Testosterone booster reviews – why they are so good

Testosterone, every man has it, from when he is born, till he dies. Also, females can have it, but in a reduced rate, but they could produce more, in a later period of their lives, when they get 60+, or when they decide to take it for competitions ( illegal).

In this post I’m going to explain to you what it does, how it is made, and also I will talk about the fact why the natural boosters are really good ( one brand works better than the other, but in overall), so you don’t need to be worry about things.

Testosterone explained

It is the male sex hormone, and it is produced in the testicles. It produces around 4 to 7 mgs of it every day. It doesn’t seem much, but for your body it is enough to maintain everything.

Also, when you are young, you produce 20 percent more of it than above 27.

But I will explain more about that later in the post.

It is an androgen, which means it is actually a steroid ( that is why it’s so popular among bodybuilding ).

It mainly is for the sperm production, for the sex drive, and reproduction.

It is controlled by the hypothalamus, which decides the daily dose.

With that in mind we can go to the next chapter.

The effects of the hormone in puberty

As you know, when you get in the teenage years, you suddenly feel yourself changing a lot.

It is because the testosterone in the beginning of your life isn’t too much, it is only when you reach the age of 12 that the level starts to rise extremely.

It is responsible for:

  • Beard grow
  • The deepening of your voice
  • The production of more sperm cells
  • Increase in size and the penis
  • Body hair growth

These are some effects that occur when you come into the puberty and your hormone level rises a lot, which is perfectly normal.

As I said before, before 21, your body is actually a natural anabolic steroid, because of that, if you use boosters or other kind of things, it could go very, very bad, including lots of aggression problems, mental problems..

The benefits of it

Testosterone has a few very good benefits, which I will sum up here:

  • The sperm production
  • The sex drive
  • Fat distribution
  • It is also good for the red cell production
  • And the most obvious one, the maintenance and growth of your muscles

As you see, it has more than only a role of the sex drive or muscles, it is vital to keep it at a healthy level.

What if your level is too low?

If your hormone level is too low, the effects you will notice will vary from person to person.

I will sum up the most common one’s.

Symptoms of a low testosterone level are:

  • Increased breast size
  • Surpressed sex drive
  • You gain more fat, since the hormone stimulates your muscles, if it too low, muscles turn into fat
  • With that, you lose muscles, also, you can have a loss of hair
  • You can get depressed, be irritated very fast, and also aggressive because lf that
  • Your bones gets weakened, and you could have a fracture very easy
  • Problems with your blood pressure – it could be to high or too low – depending on from person to person
  • With the sex drive that decreased, you also have a big chance your sperm count is much less and also the quality of it plumits
  • You can actually get impotent
  • You get hot flashes, I can imagine it isn’t pretty at all

As you see, there are lots and lots of symptoms, and it is very easy to notice if you are too low of level, so keep it balanced in a healthy way.

Like I mentioned, the testosterone drops after the age of 27, not very fast in the beginning, but in the 30s your level is dropping significant, which can cause one or more of the symptoms that I’ve mentioned above.

Can you prevent it?

Luckily, you can prevent your level to drop dramatically, you can even halt it, by a natural way, if you don’t like supplements ( however, with supplements you will notice your level is even more stable, ans it could potential rise above your ages average).

What you can do to prevent it plummets:

  • This one sounds pretty obvious, but exercising, such as power lifting, or body build in general ( just lifting weights) already helps a lot to rise your testosterone level
  • Eat proteins, also carbs and fat helps, however, as I mentioned before, be very careful not to exceed the highest limit of the daily dose you can take, your health still comes at number one!
  • Avoid stress, I know, in the day of today, everything is stress. But you need to know, whenever you’re stressing, it is very bad for your hormones and also it is very harmful for your body, just think about your blood pressure, your fat level also increases, and thus you’ll have a lot of health problems, so try to avoid them, or at least.. the best you can, for your own sake.
  • Go into the sun, or take vitamin D ( like in the winter months). Vitamin D can actually rise your level by somewhere from 20 to 25 percent, so if I was in your place, I really would consider that!
  • Together with the stress factor, get enough rest and sleep. I think it isn’t a surprise that if you can’t rest or sleep good enough, your level goes down in a hard way, I understand that if you work in shifts it is very hard, because your bio ritme ( I do shifts so I know the struggle), however, I try to sleep soon enough then, even when it is hard, just to make sure my body will produce what it needs and has enough rest.
  • Be careful with alcohol and cigarettes. I think this don’t need a too wide explanation, everybody knows that it is very bad for your body. You can drink now and then, but not more than 2. When you drink more, you produce 15 percent less testosterone! Same goes with smoking, you could actually get 20 percent less producing of your hormones, so it is worth considering if you should smoke in general.
  • Be happy. It sounds funny but it actually helps, laughing, making fun, it boosts your level in a very good way, it can raise around 15 percent because of it.
  • And of course, the testosterone boosters. They are very good in raising your level, no matter what you do, these elevate it around 25 percent or more, depending on which one you will use.

Testosterone boosters: the explanation

Like I said, the boosters can raise your level by at least 25 percent, so you won’t have to worry about low levels.

But what I already saw, and what is very common, it is very much used into the bodybuilding world, as you know.. Testosterone increases muscle mass and growth, and the lean side attached to it.

You have a several kinds of boosters:

  • Boosters with L-Arginine
  • Boosters with Magnesium, vitamin D6
  • Boosters with Zinc, and herbal ingredients
  • Boosters with D-Aspartic Acid

These are just a few of them, the range of testosterone boosters is wide.

You also have the difference between the natural one’s and the synthetic one’s. Remember my post about legal steroids, synthetic boosters are a part of those.

Bodybuilding/fitness and the use of boosters

As I’ve already said, if you want to grow decently and you want it in a considerable speed, the usage of testosterone boosts is very useful, but be wary, to use the legal one’s, the legal one’s don’t have any kind of side effects or whatsoever.

If you want to do the anabolic counterpart, be my guest, but have in mind that you will have lots of side effects to bear, and yes, the effect will be much faster and you will look like the champions, but is it worth to damage your body for that, for a lifetime?

I prefer to use the boost, they really give me a good feeling, however, don’t exceed the daily portion, too much testosterone can cause also problems, like depression, but mostly, aggression.


So, in my opinion boosters helps to grow your muscles faster and in a lean way.

So far the theory, time for my personal review

I’m using testosterone boosts already since 3 years ago, of course with a break of 1 month after every 6 weeks ( it is the healthiest and it avoids that your body is getting used to it).

I tried the natural and the synthetic one’s, and honestly, for me personally I didn’t fell the difference too much.

For me, both are equally compared of what they tend to do, I didn’t feel a better effect in natural or synthetic, however, some didn’t work as good as others, because it depends on from body to body. I tried a few and I have 3 that I say, for me, these are good. But for you could be other one’s.

The advise I give you is to try them out and see which one’s work and which one doesn’t.

Keep in mind that it could take up to 10 days to feel an effect, how small it is, even if it is the right one, don’t expect results immediately, that is not how our body work and that is the problem with the anabolic counterpart!

Because they work so fast in your body, your body can’t keep up and you will suffer severe damage!

The ending conclusion

It does what it promises, it gives you that boost that is needed, if it is for fitness, bodybuilding or just for general to raise your level, like low sex drive, and increasing breast size, you certainly need to try them.

Don’t forget that you, just like the legal steroids, to avoid problems with your own hormones, take them after you become 21.

I use them because my muscle growth is being stimulated very good, and my fat together with it isn’t too much because the testosterone.

So I advise you to use them, but stay in the safe zone, not in the dangerous one, to prevent damage on your body.


If there’s any question or comment about this topic, feel free to add them below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.


8 thoughts on “Testosterone booster reviews – why they are so good

  • Jeff May 27, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Love the pics. Your info is good, but would love for you to actually name the products that you’ve tried. I think most people want recommendations/reviews of products they are considering.

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 27, 2018 at 5:53 pm

      Hi Jeff, the names will be put on the actual product reviews when I write them and place them under the review tab.


  • Ash May 27, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Nice article Emmanuel. I have no need to take testosterone lol but its good to have articles like this out there for people to be able to do research about the benefits and consequences of taking additional testosterone.

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 27, 2018 at 5:55 pm

      Hi there Ash, yes, I want people to know what each ingredient does with your body, especially hormones.. they can make you.. or break you. So my post is about the fact how to properly use boosters and not to walk off the road.


  • Bill Coton May 27, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I have thought about taking test boosters but have heard that there are side affects, have you had any experience of this.

    You also mention taking breaks from them I was not aware that you needed to do this, thanks for that.

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

      Hello Bill, I have to say that since I take testosterone boosters, I have no any problem with it or any side effect. It is because I take them like said. And also, taking a break is very important.
      Im happy I could help you!


  • Jennifer May 27, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Hey Emmaunuel. I guess a good place to start for a guy would be to have their testosterone levels checked by a doc to see where they are. I had a friend break his leg from a simple fall (he was only twenty at the time) and he later found out he had low bone density due to low testosterone. I have friends that use the boosters to workout with as well for muscle growth and they’re pretty happy with the. Which product do you like so far?

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 28, 2018 at 4:09 am

      Hi Jennifer, checking your testosterone level before using a booster is always advised.
      For now I use the Dedicates series, they are pretty hardcore.



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