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Normally we always post reviews about products, but in this post we won’t.

Instead, we are going to show you a guide, which can be found here, and it is called Project Mass, made by Jake Wilson.

The name itself already states where it is about, to gain mass.

Why no review this time?

It is simply, even we are a review site for bodybuilding and fitness supplements, we still want to write guides and show tips and tricks (with videos as well), so you can achieve the goal you want.

This guide is just one of many that we will write soon.

What is this guide about?

This is a 14-week-long training, to guide you with exercises, and a total build up scheme/schedule, to reach the maximum growth you want/need.

This guide has videos, and explanations on how to do the things.

How it works

This guide, or schedule/scheme, as you want to call it, has the plan for you to workout 5 times a week, has a daily meal plan, techniques so you can do the exercises good, but also make sure you can do them as effective as possible, for the goal you have set.

All is included in Bodybuilding All Access, which has more than 50 videos, and even more guides into that, we will come back later on that topic.

Do you always wonder how it is possible that other people can become lean, or grow more in muscle, and often faster than you?

You never thought about having a personal training or it is too expensive for you?

Well, has something special for that, which we already said, the Bodybuilding All Access, where you can find EVERY KIND OF TRAINING YOU NEED FOR YOUR BODY!! If that isn’t nice, I don’t know it anymore!

Now, in this training, let me put a sample what they have (it is a week sample):


As you see, this is a very detailed way to guide you, but like I’ve already mentioned, they have more:

As you see, you can have a meal and supplement plan as well, because this is the most important in the schedule you need!


Training is about 30% of the effort, your body will quickly adapt to it, and it will grow more, and gain muscle size, BUT, if you don’t eat properly, it won’t matter if you go to train 7 days a week, since 70% of the effort is really done by the food, and supplements, because they are the one who will give your body the nutrients, they will give your body the fuel to do the exercises.

Don’t forget that without food, or at least, proper food, your body can’t do exercises, it won’t have energy, and you will be stuck in that bad cycle, even when you’re training hard, it will only demotivate you.

What is included with this All Access?

The following you can have when you want to do the All Access plan of

As you can see, it is a LOT what you have within it, and this only for $8.99 a month!

really, if I was you, and I would have hard times to keep up with the other ones, and feel demotivated because of it, I really would check it out, since it will help you get right back on tracks!

What is even more, they offer you a very good experience, by the meaning you can try this platform for 7 days, FOR FREE, In my opinion it is a very good way to see how good it is!

I mentioned that this post was no review, but it was kind of guide to help you to find good plans, and guides for building muscle mass and size, here you have it, this isn’t a review, since this is just a personal trainer, but online, and with much less money than you would have to pay in the real life!


Don’t hesitate, try the 7 days free, and you will see, you won’t discard the chance of having these incredible 50+ premium plans to lift you to a higher level, and having a good possibly to be one of the strongest in the gym!
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