Pro Pump Evo review – By CNP Professional – will you get a good workout by this

In this post we’re going to review the Pro Pump Evo, and to see how good it is, and if it is labeled as a pre workout you need.

As you know, I hate pre workouts which has creatine inside, since the working of it isn’t as good as it is with a post workout (creatine has a very good stimulus on your muscle growth, AFTER the workout).

Now, this supplement doesn’t have it, which is already a very huge relieve!

Now we are going to discuss what this product is made of, how good it is, the benefits of it, what people think about it, where you can buy it and more!

This is a pre workout supplement right?


This will aid you into the exercises, by giving you more focus, energy, and strength/power.

Well it is supposed to do that, we will see later if it is truly like that.

Now let us see what is inside!

The ingredients of this product

-Energy: 296 kJ -70 kcal

-Fat: 0 g of which saturates: 0 g

-Carbohydrate: 2.7 g of which sugars: 1.3 g

-Protein: 13 g

-Salt: 89 g


-Citrulline Malate 6,000 mg

-Dual-Source Arginine: 4,000 mg

-Glycerol Monostearate: 2,800 mg

-CarnoSyn® (Beta Alanine): 2,000 mg

-Green Tea Extract (Leaf) (as VASO6™): 300 mg

-Vitamin C: 160 mg

-Vitamin B12: 25 Ug

As you notice, not any kind of Creatine!

It has the Beta Alanine, which is very good for your muscles, and to protect your joints as well.

The best part of it is that it reduces your muscle-fatigue, and you can perform exercises longer!

Knowing this, let us take a look which kind of flavors they have for this product.

The flavors

This product comes with 4 kinds of flavors, which are the following:

– Apple Fizz

– Blue RaspBerry

– Cherryade

– Cola Blast

I personally like the Cola one, well I’m a lover of Cola in general, so that isn’t a big surprise after all then, right?

Now we will see what the crowd thinks about this product.

The general opinion

People are very satisfied with this product, so there is actually no problem with it, it is not a scam whatsoever, it has stimulants, and people claim it is like magic.

It has no caffeine, for some this was not so good, other ones were totally happy with it, so it is how you think about that.

Your energy will rise, such as your pumps, which will give you that massive boost to lift more weight, and grow bigger and harder.

In our experience it is the same, we concluded that this supplement does what it has to do, which is giving you the pumps, energy and strength necessary to grow in size!

The overall rating

Time to see the ratings!

Effect Rating: 9.4/10

Result Rating: 9.1/10

Price/Quality Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9.1/10 My Personal Overall Rating: 9/10

This is a quite new supplement on the market, but it is a very good one, and you should really try it!

The benefits

You have the following benefits:

– More pumps

-More focus

-More energy

-Increased size because of the pumps

– Increased strength

And not any side effect!

Why should you buy it?

It is simple, it is indeed a new supplement, but it is a very good one, the flavors are quite good, so there is no doubting about that.

For me, personally, I like it as well since there is no chocolate inside, I know, again that chocolate haha.

There are no side effects being found, and the good sides are just too good to be ignored, so it is one of the best ones you can find, to train, and to maximize your size!

The serving size and price

To buy it at – click here –

The price is: €21,17


Ending conclusion

We tried this product, we tested it very carefully, saw which kind of benefits it can have, we also looked at many comments, and listened what people had to say about it, to make sure our opinion is totally covered and honest.

We want the best review out there, so it is important we let you know about everything.

What we found out is that you have major benefits because of this product, such as increased focus, strength, energy, and more pumps.

Combined with the flavor, which is good, we really like this product.

We didn’t notice any side effects, no jitters or bloated feeling, so that is a very good advantage.

The only bad thing is that it doesn’t sell in the USA or Canada, which has one of the biggest markets in the world, or you can try to buy it somewhere else (rather than

So as our ending conclusion, we see there is not any reason to say this product is fake or it is a placebo, instead, this is one of the best pre workouts you can find, and it won’t disappoint you!.

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