What is creatine – The full explanation and guide

In this post I’m going to guide you around what creatine is, what it does with your body, and how it helps to build up your strength and size, and why its supplements are so popular and in the most cases effective.

So, let’s get started by explaining what it is.


What is creatine?



It is an organic acid, formed of three amino acids, which are:

– L-arginine

– Glycine

– L-methionine


Studies found out that creatine has made up like 1 percent of the total human blood.

The majority of it is stored in the skeletal muscle, the rest is in your brain ( like 5 percent).

The organs which use creatine the most are the kidneys, the pancreas and the liver.


That is also where the most danger can lie when over consuming or not taking care of yourself, like not drinking too much, but we will come back later of that topic in this post.

It is obviously, that when you are in demand of high energy, the creatine will be send to those areas, like your muscle when working out, and it is happened through your blood.

The most common creatines are creatine monohydrate and creatine nitrate.


You have many other forms, but these 2 are the most common, you find them in every supplement.

I know, it is theory, but is in fact important to understand how it works, so you can use that for your training.



Where can you get it from and how much do you need?


If you don’t train or perform exercises, the food you eat is in fact already enough to get your normal daily intake to maintain your body and muscle.


Because, the food where you get creatine from is listed below:

– Raw beef

– Salmon

– Red meat (lean meat is better)

– Venison

– Bison

– Buffalo

– Turkey breast

– Chicken breast

– Hens

– Lamb

– Veal

– Tuna

– Sushi



As you see, there are lots of sources to find creatine, but, you only need to find the half of the daily dose in food, since your body makes, or let’s say it formal, synthesizes the other half by it selves.


Now, let us see what your daily dose of creatine is:


– Normally you need between 1-3 grams a day, this is without doing any exercise, so it is the lowest amount you really need to take/have every day to maintain your body in a healthy way.

– If you train more, you will need around 2-5 grams a day

– When sporting intensely, you will need more creatine, so the intake will be like 5 to 10 grams.

– However, there is one exception, people who have health problems and can’t make creatine themselves, will be forced to take more, and this will be around 10 to 30 grams daily.

Now knowing this, let us see where else you can find creatine!



Creatine, find it somewhere else then only in the food


I don’t need to tell you, you can find creatine everywhere!

There are so many supplements out there at the market to help you reach your goal, however, not all of them are good.

In the past there were creatine supplements with only the 2 mainly creatine ingredients, I don’t say they aren’t good, but nowadays, you have supplements with creatine blends, of very high quality ingredients, and they are so much more effective, and the price is almost the same than when you’re looking to the other, older products. So, you really should look to that, and compare them.



What effects creatine has?

It has many effects, which you can actually notice quite quick when you’re performing exercises and taking it.

The effects and results are:

– It gives you more energy

– Because of that, you can train longer, and you can perform heavier lifts, or exercises

– You will gain much more, and increase in size in a noticeable time

– Your strength increases, in many cases, a lot



It has many benefits, certainly when you perform intense workouts, or sports. Many, or more likely, almost all the athletes use creatine, to have the benefit of it when performing their exercises.

Studies also shows that creatine can actually help to prevent muscle damage and speed up the recovery process if you have an injury.

However, in my opinion, they have to do more studies about it, to see if the effect is really as big as they say, and if there are perhaps more benefits.

I’ve already been spoken it is possible your body doesn’t make creatine by its own, I will show you which kind of health problems can occur and reasons there are for which you can have a creatine deficiency:


– Having a depression

– Diabetes

– Parkinson’s Disease

– Congestive heart failure

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Muscle atrophy

– Osteoarthritis



These people have to take creatine supplements, to relieve those symptoms a bit, but I would like to see that they are doing more research on it, so we totally understand if it completely works or only partially.


What is for sure, is when taking creatine supplements, your brain could respond positive towards to it, with the following effects:

– Improved attention

– Better language and academic performance for children


But, this is not for everybody, it is like with everything, nothing is at 100 percent, there is still a (small) amount which will have no effect at all.

But it doesn’t mean you can not try it, right?

This brings us to the side effects that could happen when you take too much creatine.



What if you take too much creatine?

It is quite simple, taking too much of it will damage your body, hopefully only for a short term, but it can be very devastating, and for a long term, even forever.

So, you need to be extremely cautious before taking it, and read the instructions, to avoid these problems.



The side effects that could happen when you take too much creatine are:

– When not drinking too much water when using creatine, you can have kidney failure, because your kidneys can not work enough and it will be “overclocking” all the time, which results in that

– Kidney stones because the lack of water

– Migraines

– Stomach pain

– Nausea

– Muscle cramps

– Diarrhea

– Irregular heartbeat

– Bipolar disorder ( very rare)

– Liver disease

– Can raise blood pressure

– Imbalances, and electrolyte disorders

– Deep vein thrombosis



As you see, there are lots of side effects, be careful when using it, don’t over consume, or go over the daily dose, there are warnings, and they aren’t there for fun.

Don’t use them with alcohol, since your water levels decrease more with them, and you increase the chance of kidney and liver damage.


But it is like with everything you consume, when you take it safely, you will have not any problem, and feel the good effects to it, and even when you think it is slow, let it take its time, and you will see the result.


Which supplements are the best to use when it comes to creatine?


I always suggest taking creatine when taking pre workouts, it has the best effect. Never take it after the training, since the effects of it won’t be so great.

So, the supplements which in our opinion are the best:

Are pre workouts, such as:

– Pre Jym by Jym Supplement Science

– ENGN Shred by Evlution Nutrition


You also have totally creatine supplements, which they say you can take it through the day, but again, we suggest taking it before your training.


These include:

– Platinum 100 % by MuscleTech

– Creatine Monohydrate by RSP Nutrition


There are plenty more of supplements, but these are considered to be one of the best.


If you need creatine for medical purposes, it is best to contact a doctor before trying this by your own, it could have more risks and effects unknown to us and to you. For your own safety, don’t do it alone.


We hope that this creatine guide will help you a bit more to understand how it works, and what kind of effects it has, and that no matter what, you always need to be careful when using it, it is not a toy, or a candy which you can easily take without any problem. This is a serious product, which can cause severe problems when you misuse it, you have tips here how to properly use it, drink enough water (2 liters of water a day is good enough).


The effects and results it will gives you can also not be underestimated, you will gain more power, more strength and ultimately, more size. Your energy will rise, and also your recovery rate will be enhanced.


If you have a question, or you want to share your opinion or your experience with us, feel free to write it below in the comment section of this post.


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