Xpel – By MHP – Is this a wonderproduct to lose water weight

In this post we’re going to review the Xpel supplement by MHP, to let you see whether or not this is a product to use.


This is a weight loss supplement, but it works different than fat burners or other thermogenic supplements. Below we will explain exactly how it works, what is inside, how the people think about it, and much more!


The following topics we’re going to see:



– What is this product for?

– Which ingredients does it have?

– What are the flavors?

– The general opinion

– The overall rating, followed by my personal rating

– Pros and cons

– This product compared with similar ones

– Why should or shouldn’t you buy it

– The serving sizes

– Prices and where to buy it

– The ending conclusion


So let us waste no time and start!


What is this supplement for?



The Xpel supplement is a weight loss product, but like I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t a fat burner, instead this is a supplement which makes you lose excessive water weight.

This could be perfectly when you want to shred your body for the summer months, and they state you won’t have bloating or bad side effects. It also supports fat loss, making it also a diuretic supplement.

Take a look what is inside of it to make this possible!


The ingredients of this product



First for all, these ingredients are totally natural, which is a big surplus, let us share the following ingredients with you:

– Vitamin B6

– Calcium

– Magnesium

– Potassium



They have put a blend inside, which is called the Advanced Herbal Diuretic Matrix, which consists of:

– Herbal Blend ( uva-ursi leaf) Arctostaphyloso uva-ursi

– Juniper Berry (Juniperus Communis)

– Couch Grass Rhizome

– Buchu Leaf

– Hydrangea Root

– Cornsilk Stylus

– Dandelion 5:1 Extract ( the whole plant)

– Horsetail Extract ( the stem)



They’ve also included Muscle Performance Electrolytes, which has the following:

– Calcium Carbonate

– Potassium Citrate

– Calcium Gluconate

– Magnesium Oxide



The last complex they’ce included is the Slimming and Energy Boosting Complex, which has these ingredients:

– Green Tea Leaf Extract

– Guarana Seed Extract ( it has 75 mg of caffeine inside)

These are lots of ingredients, and a bit below in the post you’ll see if these things combined, works!

But first let us take a look at the flavors!



The flavors of the supplement



Actually we could leave this open, but we always want to share everything, even when it is not there. So in this case, there are simply no flavors, they don’t make it in servings, only capsules.


What is the general opinion about this product?



Honestly, the response of the people to the product is mixed, it doesn’t have horrible comments, but also not to ultra positive ones.

The reason is that for 65 percent of the people this product works, when they have too much water inside, but if you are break even, this supplement won’t let you lose even a single pound.

So we heard and have been reading lots of comments of people who tried it but it didn’t work for them, and after asking them why and hearing about the fact they’re not so big of size and don’t have too much water retention and so, it was quite obvious.

This is because the people who were satisfied about it, had these issued. Some lost 4-8 pounds in a month, which is actually quite good and fast. Later in this post we come back to the question if whether or not to use it.

It is time for…



The overall rating!



For the people who are satisfied, they’ll give a 10 out of 10, but we have to be honest, this is why we put all these posts and reviews so you know which one to use and which one not, so our rating isn’t so high.

Let us take a look:

Effect Rating: 7.8/10

Result Rating: 7.2/10

Quality of the Ingredients: 8.2/10

Price/Quality Rating: 8.3/10

Flavor Rating: N/A

Verified Buyer Rating: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.4/10                                          My Personal Overall Rating: 7.8/10


It isn’t so that this product is bad or doesn’t work, but it only works for the people who has too much of water or fat, if you want to get shredded, there are better products at the market.

You lose weight with this product? Yes, but not in the way you want it probably. I think the most who comes to look weight loss supplements wants to get shredded, or want that beautiful beach body. Look for other ones, we have put reviews of the Vapor X5 and Trans4orm, which you can find here and here. If you’re looking to lose a bit of fat or water, without having the needs of getting that top form body, this is the right product for you, it really does what it says.

That is the reason our rating isn’t so high, if you really had the effect on everybody, this was a high-class product, now it is a middle-class one.



Pros and cons



– Has good quality ingredients

– You will lose water because of this, so yes, it works

– There’s a chance of getting a good energy boost

– Your weight will decrease

– The price isn’t too high




– It doesn’t work when you have no excess water or too much fat

– You won’t get the shredded look, no matter how “clean” you are

– There are simply better products at the market than this one



Let us see how it performs compared to similar products.


How good is it compared to other similar products?



Compared to the Vapor X5 Ripped by MuscleTech: -> click here for this product

Although it is a bit of a different product ( it is a fat burner), and the working is different, these products are similar, this also gets rid of excess water and fat. The main difference is that this one is top class, only a few ones can match it, since their ripped is really ripped. So it has to be no surprise that Xpel can’t compete with it, and as I’ve mentioned before, if you have the chance or the money ( it isn’t so expensive but more than this one), you really have to go for this one, or the one below, which is:


Compared to the Trans4orm by Evlution Nutrition: -> click here for the product

This is another jewel made by Evlution Nutrition, it is almost the only one that matches with the Vapor X5 Ripped, it works a bit different ( all of its ingredients are natural), and you have a 3 percent chance it won’t work for you, but in overall this is also top class, and can’t be beaten by the supplement of MHP, so again, unless you don’t care about not being ripped, you don’t need to use this product.


Compared to the SuperHD Water by Cellucor: -> click here for the product

This product is actually exactly the same as the one we’re reviewing, it is a water loss diuretic supplement, which will do the same as the Xpel, but the only change is that this one totally focus on the water, not the fat loss, also, it won’t give you any energy boost. Is it a good supplement? Yes, is it as good as the one we’re reviewing? Yes, it is even slightly better, some ingredients they use are a bit better, and this product is stronger, which means you can’t use it too long, even when you don’t have too much excessive water, you will lose it, which means you will get a more shred looking ( but not like the 2 supps from above).

So compared to this one, they’re as good as equal.



Why should you buy it and why not?



This product works, yes, but only when you have excess water/body fat, and need an energy boost, if you are a person who trains, but not to have a beach body or want to be competitive, this product is for you.

However, if you’re looking to be shredded, to lose even further weight/water, we don’t recommend this for you, we showed you 2 similar products, which are way better.

The choice is up to you, for the normal person it will work, for the competitive/wanna look good guy, not.

Let us take a look to the serving size now.



The serving size of this product

It comes at one serving:

– 80 capsules ( 4 servings every day, don’t exceed it, since it has caffeine!)



The price and where you can buy it


You can buy it at following sites:

At Bodybuilding.com: -> click here <-

The price there is: $14.99

At GNC.com: -> click here <-

The price there is: $22.99

At Amazon: -> click below <-

The price there is: $12.37

To buy it from A1 Supplements: -> click here <-

The price there is: $14.95


Time to wrap things up!

The ending conclusion



This product is a good one – if you have too much water/fat, and you don’t look too much for your body ( not too much of a beach body or competitive athlete), then this product is for you, otherwise, don’t start with it, since you will feel disappointed, it stops when you don’t have too much water or fat, and it will be a waste of money.

But like we already said, when you have too much of it, this product will give you a very big pleasure, and you will lose the excess water fast, and you will receive also an energy boost, which you can use for the workouts.

For those people we highly recommend this product!


If you have a comment, question, or you want to share your experience with us, feel free to add it in the comment section below!


6 thoughts on “Xpel – By MHP – Is this a wonderproduct to lose water weight

  • Nigel August 2, 2018 at 6:15 am

    Great article love how the ingredients are explained and appear to be mostly natural.The only i want to know does this supplement help in reducing body fat as well as water ?

    • Emmanuel Buysse August 2, 2018 at 6:56 am

      Hi Nigel.
      This is indeed a very natural product, which is the thing I like aswell.
      Now, this supplement is mainly used to lose excess water, but it can also be used to burn fat ( but don’t expect too much from that).

  • Devara Garrison August 2, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Hello Nigel,
    Great product review and a lot of good information. I have bought so many products for weight loss and none of them worked for an extended amount of time. Most of them said “will help you reduce water weight” and they did, but then after you lose the water weight; maybe 1 to 1 1/2 pounds, it stops working. I gave up on finding something that really works.
    Can you recommend a product that is good for boosting metabolism without the jitters that also helps with weight loss?
    Thanks for the review,

    • Emmanuel Buysse August 2, 2018 at 11:17 am

      Hi Devara.
      Well it is not Nigel, but it is fine, haha.
      About the water loss supplements, it is hard to find one which will actually lose more than a few pounds of water, I have put 2 similar ones as comparisation in the post, they burn more fat, but they also get loose of excess water, and both are very effective ( the Trans4orm and the Vapor X5 Ripped).

  • Paul August 2, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    I have never heard of this product before, but it was very interesting to learn about. It is good to see that it has natural ingredients. There are so many nowadays that don’t!

    • Emmanuel Buysse August 4, 2018 at 9:42 am

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the positive comment!
      Nowadays, lots of those products are synthetic, the natural ones were always my favorte ones, but we have to review it as we have no favorites, since some synthetical ones are very good as well.


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