Weight gain diet – how to do it properly.

Hello everybody! In this post I’m going to explain more about the weight gain diet you gonna need to achieve the goal you want!

Measure diet

The start of weight gain, what not to do.

Let me say first something to make it clear, you can gain weight fast, but obviously that won’t be good!

I’ll put myself as an example, when I started, I was a skinny guy, and I wanted to gain weight to feel more comfortable and also I had the feeling I could lift more then.

Now, I’ve had actually achieved 20 kilograms weight gain in 3 months! But unfortunately, most of it wasn’t good weight.

So to prevent this will happen to you, I’ll describe what is the best for you, and you gain a healthy weight in a relative short amount, however, too much fat excluded!


So, how can I gain weight fast without having too much fat then?


There are several ways to do it, but you have to be patient and gain it with a lot of training ( but not more than 3 hours a day)!

So, I’ll explain the way that is considered the best way to do.

Eat calorie rich food, such as carrots, pumpkins, cabbage, beans, you can eat a lot of them without any problem!

Red meat is also good, because the calorie inside is good for you, as long if you don’t eat too much for it, you always have to look out for your cholesterol ( don’t make the same mistake I did), as cholesterol doesn’t low very fast!

Also, a mistake I made in the beginning, was using low fat milk, you can actually do a daily portion of full fat milk!

Also, other dairy products are good to consume.

What about fast food then?

Burger and apple

You can now and eat fast food, but not more than once a month!

Your aim is to rise weight into muscles, not into fat, so it’s no use to eat a lot of hamburgers and fries, because they contain a huge dose of fat, which your belly certainly will love, but it is not good for the rest, since they’ll ( guess what) only give fat and cholesterol, and after a few months you won’t have the ripped/shredded body you want.

Also, be careful with food bars, since they have a huge dose, don’t eat more than 1 every 3 days, because you’ll have the side effects ( they contain a lot of sugar, you don’t want that your sugar level rise a lot because of it).

So, in the next paragraph I’ll tell you want you can eat.

Not too much fat, not too much sugar.. what can I eat then?

Chicken salad

To increase your body size and weight in the good way, you have to eat more times a day, but only the breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be the heaviest.

Breakfast: A lot of cereal, toasted bread, and fruit, fruit isn’t bad at all, so you can eat plenty of it.

You know, I always eat cashew nuts together with them, or just as a snack, they have a lot of calories, and low fat, which is perfectly to gain size and no bad fat.

Lunch: Rice, a bow of pulses ( you can choose whatever you like), I’m not a fan of veg curry, but it helps, also don’t forget, chicken, at least 2 pieces of it, you need the proteïn for training.

The vegetables, like carrots, cabbage, tomatoes,..

Dinner: Chicken, eggs, eggs, are a very good source of proteïn, but don’t eat to many, it is bad for your kidneys to eat to many of them, I suggest, for a good health, around 3/4 is good. Don’t eat rice, or potatoes, you can eat potatoes in between, or in the lunch, but not in the evening!

These are only 3 meals, what about the 3 more that you mentioned?


I’m coming to that point now, as I told you, you don’t need heavy food for the other 3 meals, BUT you want them to be healthy meals!

You can choose from a wide range for meals, you can use weight gainers, the bars, proteïne drinks, healthy desserts, you find the wide arrange/shopping links on this site, with my rate for every product!

Also, I’ve seen in the gym that whey proteïne is increasing in popularity for a weight gain diet so I suggest you really have to try it!

So to have a conclusion..:


Everything needs time, to have the body you want, needs time, and if you want to do it good, you need to eat the good products, and also have the good additional meals, and not the fat meals, since they’re in no way helping you in creating the body you want, I can not imagine you want to go to the gym and after a while you have a belly or getting fat somewhere you don’t want because of that.

Discipline is very important, and you have to be really focused on that goal you want to achieve, no matter what it is, but nothing comes overnight.

If there is any question, you can reply on this post below, or send a message, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out, I’ve been there in your position, and I made mistakes, so I can prevent you from taking the same ones.

2 thoughts on “Weight gain diet – how to do it properly.

  • Angie May 5, 2018 at 1:18 am

    Hey, I know a few guys who’d be interested in gaining, makes so much more sense when someone has personal experience! I’m female, so am more interested in getting lean right now, do you have any advice on that? Cheers 🙂

    • Emmanuel Buysse May 5, 2018 at 8:57 am

      Hi there! I’m happy to hear that the content of my site is really worth it! About getting lean, I actually was planning to write about it in my next post, but the first advice I gave you is to eat alot of vegetables and do alot of sit ups, like 3 x 20 for the start, do cardio, at least 3 x a week.
      Hope this gives you a start!


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