Her CLA – by NLA For Her – does this fatburner really helps losing weight

In this post we’re going to talk about the fat burner supplement NLA For HER has made, called Her CLA.

We will show you everything about this product, what it is, how much it costs, how good it is, compared to other products, and much more.



What it is for

In the world of today, many people wants to lose weight by special diets, or exercise.

Sometimes when it doesn’t go well in that, or to slow in their opinion, people are easily seduced to do drastic things (I’m talking about surgeries), but it can cause serious side effects, I saw it with a colleague of me, and he almost lost his life due to that.

So it is better to use a safe alternative, like Her CLA.

This is a fat burner, which means it controls your metabolism state, by putting it in a higher speed (rate), so your body burns more than it receives.

Of course there is a chance of side effects, like fatigue, diarrhea, and stomach uncomfort.

Don’t forget this changes your body, how it performs, and the reaction of your body is this.

Is it dangerous? Let me say, if you drink enough water a day, no, else yes.



What you can expect

This product can give the following effects to your body:

– Increased fat loss

– Promoting lean muscle mass

– Higher metabolism rate

It is possible your appetite also will decrease because of it, but more tests has to be done before to absolutely sure.

Let us take a look what is inside.


The ingredients


Why can this product makes your metabolism go higher so you can have fat loss/calorie burning?

Well, this is caused by this ingredient:

– Conjugated Linoleic Acid 80, or short, CLA, this product has 1,200 mg inside of it, which make it very strong, and should be effective (we see later if this is the case).

What else it has? This:

– Water, Gelatin and Glycerin

It would be strange if it had calories, since it has to burn them!



Serving size

This product comes only with 1 serving size, which is 60 capsules.


The general opinion


We looked to many comments, reviews, also tested it, and we have to say that this stuff works.

Some of us aren’t quite a fan of it, because it could have some side effects, which I’ve already described.

But as we saw, those are the minor 10% who could have these issues.

For the rest, people are very satisfied, they say their muscles look harder, leaner, the fat is getting shredded, actually quite fast.

About the appetite, it is possible that you will lose a bit of it, and if you use it for a bit longer, your hunger could be depleted by the half.

So we suggest not to take it longer than 2 months in a row.

What could give you an uncomfortable feeling as well, but is not a real side effect is that because the metabolism rate is faster, you start to sweat, which can have a smelly feeling, but it is not dangerous, just as long you drink.



The overall rating

Effect Rating: 8.6/10

Result Rating: 8.7/10

Price/Quality: 8.7/10

Overall rating: 8.7/10                            My Personal Overall Rating: 8.6/10

This is a good fat burner, and if you take it like you should, you will see fat loss combined with lean muscle mass gain.


Why only CLA?



Her CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a powerful and very important essential fatty acid (EFA) – meaning our bodies need it but do not produce it on our own, it must come from diet (dairy and animals fats) and/or supplementation. CLA can help your body reduce body fat by helping to increase its metabolic rate and supporting your immune system, altering your body’s fat-to-muscle ratio when used in conjunction with a consistent workout regimen.

This is also why there will never be CLA in combination with something else, because it is already good enough.

The recommended dose: 1 soft gel 3 times daily. Don’t exceed it since it can cause serious troubles.



What is the price and where can I buy it?

The product costs $13.78

And you can buy it here.

Pros and cons


– Lean muscle gain

– Faster metabolism, which means good fat loss/burn

– You will lose weight in a good rate


– Various side effects, including, diarrhea, uncomfortable stomach feeling, and fatigue

– Could cause you to sweat a lot, so drink enough water



How does this product perform with other supplements?

Compared to the Trans4orm made by Evlution Nutrition: click here for this product

Both are very good products, however, we point the Trans4orm as the number 1.

It helps with weight loss, but also strengthens your focus, and your energy.

Also, your cravings will be reduced.

All these facts combined makes that this product is one of the best, maybe even the best you can find in the market.

Compared to the CLA By RSP Nutrition: click here for this product

They have both CLA in it, but there is a difference, the RSP has Sunflower Oil in it, which means your immune system also gets stronger, which is necessary, because the lose of weight also makes you will lose vitamins and other nutrients.

You can avoid losing vitamins with this supplement, which we have reviewed and pointed as a very good one, also in this case, click here for it.

Compared to the Xtend Ripped by SciVation: click here for this product

We don’t say it is a bad product, it is equal as the CLA, it only has more and different ingredients inside, such as BCAA’s, and also Cayenne pepper, because it helps to raise your metabolism rate, and you go to the toilet more, which means, promoted fat loss.

In our opinion, you can use it for more purposes than only fat burning, so the 2 above will perform better in this case.

Where to buy it

To Buy it from Bodybuilding.com- click here

The price is: $13.78




CLA is always good for fat loss, as long as the concentration of it isn’t too much, which is not in this case.

It will help you lose weight, and maintain muscles, lean muscles to be specific.

Her CLA is a supplement which will aid you very good in this goal you want, if it is to lose a bit of weight, or to lose more.

Just be cautious about the side effects it can have, such as diarrhea, a bloated feeling (uncomfortable stomach), and fatigue, which is normal, since your body has to work very hard, even when you’re not eating or performing exercises, and it can cause you to sweat a lot.

So never forget to drink water in between, at least 2 liters.

Don’t forget to also leave any alcoholic booze aside, since it could cause problems, or to shut down this supplement from working.

Drinking sodas is permitted, however, also be cautious in it, since sugars can cause your water get drained from inside, and your body could raise in temperature, and in extreme cases could lead to fever.

In my opinion, water is the best.

In overall this product does what it has to do, many people are very happy about it, and we have to say that the price is good, you can take 2 or 3 capsules a day, don’t over exceed it.

We also want to say that if you want this product to work optimal, you really need to sport, or do some exercises, this product will work without it, but as you know, how do you lose weight the fastest? Right, by exercising, so even when using this, it is considered to perform exercises (running, swimming, workouts) at least 3 times a week, it doesn’t have to be hours, 1 hour per workout is enough, but you need to do it.

We came to the end of this review, I hope we could answer all the answers you had about this product, and that you can compare a supplement towards another supplement which do the same as this.

If you have any question, or you tried this product, we would be happy to hear about you!




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