Pro Gainer Optimum Nutrition – The Full Review

In this post we are going to review the Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition, which is a weight gainer.


We have tested this supplement for a while, so we are confident about what we can tell about this.


But first I want to answer a question I had once. Yes weight gainers are very useful to win it, but not all of them are the same, some have total different ingredients or blended in a total other way, which could make it very good for you, or just very bad. It is like many supplements, you have very good ones, but be careful of the crap out there.


Now, let’s start this review!


What are the topics we are going to review for you?



– About Optimum Nutrition – who are they?

– What is inside the Pro Gainer?

– Which results and benefits can you expect from it?

– The flavors

– The general opinion

– The overall rating and my personal rating

– Pros and cons

– How good is it compared to similar supplements?

– Serving size

– Where to buy it and the price

– Ending conclusion

As you notice, there’s a lot to go through, so let’s begin!


Who is Optimum Nutrition


They are a company based in the United States, they are a part of Glanbia, which is an international company of nutrition.


The company strives to get the best supplements available, which they do by selecting the best raw ingredients for that supplement.


They are very close to the customers they state, and if there is something bad or could be better, they try to see what to change in the good way.


For the full description of the company -> click here.


It is time now to review the product, shall we?


Let us take a look what is inside the Pro Gainer!


As a weight gainer should have ingredients which makes you gain size in a relatively short period, it has to contain proteins, a good amount of calories and carbs.


So let’s take a closer look if this one has it!


For the start, it has:


– 650 calories per serving, it isn’t too much, some have more, but with those you could have the risk of putting too many calories for your body. 650 is a very good start, and you can take more if needed.


– 85 grams of carbs, it is perfectly to restore your energy levels, like after the training, and high intensity workouts.


– 60 grams of protein, perfectly for gaining the muscle size which you’re aiming for.


– It has only 6 grams of sugar, which is ideal and very low for such a weight gainer!


– And to continue, the fat it has inside is only 8 grams, not too much to worry when it is about gaining fat instead of lean muscle.


– It else has 3.9 grams of sodium.

Now, it has even more than this, it is probably the only weight gainer which has an incredible 24 vitamins and minerals inside!


Those are ( it is a long list but quite important to know what you take, right?):


– Vitamin D

– Calcium

– Iron

– Potassium

– Vitamin A

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin E

– Thiamin

– Riboflavin

– Niacin

– Vitamin B6

– Vitamin B12

– Folate

– Biotin

– Pantothenic

– Phosphorus

– Iodine

– Magnesium

– Zinc

– Selenium

– Copper

– Manganese

– Chromium

– Molybdenum

– Chloride


I know, the list is very long, but all of these ingredients will make sure your body maintains healthy and it improves your workouts and your gains!


So, let us see next what kind of flavors they have.


The flavors of Pro Gainer



It comes at these following flavors:


– Banana Cream

– Cookies and Cream

– Double Chocolate

– Strawberry

– Vanilla Custard


In my opinion the strawberry is very delicious, the vanilla is quite neutral if you don’t want too much flavor.


Time for the general opinion



The product has good critics, people are mentioning that the 60 grams of protein are a very good deal for a serving, the only downside is the price, it is indeed a bit pricey, are there better ones in the market for a cheaper price?


It would foolish of us to say no, there are other weight gainers which are equally or even better than this one, they can also be cheaper than the Pro Gainer, however, they probably don’t have the same composition as this one. You can also have the “risk” that this one will work and the other don’t.


But if you look to the price/quality, this is a very expensive product, and in our view, you can have other ones where you have more for less price. But the choice is yours.



It is possible sometimes it is hard to mix, but in overall, it isn’t too bad to do, unlike other supplements.


The flavor and taste is also something the majority is positive about, only the vanilla is not so good, some comments states, and we share that opinion.


So let us say, in the general, people are satisfied about the product, they only are not so happy with the price.

The overall rating



Let us look what the overall rating of this product is!

Effect Rating: 9.3/10


Top Rated Flavor Rating: 9.4/10


Average Flavor Rating: 9.3/10


Overall Rating: 9.3/10                                My Personal Overall Rating: 9.2/10


So, like I’ve already mentioned, normally this product would receive a better rating, but the price is too high, even with the fact it is a good product, also, the vanilla isn’t so good and sometimes the mixing isn’t easy.


But, it does what it has to do, and with the amount of proteins inside, you have all you need when it comes to win weight and gain lean muscle mass!

Pros and cons





– You get lean muscle mass

– The product has low to no fat inside

– You will win weight in a good amount of time

– It has lots of calories inside, also a lot of proteins

– Very high quality ingredients, to provide the best natural growth for your body




– It is expensive

– Sometimes the mixing isn’t easy, and you have to do it for a while, else you have a thick “soup”

– The vanilla flavor is one to evade

If you don’t look to the price, this could be product for you, and you need to try it.

How is it compared to other products?

It is a product, which can compete in the upper class of weight gainers.

But let us see it compared to a top class product:


Compared to the Stacked Protein Gainer by Evlution Nutrition -> Find the supplement here.


The stacked one is superior towards the Pro Gainer, first the price is less, and second, has less fat, and it has BCAAs and Glutamine. So the Pro Gainer doesn’t reach that potential.

But if you want to have the Pro Gainer anyway, it won’t disappoint you.


Compared to the Mass Gainer by MuscleMaxx -> you can find this supplement here.


It has more than the double of calories than the Pro Gainer, which you would think is good (in the time I was doing the weight gain it sounded fantastic), but I found that those calories weren’t all true, the weight I was gaining didn’t match with the amount I was taking, and some of their ingredients aren’t high quality.

So, the Pro Gainer is certainly better than this one, even though they say it has much more calories.


Compared to the Gain Fast 3100 By Universal Nutrition -> click here for this supplement


It has 3100 calories per serving, you read it good, 3100! Now, it is designed for hard gainers, but it is way too much, you will get a bloat feeling, it doesn’t mix too well, and some ingredients aren’t high quality. What is more, because of the heavy dosage, you will use less of it, which will lose the effect of that.

So, the Pro Gainer is superior towards this one.


The thought about it: Pro Gainer is a good supplement, but for that price, you have better ones.


Serving Size



Let us see which kind of serving sizes this product has, it comes with this serving sizes:

– 20 servings (only at

– 5 lbs.

– 9.1 lbs (only at

– 10.19 lbs.


If I was you, I would choose the 10 lbs, it is the cheapest, for sure. Knowing it isn’t the cheapest product, I would recommend you taking this size.

Talking about the price, let us see where you can buy it!

Where to buy and what is the price?



You can buy it from the following sites, which has also a different price everywhere:

To buy it from -> click here.

– The price for the 5 lbs is $41.50

– For the 9: $66.29 ( it is the only site which sells the 9 actually).

– The 10 lbs costs $69.69

To buy it from -> click here.

– The price for the 5lbs is $55.49

– For the 10 it is: $69.99


To buy it from, click below.

-The price for the 20 servings is $23.99

– The 5lbs costs $39.56

– And the 10 lbs costs $69.69


It is up to you where to buy it, GNC and Bodybuilding ships worldwide, Amazon doesn’t have it in some countries, so you should check it if they ship to you or not.


It is time to wrap things up, since we’ve come to the ending of this review.


The ending conclusion



It is a very good product, however, it has a downside, and that is the price.

Does this product work? Yes it does, the reason you should try it is that you will get the effects of it: such as more energy, gain in size, even increased lean muscle mass, but you have cheaper products which are also very good for it, so if you want to try it or not, the choice is for you!


If you have a question, or you tried this product and want to share that experience with us, feel free to leave it below in the comment section!




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