Pre JYM – The full review

I’ve already reviewed the Post JYM of JYM Supplement Science, now it is time to review their pre-workout, which is called Pre JYM.

As I’ve already state before, this company is being led by a doctor who sees customers as the most important factor and he wants to make his products according to them, he always responds to comments and critics, to make sure his products are the best for them. The post workout of them is a very good one, let’s see if this one is equally to that.

So let us begin with what it has inside.


Pre JYM, what has it?

To begin first, he states that JYM won’t even try to say it is the best, or like he mentioned, a game changer, they are good in the class where they belong and the people are satisfied.

Now, it has 13 hand-picked ingredients, of a very high quality, and also they mentioned, the full dose of it ( which means that you really shouldn’t surpass that dose, if you feel your body is getting somewhat adapted to it, its best to stop it for maybe a few weeks to a month).

Now, let’s take a look what those 13 ingredients are:

-There are 6 grams of citrulline malate inside, which helps to promote your muscle endurance, and therefore your muscle pumps ( a good pre-workout has to give that pumped feeling towards your muscles, if not, it is the best you choose another one, really)

-Of course it has 6 grams of BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio, which is very good to your muscle growth and it boosts your muscle performance. Also, they have the advantage of blunting your muscle fatigue, which, well, you know, you can hit the gym much longer and lift heavier weights without being exhausted fast

-As every pre-workout should have, it has 2 grams of creatine HCI, this is very good for your strength, muscle growth, and the endurance of them

-You find 2 grams of CarnoSyn beta-alanine inside, which helps to boost your muscle power, your strength, the growth, and the endurance of your muscles

-To provide you with greater power and strength during your workouts, they’ve added 1.5 grams of betaine

-And it is not finished yet, to support the amino acid profile of your body during workouts, it has 600 milligrams of N-acetyl L- cysteine inside

– They’ve also added 500 milligrams of Beet Root extract, what it does is actually enhancing your nitric oxide level, as you maybe still remember, I’ve once explained this is very good for giving you large amounts of energy and massive pumps, since it pumps lots of oxygen in your muscles

As every pre-workout should have, this one also has it: caffeine! It has 300 grams of it, which means, more energy, more focus, and more endurance.

-It also contains 150 grams of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, which gives you a better drive, focus ans strength in the gym ( who wouldn’t want this?)

-To even increase your focus more and establish a stronger mind-muscle connection, they’ve added 50 micro grams of huperzine A

-And the last ingredient is BioPerine, which benefit is that it has the enhancing ability of absorbing more nutrients into and to your muscles.

I know, its a lot of ingredients blended together, but they say every dose is carefully and by hand-picked and filled.

If you want to know more about the science behind the facts – click here!

Why would this pre-workout be better than other ones?

They state that many companies say that they found the miracle formula, that with their product you’ll gain more and faster in size, muscle mass, power, strength and more.

However, they say that those companies are not good!

To give an example ( and there are plenty of these actually), concentrated supplements, not only pre-workouts, are often worse than not concentrated ones. Why is that? It is very simple, in concentrated blends they only put the half, maybe less than normal, and fill it with other things ( I’m not talking about big brands, but some smaller ones really do that). And as you can guess already, having the half of the necessary ingredients than normal, your growth will be stuck as well. You actually pay for crappy things, and that’s a waste.. It’s like paying for a big chicken but the half is water ( been there, done that).

Pre JYM has more than 26 grams of it, so it is more than suitable enough!

Let us see what the general opinion about this pre workout is, and of course, also the rating!


The comments it receives are very positive.

People are satisfied by the amount of pump they get, they don’t get a crash while working out, or even after.

Because of that, they can perform exercises longer and harder, which obviously means they gain.

Also, the taste seems to be very good, you can see the kinds of flavor a bit more down of this post.

It has one downside, which is the price, as I told you, quality costs money, crap also, but quality will pay off and the crap will only get you rid of the money without doing anything. So, if I were you.. I would certainly try it!

The pro and con




-It gives you the magnificent natural pumping in all your muscles

-Has not too much caffeine inside, just enough to focus and yet to let your heart beat at a safe rate

-No crashing, no empty feeling after the training

-The blend and all its ingredients are hand-picked

-Lovely flavors

-JYM Supplements Science treat their customers as if they are family





-Quality has its price, so it is a quite expensive product ( $2.00 -€1.3- per serving)



So, yes it is expensive, but what you’ll get in the place is so good, that you’ll notice effects very soon, and it is the price of 2 crappy ones. Let me give an example, shoes. You can buy 2 cheap pairs for 20 dollars = 40 dollars, or a very good one for 55 dollars. The cheap ones only last for 2 months, while the good one will last for at least 2 years, so in that period, you were much better off buying the more expensive one than the cheap one. Here is the same, you can choose for a cheap one, you will find good ones, but you will at least try some before you find and spend more than you would already try this one. It is your choice, but I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you.

Time for the overall ratings


Flavor rating: 9/10

Working effect rating: 9/0

Quality of the product rating: 9.6/10

Verified Buyer Rating: 9.1/10

Overall Rating : 9/10 My personal overall rating: 9.1/10

Not only my opinion, but also the opinions of thousands of other people think the same of this one: that it is a must have.


Before I forget, let’s take a look at the flavors!


The product has 8 flavors in total, some are less good than others in my opinion, but of course that is personally, maybe you’ll like all of them.


The flavors are:


-Black Cherry

-Cherry Limeade ( this flavor seems to have the highest rate)

-Natural Island Punch

-Orange Mango

-Rainbow Sherbet

-Raspberry Lemonade

-Refreshing Melon

-Strawberry Kiwi


Serving size and price

Now we come at a very good point, how big is the package and how much does it cost?

Well, let’s see:

The serving sizes are:


-20 servings

-and 30 servings

The cheapest is the 30 servings.



Now you will see why I said the 30 servings are the cheapest, and this is why:


-The price for the 20 servings is: $37.99

-And for the 30 servings it is $48.99

Where can you buy it?

You can buy from bodybuilding -> click here

You can also buy it from Amazon -> the link is below here



This is the perfect product if you want to have a very good workout, you can also stack it with the Post JYM, for the best results, which I HIGHLY recommend!

If you have more questions about this product, or want to share a review, comment, or a testimonial, feel free to comment below, I’ll be more than happy to answer them, and also to help people to guide them to the right product for their needs!


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