Quadracarn – By Beverly International – a waste of money?

In this post we’re going to review the Quadracarn product, which is made by Beverly International.


We will show you if you have to try this product or you have to leave it aside.


What else we will show is what it is, what is inside, what the purpose is, how other people think about it, an opinion, the overall rating, why you should take it or why not ( the benefits or bad things about it), the pro and con, and more.


We hope after this review you will have the knowledge necessary for taking this product or never to use it.


What is this product?


We would say it is actually a supplement which can do a lot of things, you can get more energy by it, but it can also raise your testosterone levels, and can be used a fat burner.


About the benefits that it (can) give(s) you we will discuss it later in this post.


First we will show you what this supplement has inside.


The ingredients


It has the following inside:

– 750 mg of Acetyl L Carnitine HCL

– 450 mg of L-Carnitine

– 300 mg of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

– 15 mg of Propionyl-L-Carnitine

– 250 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract

Combined this should give some benefits, which we will show now.


Which benefits should it give you?


This supplement, as Beverly states, should give the following advantages:


– Supported performance

– It promotes your recovery

– It boosts muscle building by supporting healthy testosterone action

– Because the testosterone goes higher, your fat will decrease and you will get a leaner body

– Supported sexual life

– More pumps


This looks good, but is it? We went on an investigation, we tested it and also looking and hearing what lots of other people were saying about it.


The general opinion



The response is mixed, 65 percent of the people like it, but the other ones are totally disappointed in it.


We’ve noticed something in it, this product is good when you’re over 35, it fills up the gaps your age will start to show, your testosterone will be boosted, such as your recovery.


But if you’re below that age, the only thing you will do is urinate a lot, and it is a waste of money. And sometimes even above 35, you have a 60/40 percent chance it will work.


We really don’t recommend this product.


Overall Rating


Effect Rating: 7/10

Result Rating: 6/10

Price/Quality Rating: 6.8/10

Overall Rating: 6.9/10 My Personal Overall Rating: 6.7/10

It totally doesn’t work below 35, since your levels are beyond reach yet, above 35 you have a biggest chance of this working, but you have better ones than this.

Pro and con



– It gives your body a pump before exercising

– Raised testosterone levels

– Better recovery

– Better sexual health

– It is a fat burner as well, you can get lean

– Better mood, more focus




– It works when you’re above 35

– Even then there is a chance it doesn’t work


Why should you buy it or better: why not?


We already mentioned it when you’re below 35, this won’t work since your testosterone levels are still to high and you have better ones, it is a waste to see everything you want to have in your body being urinated out.


When you’re 35 or older, you have a chance this works, and you could have good benefits of it, which we already mentioned.


So, younger than 35? DON’T USE IT.


Older than 35? You can try.

This product being compared to similar ones


We normally compare products to each other, but in this case we will not do it, it isn’t a good one and you have plenty of good ones, like this one and this one.


Where to buy it


If you still want to buy it, you can buy it here:

To buy it from Bodybuilding.com click here

Prices here are:

– $29.19 for 120 tablets

Ending conclusion



This product let us down, we were expecting better from this.

If you’re above 35, there is a chance it will work, and else, really leave it aside and go for better products.

This product isn’t expensive, but it doesn’t bring what it should ( at least not when you still are not in the 30’s).

And it isn’t a good product when you go to exercise, you will feel to little effects of this one.

If you have any comments, questions or you tried this product, put a comment in the comment section below.

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