits which contains lots of sugars, thus aren’t good for you, because they can do more harm than good.

So I will post only fruits who really do lots of benefits for you!

– Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a very healthy citrus fruit, maybe even the most healthy of all.

It has lots of vitamins, and can reduce insulin resistance, cholesterol, and another benefit is that it can prevent kidney stones.



– Pineapple: This fruit is very good when it comes of nutrition, it has lots of Vitamine C and Manganese inside, as well as Bromelain.

This can fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of cancer.



– Avocado: This one is almost unique, since it is low on carbs, and its fats are mostly healthy.

This fruit promotes your heart health.


Again, we’ve shown 3 types of fruits, which can be beneficial for your health, these combined can be very good for you.

I will show you which kind of meat/fish you can eat combined with it.



Which kind of meat to eat, to have a healthy lifestyle


There are different kinds of meat you can eat, I will show you which ones.

– Lean Beef: As the name states, it is lean, so no fat, but it has lots of protein, iron, zinc, niacin, choline and Vitamin-B12, all the essential nutrients for your body, to remain healthy, and to keep your body like it is.


– Chicken: Chicken contains Iron, lots of protein, selenium, and many B-Vitamins, which won’t give you too much fat, but keeps your body like it is, it maintains your health, as well as your heart health. But one tip, don’t eat the skin, it contains all the fat, and that can cause lots of problems for your body, such as too high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, be very careful about that.


About the drinks


Be careful about sodas, they contain so many sugars, that they are a bomb for your body, bombs aren’t good, your insulin level can rise tremendously, and can cause obesity, and that is what you don’t want.

Water is actually the best you can drink, one or 2 sodas a week are fine, but don’t drink more than that, we already said what it could cause.

About the beers, it is the same, 2 beers a week are fine, and they contain calcium, which is actually good for you!

If you think about wines, 2 glasses a week is also fine, they also have the chance (the red wines), to reduce cancer, so that is a very good benefit, but again, don’t overuse it, it also contains (lots of) sugar.

Coffee has lots of caffeine, it is nice to have the energy boost, but could damage your heart, so don’t drink too many of it a day, we suggest like 3-4 cups maximum.

Tea is good, but look if it contains sugars, and we suggest taking an antioxidant one.


Exercise is important, but the food is even more!

I hope this helped you to guide you in the right way, towards a healthier lifestyle, I will soon post a guide, which I will describe all the healthy kinds of fruit, vegetables, and more!

If you have any questions, put them in the comment box below.




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