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In this review we’re going to discuss about the Shroom Tech Sport supplement, which you saw it is a multivitamin.

Now, I can imagine you’re thinking: But aren’t they all the same, since these products can have lots of differences, such as:

– A different shape of ingredients (other vitamins inside)

– Different dosage

– It is possible the combination doesn’t work.

So yes, quite differences.

Now let us take a look about this product!



About this supplement



As you already could guess, this is a multivitamin supplement, which will aid your immune system and your body by maintaining it while you perform heavy exercise.

However, it is possible you can take it without exercise, but don’t take the recommended dosage, cut it in half then.

As you know, when you perform exercise your body grows, it needs more nutrients, more vitamins to grow.

When this happens, it will form a gap inside of you, and you could have a deficit of nutrients and vitamins in particular.

When this happens because the lack of supplements, because food won’t be enough, or you have to eat a lot, which for some people is’nt possible, you can get sick, get injuries or more problems with your body

This is why supplements exist, and this vitamin supplement will help you, as I’ve described, to maintain your health and you can continue to workout like you do or even perform harder ones.

My experience to use it without


I have tried it to workout without any supplement, and thus without a multivitamin.

I better didn’t do it, I went very sick, my bones were hurting, my muscles were cramped, and it was like I moved a mountain.

For the folks who believes supplements are fake and a waste of money, this is why we did this site, there are indeed fake supplements out there and we try to warn you from them, but the good ones, you need to use them, else you won’t keep up.

Now we are going to delve deeper into this supplement.



The ingredients of this product


As a multivitamin, it has lots of vitamins, which are the following:

– 750 mcg of Methyl B-12: They state it is one of the most popular vitamins out there, and it participates in your homocysteine metabolism

– 200 mcg of Chromium Picolinate: This helps to balance and maintain your optimal blood sugar levels

– 1.2 grams of Shroom Tech O2 Blend, which has Cordyceps Extract inside: This ingredient increases oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity and cellular energy

– They’ve added another blend, the Shroom Tech Adaptogen Blend, which has 930 mg inside, consisting of:

– Ashwangandha Extract

– Green Tea Extract

– Rhodiola Extract

– Astralagus Extract

This blend will give you more focus, energy, an enhanched nervous system, and more vitality

It all seems to be good and working, but now we are going to see an important topic, even the most important of this whole review.



The general opinion and the overall rating, followed by our own personal rating



As you’ve noticed, in each review we have a topic which we show you the opinion of people, how they think about it, and how many points they give on it.

We look through a lot of reviews, also we test this ourselves, to have an opinion and rating, just to be sure you have the best rating possible.

Let us see what the people think about this supplement.

It is’nt overwhelming positive, around 75% are happy, but that means that 1 out of 4 is’nt. In our opinion that is really too much to say it is a very good product.

Let us start what people say about the good points:



– It gives more energy

– The focus is higher during workouts

– For the majority of the people it doesn’t give jitters, which is a great surplus

– More endurance, which means longer workouts



But this comes with some bad points as well:

– It’s costly for what it gives you, there are better similar supplements out there than this one

– For some people there are no effects at all

The bad points aren’t as much as the good, but be honest, would you like this product when it is so pricey and you have no idea if it works for you?



The benefits it gives you/should give you



– More focus, more endurance

– Your energy should be higher, which means better workouts

– More vitality, better immune system

But as you saw, there is a (big) chance it won’t work for you.

Now, let us go through a very important part:



The overall rating

it is time to show you how good the people rated it, it is followed by our personal rating.

Effect Rating: 7.7/10

Result Rating: 7.6/10

Price/Quality Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 7.6/10                           My Personal Overall Rating: 7.4/10


As I told you, we also tried this product, for some it worked, but for some not at all.

We didn’t encounter any side effects, that is something we have to mention, no jitters, no bloating, no sick feeling, but to say that we encounter a lot of good effects, that would be a lie as well.

It gave me a bit of energy, but I didn’t feel any chance of focus, endurance, and vitality.

I dislike the fact it is a vitamin supplement but it lacks a lot of vital vitamins inside.

We don’t say this is a bad product, since it works for a lot of people, but the price/quality is too high, we know there are better products out there, since we already tested more similar supplements.



The pros and contra about this product is what you have already seen, it is up to you if you want to try it or not. It is possible this will work for you, but there is also a chance it won’t, but the benefits it gives, looks more like it is a pre workout, rather than a multivitamin product.

This product compared to similar ones



Compared to the Animal Pak made by Universal – click here for this product



We already said that a multivitamin has to come with (lots of) vitamins, this one comes with at lots of it, and not a little of them, each of them has more than the recommended daily value inside, which makes it more than suitable enough to help you while working out.

Our opinion is that this product is at this moment is one of the best, it might be the best one for this moment, regarding the multivitamins section.

So We would suggest taking this one, rather than sticking with the Shroom tech.

But again, it is your choice what you want and what you choose.



Compared to the Biotin supplement by NOW – click here for this product

Although it doesn’t have multivitamins, Biotin is known for its good effects on your body, like better skin, maintaining a healthy nervous system, and better looking nails, liver and more.

When training out, your immune system has to be good, so this one works, and the high majority of the people agreed that this product works for them, which is a big difference with the Shroom product.



Compared to the Vita Jym by Jym supplements – click here for this product


This one is even better than the Animal Pak. Why?

It is simply the reason every single ingredient is handpicked, everything is mixed by the right amount, not too much, but also not to low, where you could have it with other products.

It is full of vitamins, but also has Biotin inside, which make this one, in our opinion, the very best one you will find, and about the price?

It is not too cheap, but looking to this one and the Shroom, we are happy to pay it for the quality it brings.

We recommend you to use this one, instead of the Shroom.

But again, it is your choice, you do want you want.



Serving size

They have it in 2 serving sizes:

– 28 capsules

– 84 capsules



The price and where to buy it

To buy at – click here

The price is:

– For the 28 capsules: $17.49

– 84 Capsules: $41.99

As you notice, it is very, very expensive, and even if you’re looking for this product as an energy supplement, there are better ones out there, which are cheaper, but again, the choice is yours.

We came to the end of our review, so it is time for..



The ending conclusion


We have shown you everything about this product, it is actually more an energy product than a vitamin one, since it actually has little to none of it inside, so we will say, it is a vitamine supplement which has as main task to get you out of the fatigue zone.

Does it work? Well for 75% of the people yes, for the others, no.

For us that is a bit too much, and also when you compare it too similar ones, this is a bit a middle-class product, but the price they ask for it, well, is too overrated.

It is a wonder to me why people want to buy this product, because you have better ones for a better price, which are actually true vitamin supplements.

As an energy supplement, it does work a bit, you get a little boost by it, but not to say it is a lot, because it lacks a good caffeine source, which is a shame.

That is why we didn’t rate it too high, but in the middle-class.


Our recommendation is not to buy it, but look for better alternatives, because there are, we described them above in the comparing topic, if you went too fast down, you have to take a look and you will see which kind of difference it is.

We highly recommend you to take the Vita Jym instead, it gives more energy, it also will provide all the essential vitamins, and believe me, it has lots inside, which is perfectly dosed (we really love Jym Supplement Science, since they are so good), so you have everything you need for the growth of your body.

But in the end, it is your choice, if you want to try this one, and actually pay way too much for what you will get, you’re all free.

We hope this review brought you some extra insight of this product, and if you have any other question, or you’ve already tried this product, and want to share your experience with us, feel free to put in the comment section below, not only we can respond to you, but you also will help other people.


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